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Chapter 653: Different People Have Different Aspirations

Chapter 653: Different People Have Different Aspirations

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When Liu Changjun heard Ye Xiao, he proudly answered, "Master, under your supervision, I have reached level seven of Sky Origin Stage earlier. After you gave me that martial art, I suddenly got new inspiration. Now I am at middle of level nine already! It was hard to imagine that I could boost up like this! It is you who made me who I am, Master."

Liu Changjun was satisfied with his cultivation achievement and also grateful to Ye Xiao.

He knew that he could never reach such height without Ye Xiao’s help!

Ye Xiao nodded and frowned. "Good, but not enough! Too slow!"

"Not enough?" Not only Liu Changjun, even Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian were surprised.

[It has been just a short time. That is a great improvement! And we are talking about upgrading in Sky Origin Stage! The middle of level nine is almost the top of Sky Origin Stage! That is not enough? Too slow? What is enough then? What is not slow?]

Ning, Zhao and Liu all thought that maybe Ye Xiao was too critical!

"This is not enough. I will give you three months. You have to improve yourself to the level that you can break up to the upper realm in three months!" Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "Do not be surprised. I am telling you. In three months, if you fail, you are never going to have any chance this life!"

[Not going to have any chance this life?]

Liu Changjun’s entire face turned gloomy.

Now, Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian thought he was not only too critical, but also exaggerating. However, Liu Changjun had an instinct that Ye Xiao was telling the truth. That was the truth!

That meant he only had three months left now!

"Don’t worry, Master. I will reach that height within three months! I would rather die cultivating than give up on it." Liu Changjun was solemn.

"Hmm." Ye Xiao took out several dan beads and gave two to each of them. He said, "Ning and Zhao, the dan beads for you will stabilize your current spiritual power and gather more qi for you, so that you can be ready to rush up… Liu Changjun, the dan beads for you will improve your cultivation capability. I guess it is too pushing to urge you to improve that much within three months. I really don’t want to help you with my dan beads. It is not the best way to improve. You will have hidden troubles because of it. However, time is passing. We need to sort out the primary. You take the dan beads later and digest them as soon as possible. Just keep rushing!"

The three of them answered. Apparently, they knew Ye Xiao wasn’t doing this for nothing. There must be something wrong.

The next moment, Ye Xiao snapped his finger. Three dan beads rapidly shot off his hand.

They went pass Zhao Pingtian but then disappeared.

"Lady Rou-Er has improved a lot. I guess you don’t need me to keep stabilizing your soul now?" Ye Xiao smiled. He looked at Zhao Pingtian.

Zhao Pingtian was grateful. He grinned and said, "I have seen her… but her soul is weak. She needs to thrill up badly so as to show up for a while… Well, that is such a great progress already. Thanks to the supreme dan beads, Master!"

"Don’t worry. When we go to Qing-Yun Realm, there will be more methods to help her." Ye Xiao said, "Oh right. Ning, you should go back to your place and make the arrangements you need to. When you are back, it is time for us to rush up. There is not much time for us to waste."

Ning Biluo answered, "Yes!"

"Anything you guys need to take care of, go do it as soon as you can," Ye Xiao said.

And then he held Bing-Er’s hand and walked out.

Ning Biluo and the others all felt that Ye Xiao wasn’t quite happy…

Ye Xiao was frowning, lost in thoughts.

The only problem was Bing-Er. It was the biggest problem.

She had improved greatly. She was already at level seven of Earth Origin Stage. However, it was such a long distance to level nine of Sky Origin Stage! It was close to impossible!

It would take a long time. Even if Ye Xiao used all the dan beads he could to help, it wouldn’t work!

Some special dan beads could improve one’s cultivation. It would work even better if they were in supreme level. However, cultivation level was not the only thing that was required to break up to the upper realm. She needed combat experience and mind power enhancement.

It was unrealistic to make Bing-Er improve to the realm-breaking level within a short time!

What to do then?

Master Bai said there was only six months left. That must be true. Otherwise, he wouldn’t suddenly ask Ye Xiao to make him fifty Heaven Seizing Supreme Dan beads. That was impossible at that time. It must be real that the tunnel would be sealed after six months. If Bing-Er failed to rise up with them, she and Ye Xiao would never be able to meet again!

Ye Xiao frowned. He was utterly confused. He was blank.

[Should I leave her alone here? No! How can I be relieved? How can I leave her?]


At this moment, Wan Zhenghao walked in surprisingly, "Monarch."

"What is it?" Ye Xiao said gloomily.

"The reward warrants are almost done…" Wan Zhenghao looked at his face and cautiously said, "The money we have is running out. If Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian didn’t kill some on that list, we should be out of money long ago…"

Apparently, Boss Wan wanted to make so money again.

"Hmm. Ok. Go send out the message. Ling-Bao Hall’s second auction will begin in half a month!" Ye Xiao made the decision.

"Yes. Great!" Wan Zhenghao was thrilled.

"Hmm… Wait." Ye Xiao stopped Wan Zhenghao when he was leaving, "Wan, tell me one thing. If I go, will you come with me? Well. What is your plan for the future?"

"Go? Go where?" Wan Zhenghao was confused.

"The upper realm." Ye Xiao pointed up.

Wan Zhenghao was suddenly upset. He looked at Ye Xiao and said, "Monarch… I… I can’t… I am too weak. And I am too fat… And… And… I… I am afraid…"

"I see." Ye Xiao totally knew Wan Zhenghao’s thought now.

He didn’t want to leave.

All Wan Zhenghao wanted was only wealth in the mortal world.