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Chapter 660: Qing-Yun Realm Cultivators

Chapter 660: Qing-Yun Realm Cultivators

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
Du Qingpeng smiled. "I heard our men in the sect said that Feng Monarch moves so fast and weirdly. We just want to make sure you will stay and solve the grudge in our hearts. I don’t want to leave. Before we start, I guess I should introduce my brothers who are going to make the attacks later to you, in case you don’t know who killed you when you go down to hell later. That will be cruel."

"The one on the right, with white cloths and red face, is one of the fifth generation of Saint Sunlight Sect. He is level eight of Spirit Origin Stage, named Shang Yushu. His sword art is wonderful. You better pay attention to that. You will easily get yourself cut all around your body if you are reckless."

Shang Yushu stood on the right, smiled to Ye Xiao and nodded. "Feng Monarch, regards."

Ye Xiao blandly said, "Since you have asked for a fight, I should surely accept it."

"The one in your right nearby is also a fifth generation of Saint Sunlight Sect, level eight of Spirit Origin Stage, Shang Yuming. He and Shang Yushu are brothers. They are connected in minds. When they fight together, it is magnificent. If you like, you can fight them together." Du Qingpeng smiled.

"The two behind you are also the fifth generation, Fu Yuntian and Tang Yidao. Hehe… Feng Monarch, Brother Tang is level one of Dream Origin Stage… He is good… Hmmm. Right, I am Du Qingpeng. I should have told you more about me. I am also shamefully level one of Dream Origin Stage, from Saint Starlight Sect."

"There are four of us here for Feng Monarch. The other three are my junior brothers in our sect, Xu Wenxiang, Yu Xiangdong and Cheng Yihe."

He smiled and continued, "So if nothing goes wrong, one of us will end your life today."

Ye Xiao laughed loudly and said, "You mean you can only make it when there is nothing unexpected to you happens? What if I can make lots of surprise for you guys? I wonder how big a surprise it is if I send the eight of you away together?"

Du Qingpeng half closed his eyes and spoke in a deep voice, "We are tired of this noisy and boring world for a long time. If you truly are that capable, we don’t mind if you can give us a ride. However, are you? I hope you are not just bragging, because we will be disappointed."

Ye Xiao took a deep breath. He felt the spiritual power in his body was boiling up. A bursting power was rising up from dantian. He was ready to fight so he fiercely said, "Since nothing can stop this fight, what are you waiting for? Come one!"

Du Qingpeng blandly spoke, "Before we do this, I have one thing to ask. I am curious about one thing. In this mountain, who is breaking through now?"

Ye Xiao’s pupils shrank and he said, "That is none of your business. You don’t need to know!"

Du Qingpeng coldly smiled. "No. We have to know. That person must be very important to you, right?"

Ye Xiao suddenly calmed down.

Du Qingpeng casually spoke, "Hmm. I was right. Because somebody needs to break through here, so you came to offer protection… I guess this person must be very important to you… Otherwise, you wouldn’t stay here for such a long time…"

He stared at Ye Xiao with his half-closed eyes. "In other words, even though you can escape now, you won’t! You will only fight till you die! Are you going to die fighting?"

He suddenly laughed loudly while facing up. "What a wonderful news to us! It is an opportunity that we never needed, but it is fun. It also saves us time!"

Ye Xiao was worried. His face was turning gloomier and gloomier. He said, "Can you just cut the sh*t. Don’t you feel stupid talking so much? Are you going to defeat me by talking? Kill me with words? You have a sharp tongue yet it can’t kill!"

Du Qingpeng’s face turned cold. He said, "I think you are the one who has a sharp tongue here! Go get him!"

Yu Xiangdong, the man beside him who was level eight of Spirit Origin Stage, suddenly jumped up. He rolled in the sky, and it looked like the stars were shining in the sky in the day time.

Stars shined in everybody’s sight!

His black robe was like dark clouds from the sky, getting down over to Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao felt the huge difference between Sky Origin Stage and Spirit Origin Stage right away when he made that move. That was a huge gap!

At the moment, the suppression on him felt like solid.

In the sky, a sword showed here and there like ghost among the shining stars. It suddenly disappeared in the stars and then chopped down to Ye Xiao’s head.

Ye Xiao felt that the enemy was aiming at his mouth.

It seemed Du Qingpeng was pissed by what Ye Xiao said, so he told his man to get Ye Xiao, but in fact it was to get his tongue! Yu Xiangdong totally got it.

He was aiming to cut Ye Xiao’s tongue.

Ye Xiao was level nine of Sky Origin Stage. While Bing-Er was cultivating, Ye Xiao was also improving himself. Now, he was in the middle of level nine. As long as he wanted, he could make the last break of Sky Origin Stage any time he wanted within a few days. He could get beyond the limitation of this world and reach Spirit Origin Stage.

However, the opponent was in level eight of Spirit Origin Stage. That was nearly ten levels gap there!

If he got directly hit by the attack, he would die for sure!

He didn’t dare to hesitate, so he stepped back a few steps. Suddenly, he clapped his hands and the golden hand was shown!

One of the Sky Origin Stage cultivator from Sunlight Sect shouted, "Watch out his poison!"

It happened so fast. Ye Xiao had made over a dozen palm strikes ahead. Yu Xiangdong was moving fast in the sky, however, Ye Xiao was also fast. When he made one step back, he made two palm strikes ahead. The two strikes were not to defend the opponent. He was hitting the place where Yu Xiangdong wasn’t able to dodge. He struck in the perfect moment and in the perfect position. If he wasn’t so much weaker than Yu Xiangdong, he could have even killed Yu Xiangdong!

Yu Xiangdong realized it, so he didn’t dare to rush forward any faster.