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Chapter 665: Demon Showed Up!

Chapter 665: Demon Showed Up!

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
There were many other faces flashing over in Ye Xiao’s sight. Ye Xiao was lost in chaotic confusion. He murmured, "Sorry… I thought I could…"

- Bang! -

He fell on the floor.

He could have left.

Ye Xiao knew he could have escaped, but he couldn’t now!

Bing-Er was still there!

If he left, Bing-Er would be in trouble.

[I would rather die. I am not leaving. I won’t know anything if I am dead, but if I leave alive, I know the pain. I would rather die!]

That was a man’s sense of responsibility!

"Dead?" Du Qingpeng shouted weirdly and stepped forward. He searched on the floor for the tower but found nothing. "Where is the small tower? It disappeared? Could it be… That it is an ultimate treasure that will bond to his body?"

As he was talking, he took out a sword. "I don’t care. Let me cut this bastard into pieces and it will be found!"

The sword flashed. It chopped down. He was going to chop Ye Xiao into pieces!

At this moment, a mass of extreme cold qi burst from inside the cave!

Suddenly, the entire world was fell into ultimate coldness!

Everybody felt like frozen…

Du Qingpeng was holding the sword. It stopped in the air, and he couldn’t move it anymore. The sword wouldn’t go down anymore. It was fixed in the air!

His eyes were suddenly filled with fear.

[Who is that?]

[How is it possible to be so powerful…]

[This extreme coldness. I have never felt such thing even in Qing-Yun Realm…]

A scream sounded and shocked the sky. A clear voice exclaimed with complex emotions, ‘"Ye Xiao! I am going to cut you into pieces!"

The voice rushed up to the sky and shook the mountain!

That shout was actually so overwhelming. How powerful should the person be?

- puff! -

Suddenly, the mountain was shaking again. - Boom! - A round hole appeared on top of the mountain, connecting the inside of the mountain!

The rocks around the hole were all turned into ashes and flew away in the wind.

A flash of white color appeared and stopped on the top of the mountain.

The white figure looked around and then suddenly appeared in front of Du Qingpeng!

It was a woman!

A gorgeous woman who was unbelievably and indescribable beautiful.

She was wearing white clothes, long hair, perfect shaped body, like a fairy descending from heavens.

However, she was surrounded with murderous qi at the moment!

The enormous murderous qi seemed to destroy the entire world.

Influenced by such murderous qi, even though Du Qingpeng and his men were well cultivated, they were trembling. They couldn’t even look directly at the woman’s face…

They could feel it. This woman was so powerful that they didn’t even have a chance to try defending against her!

She moved her feet but then suddenly stopped.

Du Qingpeng made up his mind and looked at her.

She had her back facing him, checking on Feng Zhiling on the floor, who was in a coma. Her beautiful body was quivering a little bit.

Even though she only showed her back on Du Qingpeng, he could feel that she was lost and hesitating…

"Is he… dead?" The woman in white quivered. She stared at Feng Zhiling and coldly spoke.

Nobody dared to answer.

She slightly bended to touch Ye Xiao’s chest with her pale hand which was beautiful like jade. Her eyes lit up. [Still breathing…] And then her face turned dark. She gritted with her teeth and fiercely said, "You want to die? Not so easy!"

"You will die in my hands!"

Suddenly, a powerful energy flow appeared. It was spreading in the area. She was actually healing Feng Zhiling!

The seven men obviously felt it.

[She doesn’t seem so tough like she acts…]

[She was confused just now. That was weird…]

[She kept showing her back on us and didn’t even want to turn around.]

[How arrogant!]

[She just started to cure Feng Monarch in the middle of our surrounding?]

[Even though she is rather powerful, isn’t this too arrogant?]

Du Qingpeng’s eyes suddenly turned fierce. He made a hint with a gesture.

The others nodded. They got it.

[This woman is unbelievably strong. We are not her match…]

[However, she is in a daze… She talks like she hates Feng Monarch deeply, but confusingly… she cares about the wounds on Feng Monarch!]

[She even started to cure him, despite of the current situation!]

[Now the situation has changed again!]

[This may be our only chance now!]

[Now when she is focusing on curing that guy, and she is confused, lost, blank…]

[Maybe heavens bless us. We make a joint attack now. Feng Zhiling will die and even this powerful strange woman will die too!]


Du Qingpeng’s sword suddenly emitted lights of stars, swaying over to the woman in white!

At the same time, the other six all made their strongest strike with their swords or knives!

Seven of them struck together to attack this woman who was lost in confusion…

The woman kept his hand on Feng Zhiling’s chest. Her spiritual power kept floating out, long and soft. She seemed totally indifferent to the attack of the seven men. She didn’t even seem like defending against them!

The seven men were so happy!

- Shoot! -

Seven top quality weapons hit on the woman’s perfect body firmly!

However, she didn’t die. Feng Zhiling didn’t die. They didn’t get cut into pieces as they wished…



The hands of the seven guys were broken at the same time. They were blasted so badly that they flew out fast, exclaiming with blood spraying out their mouths, eyes, noses and ears!

The woman didn’t do anything to defend against them. She just kept the spiritual qi running around her body. It actually stopped the attack from the seven guys and at the same time blasted them out!

It didn’t interrupt her from healing Feng Zhiling at all. She was still pouring the spiritual power out softly!

The seven guys felt extremely terrified!

[What level is she?]

[That is even stronger than any great figures we have seen in Qing-Yun Realm!]