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Chapter 647: A Bunch of Wastes

Chapter 647: A Bunch of Wastes

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Boundless Saint was laughing when he said that he might be the one who turned vile and he might die before that happened… However, that was not joking!

It was possible!

Boundless Saint was asking for an insurance for everybody!

Ye Xiao seriously said, "Don’t worry. I will! If that happens in the future, I will post a reward warrant to hunt him down. At the mean time, me, Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian and Liu Changjun will do it ourselves too! No matter where he is, we will get him!"

And then he waved his hand. Fourteen light spots shot out and hit the fourteen men.

Then the light spots disappeared.

"Those are spiritual mind marks of me. With that mark, no matter where you go, I will trace you down! However, I don’t hope that I have to do it!" Ye Xiao said, "If any of you do any unforgivable thing, I guarantee that you won’t get away. Remember what I, Feng Zhiling, say today!"

Boundless Saint and his thirteen men all took a breath of relief. "Thanks, Feng Monarch!"

Before this, no matter how it was well planned, they truly couldn’t trust themselves.

They had lived in the martial world for so many years. They knew what they were!

Brothers were always loyal when they were going through adversity, however, when it was about money, a lot of money, everyone wanted to enjoy more than they could!

No matter what, they could be relieved now.

Feng Monarch gave them a promise for that.

That was absolutely powerful enough!

Although they felt a bit weird carrying the marks of Feng Monarch… as long as they wouldn’t do anything stupid, it wouldn’t make any difference!

One should fear no marks if he wouldn’t do anything wrong!

At this moment, Wan Zhenghao finally finished the counting.

"Money, heads, both counted. The number is correct. Exactly the same amount of money." Wan Zhenghao said, "Monarch, shall we…"

Ye Xiao waved his hand and said, "Take ninety-two million for Ning Biluo. The rest to Boundless Saint."

Wan Zhenghao nodded and went for that arrangement.

Thirteen golden label assassins were all breathing heavily.

The money was going to be theirs soon.

Wan Zhenghao handed over a space ring. Boundless Saint opened it without hesitation. - Splash! - Notes poured out and piled on the floor like a small mountain.

"Count it!"

Boundless Saint shouted.

Two golden label assassins stepped out and started to count. Wan Zhenghao and Liu Changjun went over to help.

To count it under everybody’s watch.

Both sides felt it safe.

Even real brothers should get a clearly counted number, not to mention that they were still enemies not long before.

However, while the notes were all shown, everybody stopped breathing.

Boundless Saint looked calm, but in fact he was staring at the money and couldn’t move his sight. He kept swallowing, and his eyes showed some green lights like the eyes of wolves. The other standing golden label assassins were all swallowing while looking at the notes. Some of them started to sweat badly.

The two assassins who were counting the money looked thrilled. They were the first two fellows to touch the money among their brothers. That was quite a different feeling than just watching!

Even Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian and Liu Changjun were shocked.

Only three people were still calm. One was Wan Zhenghao. He wasn’t excited at all. He just felt painful…

Ye Xiao was one of the three. He looked at the others and wanted to say something, but he heard somebody said with disdainfulness, "A bunch of wastes!"

It wasn’t loud, but it was clear.

Ye Xiao was surprised. He turned his head and looked over, only to see Bing-Er. Bing-Er looked at the notes on the floor with indifference in her eyes!

She just didn’t care.

"Bing-Er?" Ye Xiao looked at Bing-Er. She was one of the three too!

Bing-Er turned over and saw Ye Xiao. She was confused. "Master, what is wrong?"

Ye Xiao nodded and then asked, "What… What did you say just now?"

He still couldn’t believe that Bing-Er would say that!

That was so indifferent. Her words were cold, like there was ice in it.

"What did I say?" Bing-Er was confused and looked around. She didn’t understand. "I said nothing…"

Ye Xiao was speechless.

[What? What the hell?]

[I am pretty sure it was Bing-Er. I heard it!]

Ye Xiao stared at her with fever in eyes. Bing-Er was panicking. She was confused and scared, almost cried out. She said, "Master, I… I really didn’t say anything…"

Ye Xiao didn’t dare to push her too much. She was already scared. He held her in his arms and said, "Hmm. That’s fine. You didn’t say it. I was wrong. My fault…"

Bing-Er nodded, cuddling Ye Xiao’s arms. Her heart was beating fast.

Boundless Saint calmed down finally. He looked around and saw the unbelievable scene. His eyes nearly popped out because he was shocked by what he saw!

[What… What the hell… Feng Monarch, who is definitely going to be the world’s No.1 Superior Cultivator!]

[How come… How come he would be with such a… an ugly woman?]

[It is usual to have a maid… But she is so ugly and he looks so caring to her? He is holding her?]

[Look at that horrible howling woman… Oh my god I am going to be scared to death!]

[That… Am I have an delusion here?]

[Hmmm. Not really. Feng Monarch truly… has a special taste… So special!]

"Hmm? Boundless Saint, why are you looking at me?" Ye Xiao noticed him, so he asked confusedly.

"Ahem… Not… nothing…" Boundless Saint pretend laughing and said, "Well, Monarch, thanks, for what you have done for us today. It will be shameless not to present something as a return, although nothing is good enough… Hehehe… Well… If you won’t turn it down… I will send two people to you in a few days…"