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Chapter 640: All Kinds of Assassins!

Chapter 640: All Kinds of Assassins!

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The money Ling-Bao Hall had given away these days, if all was exchanged into silver, even though it was exaggerated to say it could fill the entire city, it was not to say it could totally fill up the royal house!

Whoever brought the head of anybody on the list to prove that he killed the target would leave with a huge amount of money!

Everything followed the reward warrant! No tricks! It was equally honest with aged people and child customers!

Surely, there might be some aged assassins, but never any child assassin yet. There was no chance to prove the equal honesty yet!

Ling-Bao Hall did provide fantastic service though. Whoever came to withdraw money would be absolute safe. Those who waited around Ling-Bao Hall to rob other’s proof and try to snatch the reward would be put down at once inside the hall and get killed!

That was known to the entire Land of Han-Yang.

Because of that, those who thought they could snatch the reward from somebody weaker than them dared to do nothing.

[I am not going to make it, and I may lose my life for it! That won’t work.]

Money was good, but people wouldn’t exchange their lives for it!

At the end, those who took the heads to Ling-Bao Hall all walked wantonly to Ling-Bao Hall, and they would be safe!

Those who wanted to rob other assassins for the reward all gave up. They would rather kill a man on the list and take the reward in a proper way. That would be much safer!

The government got the order to let the assassins in, not to stand in their ways.

The guards would not do anything unnecessary. They would only look at those assassins, being jealous to them.

However, the assassins truly behaved themselves!

Even when they were bumped by somebody on the way, they would actually apologize first. "Sorry… My bad…"

They actually took the responsibility to solve any possible problem.

That was such a touching scene.

There was one assassin, who was in top one hundred assassins list, who brought his box to Chen-Xing City for the reward. When he just entered the city, an old lady bumped on him fiercely. However, she wasn’t that strong, so the eggs in her basket were broken. The yolk flew up and stained the assassin’s clothes.

The lady didn’t have a good temper really. She shouted, "You asshole! Don’t you bring your eyes with you or what? Are you seeking death now?"

Well some women would call white black for their own interests. That was normal!

The assassin didn’t talk.

The lady looked up at his face. He was full of murderous qi! The sword he carried seemed covered with cold qi. The box in his hand seemed to have the smell of blood. That was so overwhelming. The lady was scared so badly that she nearly lost her breath.

[He… he is… the people they are talking about recently… He is an assassin… with a head coming for the reward!]

[I… I bumped into an assassin? The yolk stained him… and I shouted at him… He is seeking death… seeking my death…]

[I am done!]

However, surprisingly, the assassin suddenly changed his expression. He tried so hard to make a smile and said, "Sorry. So sorry. That is my fault. Ahem. I broke your eggs. I apologize… Look…"

Then he took out a piece of silver and put it into the lady’s hand. "Is this enough… for your eggs? Sorry. Please forgive me. Please don’t be mad… I can give you more money if you want…"

Who on earth had seen such a polite assassin ever?

The lady was absolutely stunned. [What the hell?]

She held the silver in the hand. Till the assassin was gone far away, she hadn’t come to herself yet…

[Ah! This is the assassin they said? He is a bit ugly indeed. But he was much more polite than the old folk next door. Did he do it because I am still beautiful and well-shaped? Hmm… Must be…] The lady was lost in her beautiful imagination… She thought of the good words the old folk who lived next to her talked to her!

Some other assassins saw what happened. They were shocked. Their jaws nearly fell off to the ground.

[What the hell?]

[Is that really the assassin in the top one hundred list?]

[The legendary assassin?]

[Since when did he become so polite to people?]

In fact, that assassin was quite upset about it.

[I really didn’t want to be polite to her.]

[The head in my hand is worth one billion!]

[One billion silver!]

[A small leak will sink a great ship…]

[If I killed someone and became a wanted criminal in Kingdom of Chen, how do I go get the reward?]

[To give up one billion just because I got bumped?]

[Am I that stupid?]

[That lady just bumped into me and said something bad. That was easy. Even if she wanted to fxck me, I would have to just accept it and please her…]

[As long as I can get the one billion safely…]

[Bloody heavens! With one billion who would be an assassin? Who would want to risk one’s life for living? I will buy a huge house and marry some women. I will have a bunch of kids and never show up in the martial world! Beautiful life!]

[I won’t kill anybody anymore!]

[Now I am not far from my goal. Even though somebody started a quarrel with me, I will step back and give up on it. I won’t fight. I just want my beautiful life!]

[There was a story… What is it? Right… A wealthy man doesn’t want to stay under the eave, because he didn’t want to die being hit by the tile!]

[I am going to be a polite, elegant, and well-educated wealthy man. I will never do any dangerous thing again. I have one billion… Why should I do business like you poor folks!]

The assassins looked around at the other assassins, who were looking at him with surprise. He just sighed and then walked in to town.

[Pah… I am not one of them anymore… I will quit being an assassin soon!]

[Those assassins… So annoying. Why did they look at me like that… I am going to be rich now! Don’t put me in the assassin's list anymore. I am scared by any assassins…]