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Chapter 650: Ashamed

Chapter 650: Ashamed

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"Damn it…"

Boundless Saint felt extremely ashamed because of what his guy did. He stepped over and kicked on him. "What the hell are you doing… There are one hundred notes in one bundle. Every bundle is the same. Can’t you just count it as a whole! It has been counted a few minutes ago… You ignorant prick…"

"Do you think Feng Monarch would take your money? Besides, you are a rich man now! Would you care about one or two notes in that bundle? Damn it… If you keep counting this way, it is going to cost you a whole life to finish!"

"What are you looking at? Why do you keep looking? I know you are illiterate!" Boundless Saint spat and sighed.

He felt extremely disgraced.

[Why are my men such a bunch of fools…]

"Urh…" Tiger Lei started to take the notes in bundles and murmured, "One, two, three, four… eleven, twelve, thirteen…"

His money was piling up high.

The others were looking at him and his growing money pile… [I am going to have the same amount too…] Others thought.

"… Wait…?" Tiger Lei suddenly looked up at others and rubbed his head. There was one bundle of notes in his hand and he asked, "Where is it I counted?"

That was so hilarious when he said it in such an innocent, ignorant, embarrassed, and gloomy way!

The others were all broken down!

The place was bursting with laughters.

Ye Xiao, Bing-Er, Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian, Wan Zhenghao… Everyone was down!

Bing-Er thought, [That is what an assassin is like! Interesting!]

Wan Zhenghao thought, [So this is what assassins look like? If I knew such a small amount of money could defeat an assassin so easily, why did I fear assassins? I could have solved the problems with money. My heavens, I have been scared for so many years! That is embarrassing!]

Ning Biluo thought, [This can’t be assassins of Boundless Lake. They kept chasing me down for such a long time! That is humiliating!]

Zhao Pingtian thought, [What the hell! He is an assassin? Where is my sword. Give me my sword and I am going to chop his head off… He is disgracing us all… No, not a sword. I should use a knife… That would be a pleasure to do it…]

Liu Changjun thought, [Well, forget it. He is a rich man now. He is no longer an assassin. That makes sense. He should be a fool…]

The other golden label assassins thought, [God damn it. Who is Tiger Lei? We don’t know him. We never do. That is so…]

Boundless Saint’s face turned dark. He looked like willing to swallow someone. "I… I… I am going to… You shameless prick… I…. You… I am going to spit out blood…"

[This is so disgraceful!]

[In such an important situation! Being watched by so many people!]

[You are going to be a billionaire! Can’t you just be decent?]

Tiger Lei blinked and blinked. He was so sad. "Saint, please don’t look at me like that… I… Ah… I can’t read… You know it! I… How can I count such a huge amount of money… I… I didn’t mean it…"

Boundless Saint rolled up his eyes and sighed. He didn’t say anything but only gasped…

He really didn’t know what to say now.

Wan Zhenghao stepped over and said, "I mean… You can’t just stop there. Look. It is a bit difficult for you to count it yourselves. How about this. I will let my men count it for you… It should be much faster. How about it?"

"Great! Thanks, Boss Wan! You are a generous man!" Boundless Saint bowed with gratitude. He turned to the thirteen assassins and fiercely spoke, "I see. You are never useful in decent scenes! Rotten meat should never be on a decent table! When people treat you as men, you crow in the donkey shed and even yell like donkeys… When people don’t treat you as men, you get mad and raise a fight… I… Why did I end up with such a bunch of stupid brothers… I will be damned…"

"I always get pissed off by these pricks. My heavens, this must be my punishment. I recruited them myself… That was my fault…"

Boundless Saint kept sighing. He sounded so sorrowful.

The next moment, some accountants came out from the countingh ouse. They were terrified by the assassins.

None of them had experienced such thing!

These assassins were all the top range assassins in the world!

Each of them was remarkable figure in the martial world…

To do the counting under the watch of this bunch of guys… That was extremely difficult for these accountants…

Wan Zhenghao looked at the terrified accountants. He was angry too. Boundless Saint’s men were being fools, but it was reasonable. They had never seen such a huge amount of money and they couldn’t count it. That was not a big problem. However, the accountants were scared. How could they work with such condition?

Wan Zhenghao shouted, "What is wrong with you? You are accountants! You are accountants of Ling-Bao Hall! Assassins have never seen that much money. Don’t tell me you are the same! Look at your coward faces! Can’t you just be professional? Where do you put your responsibility? Go do it! Quick! Do a great job for me!"

The accountants looked at Boss Wan. They couldn’t believe it. [What the hell? What is this? Others don’t know, but we do! You, Wan Zhenghao, is afraid of assassins the most! These are all superior assassins in the world here! How come you don’t feel scared at all?]

[This is insane! This is not right! Fine. Even Boss Wan doesn’t fear them, why should we? It is just counting some notes. Let’s do it!]

When they finished counting four billion for each of the thirteen assassins, they were all sweating and exhausted already…

They nearly fell down the floor.

They said they wouldn’t be scared, but how could they not be? Over a dozen superior assassins stared at them. That scared the shxt out of them!

They knew the assassins would never dare to touch them, not to mention the assassins weren’t staring at them but the money. Still, they felt terrified!

Four billion in each space ring.

Space ring was rare and priceless in Land of Han-Yang. However, after Ye Xiao broke through Sky Origin Stage, space ring was easy to get!

To make a space ring was simply to squeeze the space into a small size and permanently seal it on an object like a ring, a bracelet, a necklace, or a waistband. As long as he was in Sky Origin Stage, he could use Space Power. People in Land of Han-Yang didn’t know about it thoroughly. Even though they knew, they couldn’t use it properly. However, Ye Xiao was once a Dao Origin Stage cultivator. He surely was skillful of using Space Power!

The space ring Ye Xiao could make always only had a small space. That was unchangeable for now. The size of the space depended on the real cultivation level. Ye Xiao was in the top levels of Sky Origin Stage. What he could make was about one hundred square meters. That was rather small.