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Chapter 643: Kill Me! End It!

Chapter 643: Kill Me! End It!

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"Moreover, not all the most capable man live till the last. My brother, the vice-Saint, before he died, he told me with a bitter smile, ‘Make Feng Monarch pay… Me and our brothers down there will curse him day and night without stopping. He pays, we will pray for him even in hell… When you get the money, lead those who still live to brighter lives. Do not kill for money anymore… Otherwise, we won’t rest in peace’…"

Boundless Saint was already choking with sobs.

"We killed. We killed so many targets. This time, we put our lives on it! We killed desperately."

"We did it for the money. We did it, because we knew this money would give us better lives."

"We might not be able to survive and get the money, but our brothers can, our families can! That is why we fought so desperately!"

"We kill for money, and we also die for money!"

"Before we get the money, we have to end it between some guys who wanted us dead. We have to finish the enmity from the old days. Ning Biluo, you are the best among them. You are the first one I need to get done with!"

"As long as you still hate us, no matter where we will go, how long we will hide, we will be worrying all the time!"

"We will worry that enemies would show up someday!"

"You will break everything we have, our homes that we have been dreaming of!"

"You know what, before this, we didn’t even have dreams! Why? Because we didn’t have money! We got over a million to kill a target. Not a small amount, but we shared the money and we spent it on food and medicines. We were always short for money. Some of us got over ten thousand, and some got a few hundreds."

"Some of them spent it up right away. We were living lives that had no hope. Why save money? To get enough money at once. That is what we want!"

"That will give us hope! That we can lean the rest of our lives on it!"

"But we didn’t have enough money, and we didn’t know how long we would live more. That’s why we spent money generously! No matter how much it was, we could spend it all in one night!"

"Ning Biluo, do you even understand it?"

"You are living a good life now, following Feng Monarch, the rich guy. You don’t need to worry about food or others. You don’t even need to worry for those people you are looking after. What about us?"

"Now we have the opportunity, we can have enough money to feed ourselves for the rest of our lives, even the lives of our next generations. That is why we would love to fight like that! That is why we were willing sacrifice for it!"

"There are still brothers left anyway."

"There will be some of us who can live on the good days we dreamt of!"

"Today, I am here, to end the old grudge between you and me! Once and for all!"

"I don’t want to live in fear. We spent too much to live a good life in the future!"

Boundless Saint spoke it all out.

He had been suppressing his vigorous qi since he stepped in Ling-Bao Hall. Now it was released and pointed at Ning Biluo!

Ye Xiao listened to him and had a weird feeling in his heart.

He found it really difficult to distinguish right and wrong at the moment.

It was good to talk too much.

The Boundless Lake was the most fierce and brutal assassins group!

Now, these guys were carrying wounds and dreams in their hearts…

Ye Xiao noticed Boundless Saint was locking on Ning Biluo. The fight was unavoidable now. However, he sharply noticed that Boundless Saint didn’t really want to win he fight. He was ready to die in the fight!

"Why don’t you choose another path out? Ning Biluo come to the Ling-Bao Hall. Liu Changjun came. You all could. Why didn’t you?" Ye Xiao frowned.

"Of course we thought about it, but Ning Biluo was already in here. The hatred is deep seated! I was worried… Even if we came, there might be only one who could stay, me or him."

Boundless Saint smiled bitterly. "If I came and fought against Ning Biluo, who would you help? I guess there was a clear answer. We would definitely fight! And if we fought, it would only end by death! That was the reality!"

"If we came, Boundless Lake would have fallen long ago. None of us would survive!"

Ye Xiao was speechless. That was strong point though. The two of them hated each other so much. It wasn’t easy for others to solve it!

"Ning Biluo is here, so we would never come! We wouldn’t!" Boundless Saint took in a deep breath. He held back the tears in his eyes.

"We would rather fight in the martial world like wolves than bow and scrape like dogs!"

Boundless Saint said and then suddenly shouted, "Excellent!"

"I have never spoken like this in my life. For so many years, these words were suppressed in my chest! Now, I finally have a chance to say it all out. I said it to Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall, Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian! It feels so good!"

Ning Biluo spoke with a dark face, "You feel good now? What about me?"

Boundless Saint humphed coldly and said, "I am here to make you feel good. You will feel excellent!"

"How?" Ning Biluo frowned.

"Kill me. How about that?"

Boundless Saint drew out his sword and made a cold light with it. The light shot to the floor under Ning Biluo and stuck on it.

The sword was swaying, making sounds.

Boundless Saint stared at Ning Biluo and peacefully spoke, "I never used a sword. I barely carry a sword. Now, I take a sword with me because I want to end this. Ning Biluo, take the sword and cut my throat!"

"Kill me! All the old grudge ends here! I take all your hatred. Do it quick. You will get it over too. How excellent!"

Boundless Saint took in a deep breath and said, "But you have to promise that after I die, you will let it go. You won’t go after my thirteen brothers afterwards! Please, let them go with the money and live the lives we have been dreaming of!"

"That is, me and over a thousand brothers, our dream!"