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Chapter 666: Bing-Er? Xuan Bing?

Chapter 666: Bing-Er? Xuan Bing?

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The woman in white finally stopped healing Feng Zhiling. She stood straight up and turned slowly around.

Her gorgeous and exquisite face showed up in front of the men again. However, on her face was a mix of complex expressions.

She couldn’t control it herself.

When she looked at the men, her pretty face was full of murderous intent.

"You hurt him, huh?" she blandly asked.

Before they answered, she nodded and said, "Hmm. You can go to hell then!"

At this moment, it seemed she had condemned them for their crime. She sentenced them to death!

Her eyes suddenly emitted extremely cold murderous qi. She raised up her right hand and withdrew it while shouting at Du Qingpeng, "Get over here!"

Du Qingpeng couldn’t control his own body. It flew over to her from over two hundred meters away. He was terrified! He couldn’t move!

He couldn’t fly that far even if he wanted. However, the woman just dragged him over from such a distance. No matter how hard he tried to resist it, he flew over to her fast.

How powerful was that?

The others were all frightened!

"People from Saint Sunlight Sect and Saint Starlight Sect…" She frowned and then smacked him on the face.

A horrible scene was shown.

Du Qingpeng’s head was slapped off his neck and flew out. It "accidentally" hit another man’s head, and crashed that man’s head into pieces…

That was not the end. Du Qingpeng’s flying head didn’t stop yet. It kept shooting on the other men’s heads, until all the heads were smashed. The head eventually flew away.

The four Sky Origin Stage folks who had been watching this were scared sh*tless. They were now running the hell out of this place!

That was so horrible!

That woman was exactly like a demon…

While they were running away, a sound of wind sounded behind them. It was Du Qingpeng’s head chasing after them after crashing six heads. No matter how the four of them tried, it kept aiming at their heads! They couldn’t dodge it!

The head finally finished its job, smashing ten heads, and then it became ashes!

Eleven men died in such strange and horrible way!

The woman just smacked the a head! That was all!

Ye Xiao was still in coma.

The woman was curing him, but she didn’t let him wake up.

"It is your honor to die under my attack…"

After she made sure those men were all dead, she turned around and focused on the man on the floor.

She was having a complex feeling right now.

A mass of murderous qi rose from her but then disappeared, and then rose again…

"You goddamn master!" She gritted with her teeth while staring at Ye Xiao fiercely, with cold lights shining in her eyes.

She slapped on Ye Xiao’s chest and shouted, "This is even uglier!"

- Puff! -

Ye Xiao actually regained his original appearance instead of Feng Zhiling due to that slap!

That slap actually removed the disguise of Ye Xiao, who was in a coma at the moment! Everything was turned back to the real position!

Ye Xiao was lying on the floor silently.

His pretty face looked pale and weak.

His chest rose and fall. He was breathing steadily, but he just didn’t wake up.

The woman stared at his face, and the expression on her face was changing again and again.

Hate, anger, confusion…

There was also a sense of… affection.

"Master…" she murmured, but she didn’t seem to notice what she herself was speaking.

And then she shouted, "Bastard!"

She looked furious!

That was loud enough to shock the firmament!

It had been cloudy but the clouds were all gone after that shout!

This woman in white was surely Bing-Er.

Hmm. Maybe she wasn’t Bing-Er anymore.

Her memory was back. She was now the Prime Elder in Misty Cloud Place, the Demonic Lady in Qing-Yun Realm, the second most powerful cultivator in Qing-Yun Realm!

Xuan Bing!

When the fight just began on the mountain, Bing-Er sensed it in the cave. She knew that her master was in great danger…

Before that, her memory had hit her many times. If she would like to, she could have become Xuan Bing long ago.

She had been resisting the memory, because she didn’t want Xuan Bing to wake up.

Deep inside her heart, she wanted to be Bing-Er.

Once Xuan Bing was back, she would never stay with Ye Xiao!

If she could choose, she would choose to forget everything about Xuan Bing forever. However, as the power inside her was recovering, no matter what she wanted, she would wake up as Xuan Bing sooner or later!

In fact, Bing-Er had used the power of Xuan Bing long ago without noticing. If not so, how could she freeze Boundless Saint and strike his soul with just one gaze. That was the power of Xuan Bing!

She had to force herself to wake up…

Because that was the only way to save Ye Xiao from the danger with her peerless strength.

However, Bing-Er would no longer exist when the memory was back…

[I don’t want to…]

[I don’t want to leave Master…]

[But if I don’t go… Master will die…]

[I would rather let myself vanish to save his life!]

That was how Xuan Bing’s memory was back.

However, the memory of Xuan Bing and the memory of Bing-Er merged together. It happened on this body, so it couldn’t be wiped out!

This moment, she was staring at Ye Xiao, who was lying in front of her. In her eyes, there was more and more only complex feelings.

There were still two different personalities deep in her consciousness. They were fighting each other, but also merging with each other...

At one moment, her eyes would be full of affection, but in another, it would be filled with killing intent. It just changed again and again…

- Puff! -

Xuan Bing raised her hand and a mass of cold and dark light appeared in her hand. She looked fierce and vicious. "You ruined my innocence! You deserve to die!"

The hand was like thunder striking, emitting electric lights, slapping down to Ye Xiao’s head.