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Chapter 652: Preparation

Chapter 652: Preparation

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Ye Xiao watched the fourteen of them leave and then asked the others, "What about you guys?"

Ning Biluo, Liu Changjun and Zhao Pingtian were all surprised. "What about us?"

"You are the same! If you want to live the life their dream of…" Ye Xiao spoke in a low voice, "I can give you more money than they have. You won’t feel any stress… You will have families, children, and a happy and stressless life."

The three of them were all blank.

Ning Biluo smiled bitterly. Zhao Pingtian was the same. Liu Changjun giggled.

Ning Biluo said, "To be honest, if you tell me this one month ago, I will be thrilled! I may just quit the martial world right away! To quit this… is always assassins’ dream!"

"People all know assassins kill for money, that we are cruel and merciless. Assassins are a bunch of butcher who kill for their own interests… Well they are not wrong about it."

"However, most assassins are forced by the cruel reality… It is not a decent job. Many assassins would do anything to get money. There is no priceable in our world…"

"But if you give them a chance to quit… none of them would refuse it. Nobody wants to put one’s life in risk forever."

"Me too. I wanted to quit this so eagerly. I wanted to make enough money as soon as I could. I needed money that was enough for me to spend for the rest of my life and to take care of the people I have to look after. I would quit as long as I got the money. No hesitation. However, it was close to impossible to make that much money. Even I am one of the top assassins in the world, it is still too difficult to achieve that goal."

"In fact, if I truly have done it and started to live a peaceful life in a countryside, that would be wonderful. At least I thought so one month ago."

Ning Biluo’s eyes lit up. He said, "But… our sight is always limited. I couldn’t see the possibility of going up to heavens. I didn’t even know about it.That was why my view was limited in this world."

"However, since you gave me that sword art, the cultivation method, I realized that this world was not all. The future was big and broad in front of me. I have something I want to fight for now. How would I quit?"

"I have the chance to become a god, then I will do whatever I can to become one. I want to be a master martial artist. Now that I don’t need to worry all those in this world."

"Why not just go after a bigger dream? I think most of the cultivators would make the same choice as I do." Ning Biluo took a deep breath in, lowered his head, looked at his hands and said, "I have learned what you taught me now, Monarch. The sword strike I made earlier today can prove it… I can feel that the gate to the upper realm is in front of me. As long as I work harder to step ahead, I can enter it."

"I am still holding myself here, because I am waiting."

His eyes were filled with emotions, "I am waiting for the day when we rise together!"

Zhao Pingtian nodded, "I am exactly the same with Ning. I never have thought about quitting. Never…" He looked aside and smiled gently. He said, "I want to rush up to the upper realm, to find a way to bring Rou-Er back. I want to marry Rou-Er. I want to be a real couple with her. I have to continually improve myself…"

"I don’t want to stop. I want to be better and better!"

"The better I am in cultivation, the greater I will achieve, and the longer time I have to stay with Rou-Er!" Zhao Pingtian spoke seriously, "Even I am going to be god, I don’t want to be a normal god. I want to be… a god like Master Bai!"

"A god like Master Bai…" Ye Xiao smiled bitterly.

That was absolutely a high standard!

Master Bai was beyond the limitation of Lang of Han-Yang and also Qing-Yun Realm. He was a superior figure even in Human Realm Upon Heavens. If not that Ye Xiao had Boundless Space and East-rising Purple Qi, he really didn’t think he could become as powerful as Master Bai one day, although he hated to think this way. It was even so difficult for Ye Xiao. Zhao Pingtian’s dream was truly difficult to come true!

Ye Xiao was lost in thoughts. He couldn’t say it. The others might not be able to realize the truth even after he told it. If he told them, it would only break Zhao Pingtian’s confidence. He decided to keep it in mind. He looked to Liu Changjun and asked, "What about you?"

Liu Changjun stood chest out and spoke decisively, "What I want is simple and pure. I just want to go wherever you go, Master. I am happy to be your assassin and do the dirty jobs for you. I hope no matter where you go, you will take me with you!"

Ye Xiao focused his gaze. It sounded like Liu Changjun was not as ambitious as Zhao Pingtian and Ning Biluo, but in fact, Ye Xiao knew that Liu Changjun was the most ambitious one among the three!

Zhao Pingtian wanted to be equally powerful as Master Bai, but it was still not as ambitious as Liu Changjun. Without Boundless Space and East-rising Purple Qi, maybe Ye Xiao could never be as powerful as Master Bai. However, the truth was that he would catch up with Master Bai one day sooner or later and even become stronger. If Liu Changjun kept staying with Ye Xiao all the time, he should be even more powerful than Zhao Pingtian and Ning Biluo one day!

"So you want to follow my steps ahead?" Ye Xiao smiled, "Good. I will give you the chance… But you just have to catch up."

When Ye Xiao heard Ning Biluo said that he could get up to the upper realm by only one step, it reminded him what Master Bai told him before he left. The tunnel would be sealed half a year later!

Master Bai was telling the truth. Ye Xiao had to go to Qing-Yun Realm in half a year.

Ye Nantian and Song Jue were totally capable to rise.

What about Bing-Er?

Bing-Er was an unbelievable talented monster. She improved so fast that nobody would believe it. However, it was still not easy for her to improve to such level!


"Liu Changjun, what level are you at now?" Ye Xiao frowned and asked, "What level of Sky Origin Stage?"