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Chapter 654: Pull up a Seedling to Help It Grow

Chapter 654: Pull up a Seedling to Help It Grow

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"Hmm. When I go, I will leave you some supreme dan beads for sale. Also Slimming Dan and Life Extending Dan… Hmm. I will give it to you before I leave and check how it works on your body…"

Ye Xiao said, "By the way, Wan, remember one thing."

Wan Zhenghao was solemn. "Please, Monarch. I will never forget your words!"

"Do not darken your conscience ever!" Ye Xiao looked at Wan Zhenghao. "Remember this. I may return to see you again in the future."

Wan Zhenghao nodded heavily as a promise.

In fact, it became his motto. He remembered it, followed it and got benefit from it all his life!

Things were all settled in Ling-Bao Hall. Ye Xiao took Bing-Er’s hand and walked out Ling-Bao Hall.

He was still restless!

All things were well arranged. What about Bing-Er?

That was the only thing that caused him a headache.

Bing-Er followed him. She knew her master was thinking about something. He was anxious. She didn’t dare to disturb him. She just stayed with him while walking on the street.

Ye Xiao thought for a long time but couldn’t think of anything practical. He took a deep breath and made up his mind. He said, "Bing-er, come with me."

"Where are we going?" Bing-Er asked.

"Hmm. Let’s go… out of the city." Ye Xiao took a deep breath. He decided to take a risk.

What he was thinking now was the snow mountain he created earlier.

Stories happened in that mountain. Gu Jinlong died there. The other girl, Su Yeyue, was attacked there. Because of that, she got the opportunity to become a disciple of a grand master. Now, Ye Xiao decided to go to this mountain again!

He wanted to solve this unsolvable problem there!

The place he wanted to go was the extremely spacious ice cave.

What he wanted to do was to clean that cave, expand the cave, deepen it, and set an eternal Spirit Gathering Array.

He wanted Bing-Er to cultivate in there.

At the same time, he would feed her all kinds of supreme dan beads, so as to boost her up forcibly!

It might be pulling a seedling to make it grow, but time wouldn’t wait. He had to do this.

As long as the cultivation was up to a certain level, he could feed her Nine Turns Heart Dan to push her up to the top level!

He could keep feeding her Nine Turns Heart Dan beads one after another…

All in all, he would rather use up all he had and do all he could to make her up!

He could remake all the things when they were in Qing-Yun Realm after all.

However, it couldn’t be done in the city. It was too noisy, and it was easy to be interrupted. If Bing-Er was interrupted at any important moment, she might be ruined for her entire life.

That ice cave Gu Jinlong died in was covert and spacious. It was a perfect location!

Time flew by and he started without any hesitation.

He grabbed Bing-Er’s hand and got two horses. They rode the horses to the South Gate. When Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall wanted to get out the city, nobody would stop him. The guards didn’t even ask about it. When Feng Monarch was till dozens meters away from the gate, the guards opened the gate quickly already.

Ye Xiao thanked them and then left the town fast.

On the ice mountain.

Ye Xiao was much stronger than the last time he was in the this ice mountain. He spent a long time to settle everything…

They were in the mountain now.

The cave was three times bigger than before. Ye Xiao searched the array method in his memory and started building the array concentratedly.

"Bing-Er, when I tell you to sit here, you sit here. Think about nothing else. Only focus on cultivating. Don’t move. Take these two dan beads before you sit down and then start to digest them…" Ye Xiao said, "I will be here to protect you. Just try to boost yourself up as much as you can. It’s important. Please focus!"

And then Bing-Er sat on where Ye Xiao pointed to.

Ye Xiao had used three hundred pieces of spiritual stones to build a lotus platform.

"Why in such a hurry, Master?" Bing-Er was so curious, so she asked.

"I have to…" Ye Xiao was busy setting things up. "There is not much time left for us. We have more than half a year…" While he was talking, he didn’t stop setting up things around. Soon, the array was ready.

Time flew by and two days had passed.

Ye Xiao sat on the top of the mountain, looking at every movement within ten miles. Even birds couldn’t fly across this area.

Bing-Er was in a very important moment to break into level nine of Earth Origin Stage!

As long as she broke through it, she would be a Sky Origin Stage cultivator!

Bing-Er’s progress surprised Ye Xiao and also spirited him up. Ye Xiao saw hope in her amazing progress.

He might feel risky to do this earlier. It might be pulling a seedling to help it grow and might hurt Bing-Er, however, with the dan beads and the array’s power, she broke through two levels within two days. It made Ye Xiao realize it wasn’t impossible to reach the top of Sky Origin Stage within half a year.

Ye Xiao was full of vigor now…

Within the two days, he spent a short time to go back home once. He told Song Jue that he was helping Bing-Er in cultivation and he wouldn’t go home for a few days. He didn’t want to be interrupted and Song Jue should not be worry or to try to find him…

Song Jue felt strange about it, but he didn’t think any deeper about it.

Cultivators always needed special environment and strict conditions to break through certain levels, especially high levels.

He just gave Ye Xiao some advices and then let him go.

"If anything goes wrong, come home immediately!" Song Jue said.

He didn’t worry about the cultivation though. [He cured my disease… No matter what happens in cultivation, he can handle it for sure.]

It was rather difficult to find a person in the Land of Han-Yang who could threaten Ye Xiao’s life… as he was extremely powerful at the moment…

Master Bai was gone. There was no more House of the Chaotic Storms. Boundless Saint quit the martial art with his assassins…

Steward Song would never worry about Ye Xiao’s safety now.

In Song Jue’s opinion, it would be great that Ye Xiao wouldn’t go mess with people forwardly…

Time was passing…

During this time…

Reports from north battle had arrived in Chen-Xing City, even though Ye Nantian had been trying to cover it!

In fact, Ye Nantian knew what would happen if this report went back to the capital! He knew those pedantic and stupid officials would accuse him for the extinction. They would stop him from ‘immorally’ wiping out the grassland folks.

That was why he kept holding the report until now.

Right before he had successfully done it, he sent the report.

As expected, a huge disturbance was taking place in the capital!