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Chapter 659: Man’s Responsibility

Chapter 659: Man’s Responsibility

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Ye Xiao was shocked when he looked the eight of them.

He didn’t know any of them, but he was familiar to the vigor of them… and… the suits!

It was so familiar that it couldn’t be more familiar!

They were enemies he hated the most in his previous life!

The eight of them were dressed in two different types. Four of them wore the clothes with a image of sun on the chest, like it was emitting fever and light. The other four wore the clothes with image of a sky full of stars.

[They are obviously people of Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect from Qing-Yun Realm!]

[Why would they come here?]

However, they didn’t sound hostile. Ye Xiao was confused, but still smiled blandly and said, "Leisure time. I am just hanging out a bit. It must be much better to have a bunch of friends hanging out together, going here and there. It must be good for you guys."

The eight men smiled. They knew this man must be in the top range in this world, even though he was still weaker than them. However, the vigor and the righteous look of him made them feel like making friends with him. He did give them an outstanding image.

"I am Du Qingpeng. May I have your name?"

Du Qingpeng was the strongest among them. He was the leader this time. With on one step up, he would reach level two of Dream Origin Stage! He was good!

He had a thought that all those who were like him would have the same idea when they saw somebody good. [If I can recruit this guy and make him my underling in this world, that will bring me a fortune in the coming days!]

[This guy is outstanding in strength, vigor and appearance.]

[Wan Zhenghao is such a fatty, yet he can live as the richest man in this world for so many years. What if I have a man here? This guy must be much better than Ling-Bao Hall!]

As he thought of this, he couldn’t help staring at Ye Xiao with colorful glows in his eyes!

Ye Xiao was surprised. [What the hell is wrong with this man? Does he really have to ask about my name so dissolutely? Look at his eyes? Hmmm… Is he… Oh heavens! They have eight and they are all powerful. If they force me to… that would be difficult to say no!]

Ye Xiao was in thoughts. He felt a bit scared. When he just wanted to say something and get away, he saw another four men running over excitedly.

The four last men looked at him with a face like they discovered something priceless. Ye Xiao knew it wasn’t a god sign!

[Are these men all that kind of men…]

However, when the four of them spoke, Ye Xiao knew he was wrong about them.

"Feng Monarch, unexpectedly, you are hiding here! What a leisurely mood! Hahaha! Nice to meet you!" The man in front smiled strangely and said, "We have almost turned the entire Chen-Xing City over but just couldn’t find you. Luckily, you are here in this cold and silent place. You are so far away from the noise in the city. However, there is a saying, you can wear out iron shoes in fruitless searching, and yet by a lucky chance you may find the thing without even looking for it!"

Another man stared at Ye Xiao. "Feng Monarch, the debt you owe our sects should be paid up today!"

Ye Xiao shrank his gaze and blandly spoke, "I was wondering who. It turns out a pair of escaped fish from my bloody net…" The two who spoke were the two of the twenty-eight men who set him up the other day.

Ye Xiao didn’t look carefully at their faces that day, as he was trying so hard to get away with it.

Now that the two guys talked, it reminded him the day.

The conversation enlightened the eight superior cultivators. [What? This… This is Feng Monarch? The man we have been searching for a long time? Feng Zhiling?]

[We worked so hard yet failed to get a trace of him. Now we are here for fun and we found him?]

[What a coincidence!]

[Things are strange in the world!]

"So you are Feng Zhiling? Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall?" Du Qingpeng frowned as his eyes looked fierce now.

[If he is Feng Zhiling, I will never use him. A man who cannot be recruited, the more powerful he is, the more he should be killed, for the sect or for myself!]

Ye Xiao blandly said, "I am. So?"

He looked calm and indifferent. However, in his mind he knew there was a fatal danger ahead of him!

[Am I going to die here eventually?]

[This is striking my weak ribs!]

[I usually can run away when I cannot win the battle.]

[They are all superior cultivators. Even the weakest four are Sky Origin Stage. They are all stronger than me. The eight from Qing-Yun Realm are much stronger than me for sure. They should be at least Spirit Origin Stage!]

In fact, Ye Xiao was confident that he could flee away if he wanted. Maybe he would be injured, but he could get away!

As long as the eight of them didn’t stay together all the time, Ye Xiao might be able to kill them one by one!

However, he couldn’t leave!

Bing-Er was still there!

She was cultivating in the mountain and didn’t know anything outside.

[How can I leave? Even if I successfully get away, what about Bing-Er? If she ends up in these men’s hands… That will be inconceivably bad!]

He sighed, but then made up his mind immediately.

He would regret for the rest of his life if he ran without Bing-Er and left her to those men. He could never put down a man’s responsibility!

A man who abandoned his beloved ones for life had nothing to live for!

[Since fate has pushed me to this end, I can only do what I can now.]

[If I die, I have nothing to regret. As long as I am still breathing, I will protect my girl!]

His eyes turned sharp and stable.

Du Qingpeng’s eyes suddenly looked fierce, changing from the original nice and friendly. He nodded and said, "Pleasure! I have heard about Feng Monarch many times. You do have an outstanding vigor, just like everybody says!"

Ye Xiao took in a deep breath and spoke with his hands behind, "Qing-Yun Realm? Saint Sunlight Sect? Saint Starlight Sect?"

Du Qingpeng was surprised. He spoke in a deep voice, "Feng Monarch, you are a well-informed man. You know where we came from just by looking at us."

He waved his hand the the other seven men jumped up and crossed by each other.

- Shoot, shoot, shoot… -

The seven men became a bit further from them, but they occupied the positive attacking position in all directions!

A murderous qi was overwhelming the entire land.

Suddenly, Ye Xiao was surrounded!

The four Sky Origin Stage guys of Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect stepped away immediately.

They backed off dozens of meters to get away from fight!

Apparently, what Feng Zhiling did made them think he was unbelievably strong. They could never defend any attack from him. That was why they decided to get far away from the fight before it really began!