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Chapter 641: Boundless Lake

Chapter 641: Boundless Lake

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So many assassins got in the city for the reward in a peaceful way.

After that, some smart ones would disappear right away. Nobody knew where they went after they walked out of the Ling-Bao Hall sneakily…

They surely whould hide with such a great amount of money. Opportunity makes the thief.

[What if I get robbed? I am a rich man now!]

As for the ones who weren’t that capable, they would just stay in Ling-Bao Hall begging for protection…

Wan Zhenghao really didn’t quite understand it.

Were those men really assassins?

How could they be so fearful? That was totally not how an assassin looked like!

Apparently, Boss Wan didn’t really understand human nature. Those who didn’t have money would risk their lives for it, while those who had it would cherish their lives as much as they could!

That was clear and obvious!

When the Boundless Lake assassins came for the rewards, things came to the climax!

At that time, Ning Biluo, Liu Changjun and Zhao Pingtian were all back. Most of the assassins of Ling-Bao Hall were back too.

Coincident or not, while Feng Monarch was talking to the three assassins in the room, a report about Boundless Lake assassins coming for the reward arrived.

They didn’t hesitate, so he went out for them.

Ye Xiao was always calm, but even he was stunned.

Ning Biluo and Liu Changjun were totally shocked and then burst into wild laughters!

Even though they hated Boundless Saint so much, they couldn’t help laughing loud!

Over a dozen men walked in through the main gate of Ling-Bao Hall!

They were not dressed in black suit like other assassins. Instead, they were wearing silky clothes like some lords. They stood together like a bunch of flowers. Everyone was smiling. Even though they were still emitting cold qi, but not that much.

They looked exactly like some successful men.

The one who looked like their leader had a pale face and a slim body. The clothes was definitely over size on him. That looked quite improper somehow. However, he was tall, so that made it better…

He was Boundless Saint.

This was the first time Ning Biluo and others saw Boundless Saint’s face.

This was also the first time Boundless Saint revealed his face in public.

Surely, Ye Xiao and his men all knew that he must be Boundless Saint, but they didn’t know whether that was his original face.

Boundless Saint showed up here in such a hilarious way, meaning Boundless Lake was no longer existing in the world.

In fact, if Ning Biluo had enough money to take care the huge lot of people he needed to look after, he would have resigned for a long time and lived a wonderful life of his own.

Those men in the hilarious clothes must be the only golden label assassins under Boundless Saint’s lead.

Now that they all showed up together. They must have gained a lot during this warrant event.

Surely, other than that, if something unexpected happened, they could be able to solve it…

Apparently, they cared so much about it this time, because they needed the money, and also desired the bright future the money would bring to them…

Besides all that, they had one decision.

Ye Xiao’s expression in eyes changed.

He suddenly had some strange feeling.

Ning Biluo’s smile was fading away. His face started to look dark. He realized something too.

"Feng Monarch." Boundless Saint’s mirthless and feminine voice sounded, "This time, after fighting so hard, we chopped off many heads that you put on the wanted list. I wonder if you will keep your promise, even to us?"

Ye Xiao nodded. "Absolutely! No matter who you are, friends or enemies to me, as long as you bring us the heads we want, we will give you the money!"

Boundless Saint felt relieved. The monarch of Ling-Bao Hall was not the one he knew before. Feng Zhiling was spoken highly by Master Bai in front of the world. Boundless Saint surely was a bit scared. Now that Feng Zhiling gave him the answer he wanted, he said, "Since so, we will take our money later. Now, please, if you don’t mind, Feng Monarch, I have some private matter to solve now. It is the only thing that bothers me now. I guess it is better to solve it earlier."

Ye Xiao took in a deep breath and said, "Fair enough. Of course I don’t. Please go ahead!"

Boundless Saint turned around facing Ning Biluo. He looked weird all of a sudden.

His expression was complex, but it contained eagerness.

Ning Biluo was also showing a complex expression. He actually felt like hiding away.

He seemed to know what Boundless Saint would say to him. His face was full of pain and contradiction.

Zhao Pingtian sighed.

The top three assassins in the world were all there.

Nobody knew better about the enmity between Ning Biluo and Boundless Saint than Zhao Pingtian.

"Ning Biluo, I guess you know what I am going to say," Boundless Saint said it peacefully.

"I know. Of course I do. Since you came in, when I saw you all show up here, I knew." Ning Biluo took in a deep breath, "But it is meaningless to say it now. Don’t you think... Don’t you think this is ridiculous?"

Boundless Saint’s eyes turned gloomy and he said, "I know I am being naive here. I know you think so. But… I am tired of it… I don’t want that kind of life anymore."

Ning Biluo spoke in a terrifying voice, "You are tired. You don’t want it now. Now you have a perfect opportunity to get away and live happily for the rest of your life! How about those innocent lives that you killed? What for them? Didn’t they want to live a happy life? Who took their lives? Who made the tragedy?"

Boundless Saint looked at him for a while. Suddenly, he turned around pointing at the thirteen assassins behind him and said, "Fine! You want to talk about lives. I will talk about lives! Do you know how many people were there in Boundless Lake? Do you know the twenty-four golden label assassins? Do you know the one hundred and eight silver assassins? Do you know the five hundred iron label assassins?"