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Chapter 651: Quit the Martial World

Chapter 651: Quit the Martial World

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The space ring Ye Xiao made was stable. It was much stabler than other space rings in this world. The space ring wouldn’t really last forever. Usually, it lasted only three hundred to five hundred years. Ye Xiao’s space ring could last one thousand to two thousand years!

He could make it himself, that was why he casually gave over a dozen space rings out to Boundless Saint folks!

However, it was still some rare and priceless treasure. Not long before when Ye Xiao gave a space ring to the king, Chen Xuantian, the King was surprised!

Ye Xiao’s space ring was surely not as good as the ones from Wan-Er and Xiu-Er. Their space rings were truly treasures. The space was huge and it was even stabler. When Ye Xiao returned to Qing-Yun Realm, if he was short for money, one of the space rings Wan-er and Xiu-Er gave him could solve his problem!

The thirteen assassins got the space rings and their money. They were all quivering.

[Oh heavens!]

[I am a rich man now… Oooo…]

They usually spat at the rich guys when they were on the street and they would say, ‘Dumbass! Money is all you got! Do you think you are any better? If anybody give me an offer for your head, I will take it right away! Money means nothing, you asshole…’


Now they only felt, [Oh heavens… It is so nice to be rich! So good! Money is everything!]

No matter where they went, they could tell everybody, ‘I am rich! What?’

[Oh my dream…]

[It came true!]

Boundless Saint took over the eighteen billion and put it away. And then he put the rest into a space ring.

"Alright. There is a long life ahead of us to enjoy. Now, we should go get things done. Let’s give the money to our departed brothers’ families!"

Boundless Saint was laughing.

The assassins didn’t leave right away. They had too much money with them, that was why they became cowards. [What if we got robbed? We can’t just go out like this. I think it is better for Ling-Bao Hall to send somebody to escort us!]

They seemed to depend on Ling-Bao Hall now.

Ning Biluo couldn’t bear it anymore. "God damn it. Who dares to rob you guys while you stay together? Who has the capability to? People will feel lucky that you don’t rob them instead… Now you are worrying about being robbed? I… That is…"

Boundless Saint was solemn. "Well now everything is different! We were poor… So we robbed… Now we are rich! We are rich men! Why shouldn’t we be careful? Besides, the world isn’t really that peaceful like it looks…"

Wan Zhenghao couldn’t hear it anymore. He swayed the sleeve and left. He felt angry, [God damn it. These are assassins? Top assassins? The world isn’t peaceful because of you! Now you are telling me you are afraid… I have been rich for such a long time. Have I ever been that scared?]

[I am no longer scared now. Assassins are just like that… What to be afraid of… I truly despise you! Assassins? You guys?]


Even though they were disposed, they still stayed in Ling-Bao Hall till it was late at night. The fourteen top assassins in the world, including Boundless Saint, disguised themselves and sneakily walked out the back door of Ling-Bao Hall. Ye Xiao and Ning Biluo both sighed when they saw it.

At this moment, they truly felt that…

Sometimes, it was difficult to describe it thoroughly.

Was martial world the only world for them?

What should men live for?

For money?

Nobody asked the question.

However, they all had complicated emotions.

Was it for their families? For better life?


How to live a better life then?



Not only strength, but also money!

Why was it still money?

They all knew money was important. Truth was in front of everybody, however, they just couldn’t accept it happily…

There was one thing they could be certain about.

From now on, there would never be Boundless Lake in the world. There was no Boundless Saint ever!

The most horrible assassination group quit the martial world for real!

"I am happy for them. For what they get as an end. However, I am also sad about it." Ning Biluo sighed. "Finally, some assassin can live the life we all dream of now… They can finally quit the martial world. Even Boundless Saint can quit the martial world and go on with a happy and peaceful life."

"What makes me sad is that… even Boundless Saint, such a powerful figure, has to be so cautious and cowardly when he decided to quit, as if he was a thief… He was so scared and he even needed you to help him when he made the decision."

"The path of assassins is truly rough, both the process and the destination." Ning Biluo sighed.

Zhao Pingtian asked, "I mean, Old Ning, you… You really just dropped it off? Just let it go? Let him go?"

Ning Biluo bitterly smiled. "How could I? You don’t know. I didn’t have confidence on that sword strike. I was not sure he would survive or not. You know, a slight move would kill him. I can strike the sword accurately, but I am not sure if he can stand still. You know what was dangerous for him now?"

"If he hesitated even a bit, even if he just moved backward a little bit, he would die. However, he accepted my attack all along. He didn’t back off at all. He truly was going to die for it."

"I played a game, and he won. One sword strike ends it all. I forgive him! What he has done on me doesn’t make him different from you and I. He was just being excessive. If I were him, I might do the same thing. Besides, I can see he truly doesn’t want to be an assassin anymore… Now that he gets enough money to quit… he is like my departed brothers… Sometimes, they look at me and ask, ‘when can we put down the sword and go to the mountains and live the peaceful life we want’…"

"We are just the same. He decided to quit and he was going to quit. I don’t have to push him to death. Why not just give him a chance to move on…" Ning Biluo sorrowfully spoke.