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Chapter 645: Convinced!

Chapter 645: Convinced!

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The assassins there were all in the top range of the assassins in the world, and they knew the most about the art of killing in the world. Ning Biluo’s sword strike contained all his power, and it was indeed a murderous strike. Boundless Saint was even cut in the vitals, so it was impossible for him to survive!

Why was he still standing and breathing?

He didn’t die, and instead he could even talk that much. He said, "Why? Why am I not dead? Ning Biluo, was it really the most powerful attack in your life? I am sure it was… but…"

Ning Biluo coldly spoke, "You and me, we have deep hatred. I would never hold back on that! That was the best I could do!"

Boundless Saint was still standing, and the blood was still bursting out. He should have lost ten percent of the blood in his body now. Why was he still standing there? And he looked still energetic as ever?

Was it a momentary recovery of consciousness before death?

Not really!

After a while, Boundless Saint apparently felt something. He quivered and said, "Ning Biluo… What… What is this? I despise you on this sword strike… This is unfair… How can you become the King of Assassins?"


The others were all surprised. [What happened?]

Ning Biluo’s attack was pure and fast. None of the others could defend that attack. Even Boundless Saint said it himself that he was impressed too. Why did he change his mind just after such a short time?

Ning Biluo coldly laughed. "Despise me or not, that is your own business. Fair or not, it is your call to make. I have attacked with all my energy. Your blood bursts out and washes your sin. You mean nothing to me from now on!"

Boundless Saint’s eyes were shining. "Blood bursts out and washes my sin! Well said! One sword strike ends it all!"

After that, he held the sword which was stabbed in his body and drew it out directly.

As the sword was drawn out off the body, the blood burst faster and faster. When the sword left the body, lots of blood burst out again. The sword was covered by his blood!

Not to mention how badly he was wounded, the loss of blood could have killed him. Boundless Saint was completely a man in blood now!

"One sword strike ends it all!" Ning Biluo blandly spoke, "From now on, to live or die, it is your own business. You can just go live the life that you deserve! Despise me or not, from now on, you and me, we are even. You live your happy life, and I will go on my solitary one. That is it."

Boundless Saint’s face turned pale, because he had lost too much blood. He laughed and said, "Fine… I am still not your match. I guess I will never catch up with you. This sword strike… I will never forget this. Maybe someday, I will get back to you for it."

The golden label assassins were both surprised and happy. They were all superior assassins, so they knew that even though Boundless Saint had lost much of his blood, he was still far from dying. They were not quite sure how Ning Biluo did it, but they were sure the latter wouldn’t kill their leader.

They also thought, [This is not very well done here today. What a horrible sword attack. It actually only hurt him but didn’t kill him. Ning Biluo was apparently lenient about that. Why would he say something like he is going to take revenge someday… Truly not so wise!]

Ye Xiao’s eyes lit up. He looked at Ning Biluo. He was comforted.

Ye Xiao was the only person among everyone who had seen all things thoroughly. He even knew it clearer than Boundless Saint and Ning Biluo!

First, Ning apparently had cultivated the martial art Ye Xiao gave him to certain levels… He was quite good at it already.

Ning Biluo’s sword art was fierce, fast and concentrated!

It wasn’t difficult to make it fast and fierce, but to be concentrated required both his inner power and sword art to work together at the same time!

To be concentrated, he needed to perfectly handle his cultivation method and to operate his purest spiritual qi!

That sword strike was indeed his most powerful one!

Fast, accurate and fierce. The spiritual qi that was hidden in the sword didn’t leak out at all!

Ning Biluo had to make that attack, for his own brothers or for Boundless Saint’s brothers!

He understood Boundless Saint’s difficulty, but it was still something that needed to be ended. He had to strike it and end it!

There must be blood!

Otherwise, how could it sweep the enmity and grudge of all those days in the past?

Ning Biluo stabbed his sword out and went through Boundless Saint’s body, fast and accurate. However, it didn’t hurt his organs at all. Ning Biluo did spend much of his thought for it. It would make Boundless Saint bleed badly, but it wouldn’t kill him. Boundless Saint was a Sky Origin Stage cultivator. He wouldn’t die because of the loss of blood. As long as he could still operate martial art, he could hold it in a short time. After a few days, he would be recovered. Boundless Saint truly didn’t get hurt any seriously.

Boundless Saint was a good assassin. Of course, he knew what that sword strike meant. When he saw that strike, he was surprised by its power. He thought Ning Biluo would definitely kill him this time, and he was about to lose his life.

However, after getting cut through, he was still standing energetically. That was so strange, so he operated his martial art to check his own body. He immediately knew what was going on. That was why he said he would despise Ning Biluo. He thought Ning Biluo was being too womanish to spare his life. However, when Ning Biluo said that the blood had ended it all, he finally knew Ning Biluo was being kind and thoughtful.

That was how it could end afterwards. When he said he would get back to Ning Biluo for it, he meant he would return the favor for it!

Ning Biluo and Boundless Saint’s business had occupied much of the time. However, only Ye Xiao thoroughly knew everything between them. The others only knew some of the truth!