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Chapter 649: I Am Taking It…

Chapter 649: I Am Taking It…

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Boundless Saint took a deep breath, trying to suppress down his excitement. He looked extremely spirited when he talked. This moment, he had totally forgotten the fear for Bing-Er. He had lost lots of blood and should be weak at the moment, but he was so excited that he seemed totally fine!

Get the money!

Boundless Saint gave the order. The thirteen golden label assassins looked at each other, pushing each other like kids. They were obviously thirsty for it, but none of them dared to take the money first.

"Tiger, why don’t you get it first. You were yelling that you would be the first! What? Are you afraid now?"

"I am a coward, so what? I was having an ill stomach…"

"So what? That should only make you feel weak on your legs. There is nothing to do about taking the money!"

"No… It is just… After I went to the toilet, I didn’t wash my hands… I feel that it is much better if I will be the last one to take the money. It is the same, isn’t it? Panther, you get it first…"

"Pah! Why did you push me? You didn’t wash your hands and you pushed me with it? I am not in a hurry either. I guess Wolf should take it first…"

"Come on, Snake, you first…"

"Oh shxt! No way… I am not…"

"Ohhh… You guys just go get it first…"

They kept pushing each other but nobody really touched the money.

They just stared at the money greedily. They could die for it, but none of them would take it first. They even made all kinds of excuses… Even something about washing hands after going to toilet…

"What the hell are you doing? Go get it!" Boundless Saint shouted.

"…" Thirteen assassins stared at the money, but none of them moved ahead.

They even kept stepping back…

They were even further to the money now…

"You first…"

"No, no… You first…"

"Come on… You should be first…"

"Wait… I need to rub my eyes to make sure I am not dreaming…"

"You didn’t wash your hands after toilet… and you rub your eyes? That is disgusting. Go get the money, will you?"

"Come on. You can’t rub your eyes, but you can get the money. Go!"

"Hurry… Go…"

"You go first!"

"What the fxck are you doing here? I said get the money! What is wrong with you?" The others all watched them push each other. Boundless Saint felt embarrassed and disgraced badly.

He was ashamed and angry. He shouted, "I am going to kill you bunch of bastards! God damn it! We killed, we fought, we got hurt, we did everything for it! Weren’t we risking our lives for it? For fxck’s sake! You guys fought each other for just thousands taels! Now that is nearly one hundred billion waiting for you! What the hell! Are you telling me you are going to be decent gentlemen now? Fxck it! Stop fooling around! Are you going to take it or not? If not, I am going to take it all! I mean it! You know I can do it! You know I will! I am warning you!"

He shouted and shouted again furiously!

The assassins were turning red on their faces and necks because of the scolding. However, they did love money. Finally, one big tough guy walked out; he rubbed his hands with a red face and said, "Well… then… I… I… am going to… take it then?"

"Do it!" Boundless Saint showed a dark face.

"I am truly going to take it, ei?" The big guy made tiny steps getting closer to the money while rubbing his hands.

"Hurry you dxck head!" Boundless Saint raged up. "What the hell are you playing here! Cut the bullsh*t!"

"Then… Then I will take it…" The big guy was still rubbing his hands. He could even puke out of greediness.

"Go get it! GET IT!!!!!" Boundless Saint was freaking out.

"Saint… I am really getting it then…" Big guy talked, but seemed ready to back off. He acted like it was hell he was stepping over…

"You motherfxcker…" Boundless Saint finally couldn’t bear it. He raged up with furies and jumped up and kicked on that big guy. He shouted, "Tiger Lei! I have never seen you being a coward like this before… You used to be so tough! Don’t you dare humiliate me like this now! This is the day we change our fate! Can’t you just show me some respect! You… kept asking and asking and asking… Are you kidding me? You think I am weak now so I can’t take you down? You want to try?"

That was a furious kick. He suffered loss of blood earlier and didn’t recover yet. Otherwise, that big guy should spit out blood because of it.

"Hahahaha…" All the others were laughing.

That was just hilarious.

That Tiger Lei was also laughing. He laughed even more happily than others. He said, "Then I will… I will just take it…"

Boundless Saint’s face turned dark again. He was going to kick him hard again. The big guy was terrified, so he hurriedly got down to take the notes on the floor.

[Wait? He closed his eyes?]

Boundless Saint stepped over and grabbed Tiger Lei on the collar and said, "What the hell are you doing? Can’t you just stop acting weird? What is this again?"

Tiger Lei opened his eyes. He didn’t look at Boundless Saint though. He stared at the money in his hands and quivered, "Money is still here? I can still touch it! It’s real! I am not dreaming! This is not a dream!"

Boundless Saint loosened it. They all understood now. Tiger Lei had been worrying that this was just a dream, until he touched the money. He was so afraid, so he didn’t want to stop the dream. While he touched the money, he closed his eyes. He thought that if it was a dream, closing his eyes could make the dream last longer!

In front of such a huge amount of money, everyone would act weird, not only Tiger Lei!

Tiger Lei finally made sure it was not a dream. This was a dream coming true. He did nothing but only focused on counting the notes!

The other twelve assassins were thrilled! They looked at him counting. They swallowed and sighed in their hearts. [Why didn’t I go first? Why?]

Tiger Lei grabbed a bundle of notes and started counting. "One, two, three, four… Oh heavens! This is a ten thousand note… Ahhhh…"

His fingers were quivering. He was so thrilled that his face looked bleeding red. He licked his finger and counted, "… Seven, eight, nine, ten…" And then he licked hfinger again and then continued. "… twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight…"