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Chapter 661: Tough Fight

Chapter 661: Tough Fight

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Yu Xiangdong didn’t get what he aimed for. Instead, he was restrained by Ye Xiao. He was furious and he shouted. He desperately pushed down on Ye Xiao and took two palm strikes from him firmly. He just wanted to get Ye Xiao down as soon as he could!

Ye Xiao was only level nine of Sky Origin Stage. That was nearly ten levels lower than Yu Xiangdong.

For Yu Xiangdong, he thought a few palm strikes wouldn’t hurt that much, even though it was some strange palm hit. At the moment he was hit, he was close enough to get Feng Zhiling.

Yu Xiangdong got over fast and yet he revealed loopholes of himself. The stars shined even brightly around him!

Ye Xiao half closed his eyes and reached for the chest of his opponent with the golden hand. As he was so close to touching the latter’s chest, he moved his wrist and a needle shot out like lightning from his palm.

"Bastard!" Yu Xiangdong noticed it and he shouted. He rolled in the air quickly and span himself like a fried dough twist. He actually successfully dodged the shooting needle. He was totally furious about it.

That needle nearly shot into his heart and went through him!

He escaped that fatal needle attack, but still felt weirdly cold on the chest.

Suddenly, the feeling spread fast on the chest. Yu Xiangdong shouted and then made an axe strike with his palm. He directly chopped off the skin and flesh around the place that was touched by the needle!

Blood splashed. He threw away that piece of flesh, and dark smoke came out from it. After a while, the piece of flesh became a mass of dark smoke!

Yu Xiangdong looked down to check on the wound. He had cut off the affected flesh right away, so it wouldn’t cause any further damage to his body.

However, it still felt bad on the wounded area.

Nobody had thought that Yu Xiangdong’s test attack would lead to such a result. It was lucky for him to react fast. If not, he must have turned to a mass of smoke like that piece of flesh!

All the others were shocked by the series of movements!

The man who was equally powerful as Yu Xiangdong was so terrified that his face turned pale.

[This man should be no stronger than level nine of Sky Origin Stage. He is not powerful. He is like an ant in for us. He is nothing.]

[However, the way he uses poison is excellent! That is difficult to defend indeed!]

[The poison is marvelous too. I thought his poison should be only effective on people under Sky Origin Stage. However, it still is overwhelming on Spirit Origin Stage cultivators. That was such a terrifying scene!]

Yu Xiangdong didn’t dare to hesitate. He put some medical powder on his chest and swallowed three dan beads and anti-poison medicines… Even though he knew the poison didn’t get in his body, he decided to be cautious about it. What happened to that piece of flesh was… terrifying after all!

While he was busy taking care of the wound, something happened again. Suddenly. a stream of golden light flashed. A figure showed in his sight and suddenly got close to him.

When he looked up, he saw Ye Xiao making palm attacks like a rainstorm. They smashed on him like an axe! That was powerful and fierce, leaving no time for Yu Xiangdong to even breath!

The medical powder on the wound was actually flicked away by the palm hits.

In other words, all that Yu Xiangdong did was totally for nothing!

"That is going too far!" He was totally furious. He didn’t dodge anymore. Instead, he defended against the attacks and pushed out a palm strike! That was extremely powerful and hard!

The two palm hits crashed!

- Boom! -

Ye Xiao was hit away, backing off. He spat out blood. Even though he was more than one hundred times experienced than Yu Xiangdong, the latter was over ten times stronger than him in power!

Ten times meant absolute difference!

The tough hit made Ye Xiao look fierce and overwhelming, but because of the huge gap, he was blasted inside his body!

Although Yu Xiangdong defended hurriedly, he didn’t really get hurt that much. He rushed over to Ye Xiao and made another palm hit again!

[You wouldn’t let me rest. Fine. You think I will let you?]

He was not just getting to Ye Xiao now. He was killing him!

He had never thought that he would be suppressed so awkwardly in this low realm.

Yu Xiangdong was like a dark shadow that suddenly flashed to the upper sky, along with the lights of the stars. A palm strike was dropping down murderously!

[You pushed me, then I will push you!]

Ye Xiao’s eyes were filled with obstinateness. He didn’t try to get away. Instead, he made a palm hit upward.

Two hands were getting closer rapidly!

The others were all gloating already.

There was a huge gap between the two of them. This palm hit would prove it!

This time, Yu Xiangdong made the attack with his full power. Once the two hands touched, the mission was done for the guys!

[This Feng Monarch is a supreme master martial artist already in Land of Han-Yang!]

[He could be invincible here!]

[However, for people in Qing-Yun Realm, he is too weak!]

Yu Xiangdong and Feng Zhiling made a tough hit hand to hand. The only result was Feng Zhiling’s death!

However, Feng Monarch suddenly shouted loudly and the golden light shined even brighter. The golden light filled everybody’s sight and suddenly, they couldn’t find his hand!

Apparently, he was making a palm hit with full power for his life.

The others only shook their heads.

[No matter how you try… No matter how desperate you are to make it with full power… it won’t work! Do you think a stream can crash the ocean?]

[One hit and it is done. Life and death hit. After this, there will be no other possible result! Yu Xiangdong win and Feng Zhiling dies!]

- Bang! -

The two hands crashed!

However, what happened was out of everybody’s expectation…