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Chapter 644: All Ended

Chapter 644: All Ended

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"Saint!" thirteen assassins shouted at the same time and then… - Clang, clang, clang! - They all drew out their weapons, looking at Ning Biluo fiercely!

Murderous qi was all around the place. Was a big fight about to happen?

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" Boundless Saint was furious. "Put down your weapons, all of you! What is this? Are you all going to violate my will?"

"This is our business together! We can’t let you bear it alone! No matter how unforgivable it is, we will take the responsibility together! We came all the way through together!" An assassin with a cold face said, "I don’t care if we can still have the money or not. We can’t let you die here!"

"Bullsh*t! That is one billion!" Boundless Saint slapped on his face and shouted, "Miss this opportunity and we will never be able to reach our dream! Do you want your brothers to die for nothing?"

"If you die like this, we don’t want that money, even if it is one trillion!" A few golden label assassins said, "We die, then we die. Since the day we became assassins, we never thought we could die in happiness!"

Boundless Saint finally raged up and shouted, "You bunch of pricks! How dare you talk to me like that? I am not dead yet! Are you telling me you won’t listen to my order? Do you own your own lives now? Think about the people behind you! That is easy. Just fight here and die! What about them? Do you want me to die in regret? Do you want your brothers to die for nothing?"

Thirteen assassins looked at him with tears dropping down.

"Listen to me. All of you. Live well. Be nice. The future we all dreamt of is in front of you. Cherish it. Live every second with your full hearts for me…"

Boundless Saint continued with sorrow, "Tell our next generations to go on the right track… To cultivate martial arts or to attend school, I don’t care. Just don’t live the lives we did…"

"If they will live in mediocrity, that is fine… Much better than getting killed in the martial world. We have money now. We have lots of money. Just spend it as you like…" His voice was getting hoarse.

He stepped ahead and said, "Ning Biluo, I killed many of your brothers, and I led you to quite a miserable situation. I know you have dreamt about killing me countless times. I know. Today you have your chance. I am here. Just do it."

He blandly smiled. "If you think this is humiliating you, fine, I will fight."

Zhao Pingtian was calm. He kept looking at the thirteen golden label assassins.

No matter what happened next, if the thirteen men moved, Zhao Pingtian would take action.

As Boundless Saint said, it was not about right or wrong, it was about different position.

Zhao Pingtian would always stand by Ning Biluo’s side, since he was now one of Ling-Bao Hall.

No matter what story Boundless Lake had, Zhao Pingtian was loyal to his position!

Boundless Saint looked at Ning Biluo, but he was talking to the thirteen assassins, "Listen! My last order! Do not move! I am warning you! If you move a bit, I will die with regret! When I go to hell, I will hate you forever! Whoever dares to help me later is never my brother! Never brother to our departed brothers either!"

He knew.

He knew that if Ning Biluo killed him, he would not harm his brothers.

If his brothers did something stupid, the fourteen of them would die together here.

Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian and Feng Monarch were all there!

Boundless Saint came here to solve the last problem for his brothers. He wanted his brothers to have a peaceful afterlife. If they died here instead, that would be ridiculous.

That was why he gave them such an order!

Ye Xiao was watching them quietly.

He couldn’t make the decision for Ning Biluo, and he shouldn’t!

Ning Biluo stood there and stayed quiet. Suddenly, he reached his hand to the sword and drew it out.

The long sword was pointing at Boundless Saint’s chest.

Boundless Saint smiled. "Great! Now you are getting on it! Like a man. Remember this. My death will end it all!"

And then he threw his chest, raised his head and closed his eyes.

He looked so casual!

An eye for an eye!

That was the absolute rule in every assassin’s heart, loud and clear.

It would come to this moment sooner or later.

If Boundless Saint died and his brothers could live peacefully, he would love to die!

"Fine. As you wish then. One sword strike ends it all!"

Ning Biluo closed his eyes, showing a complex expression on face.

"Deal! Do it." Boundless Saint closed his eyes and smiled. "Like you said, one sword strike ends it all. To die under Ning Biluo’s sword makes my life glorious."

Ning Biluo humphed and then his sword struck out like lightning!

This sword strike agglomerated all his power in his life! The most powerful strike ever!

Fast! Accurate! Concentrated!

It was so fast that even if Boundless Saint wanted to defend it, he wasn’t able to!

With a cold light, it got in and went through Boundless Saint’s chest!

Lots of blood burst out!

Such a powerful and overwhelming sword attack, of course it wouldn’t miss the target!

The golden label assassins exclaimed. A few of them suddenly felt their blood boiling. Their eyes were red. They couldn’t think of anything else now. They just wanted to rush out and kill Ning Biluo!

Things seemed to be ended right there!

Boundless Saint was dead?

Boundless Lake was doomed?

Ning Biluo eased the hand and stepped back a bit, saying, "Whatever it is, it ends in my sword attack. From now on, you and me, we are even!"

Boundless Saint was still standing straight up there. He slowly opened his eyes. He was surprised by that strike. "What a fast sword attack. Now I have to admit that you, Ning Biluo, is the world’s No. 1 Assassin! To die under such powerful sword strike, I won’t…"

"Hmm? Wait…"

Boundless Saint suddenly stopped. He couldn’t believe it. He was in complex emotions all of a sudden. He had lost so much blood that he should have fallen, but he just didn’t!