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Chapter 662: Reverse Knock of Golden Soul Blast

Chapter 662: Reverse Knock of Golden Soul Blast

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
Feng Zhiling wasn’t defeated by this tough hit. He wasn’t even knocked back. He didn’t die and he didn’t back off either. Instead, he rushed forward with a much stronger vigor!

And then a sound of cracking was reverberated. Yu Xiangdong made a horrible exclaimation as he was actually hit by Feng Zhiling and his entire arm was broken into pieces. The power went over to his shoulder and even his chest!

That was a smooth process. Feng Zhiling didn’t slow down even a bit!

After this hit, Yu Xiangdong fell to the floor like a pile of mug. He was screaming!

At the same time, blood came out from his mouth, nose, ears and eyes. He was apparently dead!

It was ended by one strike, but not as expected. Yu Xiangdong died while Feng Zhiling won!

The others were all astonished by such a surprising outcome! Their eyeballs nearly popped out because of the astonishment!

[What… What the hell is going on?]

It was obvious that one was strong while other other was weak. Feng Zhiling was so much weaker than Yu Xiangdong. He was like the earth and Yu Xiangdong was the sky! The first palm hit proved everything! How come this time Yu Xiangdong died?

It didn’t make sense!

In fact, things happened for reasons. Ye Xiao won the fight, then there must be reason for it. As for the reason…

When Ye Xiao made the palm strike, he took out Brother Egg and put it in the hand. Brother Egg made the strike… so… basically, Yu Xiangdong was attacking Brother Egg with his full power. Brother Egg had killed Gu Jinlong, who was level three of Dao Origin Stage! Yu Xiangdong was soft like a cake in front of Brother Egg, so of course, he was defeated! Of course, he was dead!

That was hitting a rock with an egg… Well… it was the egg not the rock though… Anyways, you know what it mean!

After Yu Xiangdong had hit the egg, the golden light was still shining. Ye Xiao took away Brother Egg, and he was totally unharmed. It was clear and clean. For the others, it was Feng Zhiling defeating a level eight Spirit Origin Stage cultivator by one hit!

That was obvious!

Ye Xiao wiped the blood on his mouth and blandly said, "Spirit Origin Stage, huh? Just like that! Who else?"

Du Qingpeng shrank his gaze and stared at Ye Xiao. He blandly spoke, "Your cultivation level… Your power… You can’t be this strong! There seems to be something in your hand just now… What is it? Weapons? Magic treasure?"

Suddenly, he shouted, "Show it!"

His eyes lit up as he stared at Ye Xiao. Suddenly, a mass of enormous starlight shined on his body. The light suddenly covered Ye Xiao’s entire body!

It happened so fast that Ye Xiao didn’t have time to react. He couldn’t move.

A strong spiritual mind was searching on his body, but it got nothing. Du Qingpeng stared at the ring on the finger of the hand that was injured. He moved ahead and swayed his hand with splendid shining starlights. The light turned into the shape of a knife, chopping down on Ye Xiao’s right hand!

The Starlight Blade!

All the others recognized it.

[Feng Zhiling is not powerful himself. However, he killed Yu Xiangdong, who was much stronger than him. He must have a special treasure. That treasure allows him to kill somebody who is much stronger than him. How powerful is that thing?]

Du Qingpeng thought about this before others did. He didn’t think much. He just moved. The others all felt upset about it.

They didn’t upset because of Yu Xiangdong’s death. They didn’t care about it at all!

They had the same thought at the moment. [No! The precious treasure is going to belong to Du Qingpeng now. God damn it. I should have taken a move before him.]

They were regretting.

All people in Qing-Yun Realm had the same kind of thoughts. It was a world only stronger men survived. The death of the weak meant nothing. Strength meant all. They wouldn’t give up anything that could make them stronger!

Some of them even started to make vicious plans like killing Du Qingpeng when they were heading back and snatching the treasure.

Starlight Blade was stricken down with incredible colors.

Ye Xiao couldn’t move under the restraint, however, his spiritual mind was free.

Suddenly, a stream of golden light appeared!

- Bang! - The golden light shot over to the Starlight Blade in an incredible speed.

Du Qingpeng was shocked as the Starlight Blade exploded. Du Qingpeng humphed, but then he spat out blood. He was staggering, backing off over a dozen steps. He couldn’t hold it. He sat on the floor with his face extremely pale.

He was seriously wounded within just seconds!

Ye Xiao seemed fine. There was a small golden tower in his hand.

The small tower was the size as his hand. It was somehow adorable.

At the moment, it was emitting yellow glow, spinning in Ye Xiao’s hand.

Apparently, that small tower was the thing that defended against Du Qingpeng’s overwhelming attack and knocked him bad seriously!

What kind of treasure was it that was so strong that even Du Qingpeng was seriously wounded?

The others were all frightened!

Du Qingpeng was not the strongest among them, but he was definitely the second or the third. If he was defeated within one strike, the others should feel scared by now!

They felt lucky now. If any of them instead of Du Qingpeng made that attack, they might be dead by now!

If Ye Xiao wasn’t in a bad condition now, the others would have fled away a while earlier!

Unexpected things happened one by one. Yu Xiangdong was dead and Du Qingpeng was badly injured. However, Ye Xiao paid what it took. He wasn’t in a good condition now. While Du Qingpeng sat on the floor, Ye Xiao spat out blood again. His sight even felt blurry.

Du Qingpeng was much stronger than Yu Xiangdong. He was in Dream Origin Stage! That was several times stronger. He should be dozens of times stronger than Ye Xiao!

The reason why Du Qingpeng was injured so badly was mainly because of the Golden Soul Tower, not really Ye Xiao himself.

The Golden Soul Tower wasn’t that important for Master Bai and Lord Ling. It was simply a good treasure. For people in the Qing-Yun Realm, it was something extremely valuable after all. Ye Xiao operated it with his spiritual mind. It suddenly moved and broke the Starlight Blade and damaged Du Qingpeng.