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Chapter 646: Witness

Chapter 646: Witness

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Ning Biluo shook his head when he heard Boundless Saint wanted to return the favor. He blandly spoke, "One sword strike was out, and it is all finished. Nothing more needs to be done in the future."

Boundless Saint nodded. A smile appeared on his pale face as he said, "No matter what, I owe you this."

And then he lowered his head and saw the sword wound on his chest. He said, "Wait. I still want to ask why you would do this?"

Ning Biluo was a bit lost too. He spoke in a low voice, "It is just… we have the same dream. Your dream was the dream me and my brothers had…"

He sighed lightly and stopped talking.

Boundless Saint felt guilty and woeful. Ning Biluo’s brothers died mostly because of him…

Ye Xiao slightly sighed and loudly spoke, "One sword strike is done. Come get the money then! Haha. It is worth celebrating. There are fourteen assassins resigning from the world. And there are fourteen rich folks in the world! Congratulations! We hope you all live a happy life with your wife, your children and your families!"

The others all laughed.

Boundless Saint laughed too. He looked so weird when he laughed. Apparently, he barely really laugh happily for so many years. He barely knew how to be happy. However, he said, "Not fourteen rich folks. Nine hundred and sixteen rich folks."

Thirteen golden assassins said at the same time, "Yes. Nine hundred and sixteen rich folks."

They all laughed. It was warm and peaceful.

"Brothers, show what we have now!" Boundless Saint shouted. Suddenly, over seven hundred boxes were taken out from the space rings by the assassins. Boxes piled up like a small mountain.

Ye Xiao made a hint, then Zhao Pingtian, Wan Zhenghao and Liu Changjun walked over to check on the boxes, so as to confirm the amount.

That was a requested process. No matter what, the numbers must be figured out right!

Boundless Saint said to Ye Xiao, "Feng Monarch, we have killed seven hundred and thirty-six targets this time. These are all figures beyond middling. The money we have should be one hundred eight billion."

Ye Xiao nodded, "Good."

"One hundred eight billion, we will take ninety-six billion. The rest of it, we want to give it to Ning Biluo as compensation for his loss. There are families of his departed brothers… I am sure he needs more money than we do."

Boundless Saint’s face looked calm. "I guess it should be close to enough… this amount of money."

Ning Biluo took in a deep breath and said, "I appreciate it, but I can’t take this money."

"What? You despise it? It stink for you? Is it dirty to you?" Boundless Saint turned around looking at Ning Biluo. "We are assassins. No one is any nobler. What makes you think you can despise us? You think I will be afraid of you because you made that sword attack? This is matter of principle! We have to make it clear today!"

Ning Biluo opened his mouth and then closed it. He stayed quiet for a while and then said, "I was wrong. I will take it!"

All the others, including Ye Xiao, were stunned… [Is that… really Ning Biluo? You sure that is not a disguised one? Ning Biluo said he was wrong?]

"Great! What a man! A man committed his fault. You actually declined the money. I thought you must get seriously damaged on your head. You used to be super stingy. You are crazy about money… You even took those dozens thousand taels of silver tasks from others…"

Boundless saint humphed and continued with a smile, "We have a plan though. Two hundred sixteen million for the nine hundred two brothers’ families. It isn’t a huge number, but it should be enough for them to live good lives."

"The fourteen of us will take the rest. Feng Monarch, Ning Biluo, you may want to laugh at me. We planned more for ourselves." He continued, "From now on, we will take our families, also some of our men’s families, and find somewhere nice. We are going to give them a wonderful life… That is what we have to do as the ones who survived."

"I didn’t die. So I guess I am going to shamelessly take the unreasonable big share of the seventy billion. My brothers will blame me if I take too little. I will take eighteen billion then. Fifty-two billion for the thirteen of them. Each of them gets four billion."

After that, all the others’ eyes lit up.

Ye Xiao and Ning Biluo too.

That was strange how Boundless Saint assigned the money.

He said he would take an unreasonable a big share, but everybody knew that he was actually taking less than he should.

When an assassin group got money from the tasks, most of it would go to the leader. The others usually couldn’t get even a dime!

Boundless Saint should at least get half of it. Nobody would disagree!

Eighteen billion seemed to be a big number, but it was less than thirty percent!

It was so uncommon to have somebody who could do it so selflessly.

"I have to say this to you all, because I want Feng Monarch and Brother Ning to be the witnesses." Boundless Saint took in a deep breath. His sharp eyes looked at the thirteen brothers. "Now, we still don’t have the money yet. We can be calm and generous, but when we get the money, maybe some of us will change… It is hard to say. I have to put it clear here in advance."

"Since I asked Feng Monarch and Brother Ning to witness this, I hope you two can kindly do me this favor. If any of the fourteen of us dares to do anything vile to get more money, even take it all… I beg you, Feng Monarch and Brother Ning, you must kill him right away! Thanks!"

"Why can’t you go kill him? Isn’t it even appropriate that you go kill him?" Zhao Pingtian asked.

"Not really." Boundless Saint laughed. "Maybe I am the one who give in to devils? Maybe I die before that happens? I have considered it all. Hahaha…"

Ye Xiao sighed.

Boundless Saint was blocking every way around. He didn’t leave any chance for anybody to turn vile.

If not, maybe there would be somebody who killed the others and took the money… It wasn’t rare, such things.

It is always easy to get through adversity together, but difficult to share happiness together!

That was dozens of billion!

Who didn’t want it?