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Chapter 648: Get the Money!

Chapter 648: Get the Money!

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"Send two people over? Your bastard sons? Are you not going to live new lives? Why don’t you take them with you?" Ye Xiao was confused.

"No, no, no." Boundless Saint waved his hand. After thinking for a few seconds, he said, "Well… I urh… I have two girls. Hmm… They are good looking. I think you don’t have enough women to serve you, Monarch. The two girls are daughters of my departed brothers. If they can follow on your sides, it should be their great fortune… What about…"

Boundless Saint was being so nice here. He truly was thinking about returning the favor for Feng Zhiling.

It was also surely a good thing for the two girls if they could stay with Feng Monarch. That would also be a great relief for Boundless Saint! It was much better for them to stay with Feng Zhiling than follow the bunch of assassins.

[Well… Feng Monarch is apparently good at taking care of girls. Look at that ugly woman. If she stays on my side and she played piteous to me from time to time, I am afraid I would have slapped the hell out of her to the sky. However, Feng Monarch actually treated her so well… I guess the two girls will have a very good treatment. You always need to compare before realizing something is better. I don’t think my girls are worse than that ugly beast, no matter how special Feng Monarch is!]

[It would be injustice if they lose this!]

However, after he said it, that ugly beast in Feng Monarch’s arms turned to him and stared at him.

She was furious!

She hated what he proposed. That was reasonable. However, what surprised him most was that after he was stared at for a few seconds, he felt himself frozen!

He even felt like his soul was getting off his body!

He couldn’t even stay conscious!

The horrible feeling of despair scared him badly…

[What the hell is this?]

The next moment, Bing-Er scolded, "How can you be so annoying? You are humiliating me because I look ugly! Master, this is all your fault! Everybody thinks I am ugly now!"

Ye Xiao comforted her with words like ‘you can’t judge a book by it’s cover’, ‘you can’t measure the water by baskets’, ‘you are the only woman in my heart’, ’other women are all ugly monsters to me’… Anyway, he said all those kind of useless words!

Strangely, after Bing-Er talked to Ye Xiao, the depression and the feeling of despair on Boundless Saint disappeared…

Boundless Saint felt that his soul was back to his body. He was still scared after. Cold sweat was out on his back. He wiped the sweat on the forehead and said, "No, n,o no… My lady, you are not ugly at all. You are so beautiful, both appearance and your heart… Wonderful… Gorgeous! Really… Brilliant! Ahem… I was joking back there. It was just a joke. That is all. Hahaha…"

And he added, "Why would Feng Monarch want any other girl as he already has you! Other girls in the world are all normal and trite. They are never matches to you, my lady… Hahaha… I was just joking back then. Words slipped out. Please forgive me."

He was totally terrified. [Even a maid beside Feng Monarch is that powerful? She actually just literally stared the fxcking soul out off my body? I nearly died there?!]

[I… I really talked recklessly… I should never mention any girls… If that woman raged up with anger on me, I guess she wouldn’t need to ask Feng Monarch, Ning Biluo or Zhao Pingtian to get to me… She can wipe us all up by herself… Xiu of the Heavens and Wan of the Clouds are not much stronger than her… How would I say those stupid words at this important moment? That was so lucky she didn’t want to kill me. Otherwise, I should have died here for the stupid words out of my mouth! Oh my heavens!]

Bing-Er’s staring only attacked Boundless Saint. He was the only one who felt it. Nobody else knew it at all.

They saw Boundless Saint was scared by just some words of a little girl. They were just speechless.

Surely, it was easy to understand that Boundless Saint was being extremely polite to Feng Monarch’s maid in Ling-Bao Hall. That was a bit too over, but it was reasonable!


"I mean, brother, you are one of the top three assassins in the world. Please. How can you be so cowardly…" Zhao Pingtian couldn’t bear seeing it. "Just for some money… Do you have to act so unbelievably humble? Look at you. Where is the Boundless Saint who stood there facing the sword attack alone?"

Even those golden label assassins couldn’t endure it. [Is there anything wrong with Saint? Even though he fears Ling-Bao Hall and Feng Monarch, does he have to be so humble to a maid? Is it too humiliating?]

Of course, Boundless Saint didn’t dare to tell them what just happened to him. He didn’t dare to say he was threatened by that death stare! He wiped the sweat on the forehead and smiled. "I am just a bit lost, facing such an amount of money… It’s normal… Normal… Hahaha…"

And then he glanced at Bing-Er, but only to find this ugly girl was looking back at him disdainfully. It was like an innocent girl looking at a coward or a terrible clown.

[Fine. I am a coward. I am a clown. Is it good now…] Boundless Saint tried to comfort himself. [I will get the money and get the hell away. I will never see this girl again… I can’t mess with such a female monster… No wonder Master Bai recognizes Feng Monarch as his rival. Look at his maid. She explains a lot…]

While people were talking, the counting was finished and the number was correct.

In fact, the two golden label assassins didn’t really count much of it. Wan Zhenghao and Liu Changjun did most of the work…

Because… When assassins counted, they were clumsy…


"It’s the right number! Not a dime less!"

Wan Zhenghao and Liu Changjun confirmed.

They got the money for their dream now. What was left was to spend it properly!

Boundless Saint took a long breath out. The thirteen assassins took a breath out with relief too.

[We have it now! All the money here!]

Boundless Saint felt that his blood was boiling up again, after being frozen by that horrible stare and the loss of blood earlier.


[All the… money! Ah!]

"Stop that! Take the four billion, each of you! Get it yourself first!"