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Chapter 667: Freak Out!

Chapter 667: Freak Out!

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However, when her hand was so close to hit on Ye Xiao’s forehead, she stopped.

It just created a strong wind that brushed against the hair of Ye Xiao. However, the hand just stopped right there. It didn’t move a bit any further.

"I can’t kill him…"

"Why not?"

"I just can’t…"

She thought about killing this man, and an extreme pain hit her heart.

That pain made her feel speechless. She shouted to the sky again.

"Do not interfere me…"

"I didn’t. I am you. It is you interfering yourself. It is your heart…"

The complicated mind status made this ultimate master cultivator feel like in a nightmare from which she couldn’t wake up…

She finally remembered, but then she was lost in it. [What happened to me?]

[I have tried so hard to keep myself a virgin. This man took it from me.]

[In Qing-Yun Realm, I am the peak! But this man actually ended my virginity, this man who’s weak like an ant.]

[How can I not hate him… but should I?]

[I… It seems… I was the one who went to his room… I went to his room and I… did that thing to him myself…]

Well, it was much more precise that she took his virginity than he took hers!

Before Ye Xiao had sex with her, he was a virgin too. Truly, it was not easy to say who took whose virginity!

That made her feel speechless!

Xuan Bing looked at the pretty face of Ye Xiao and thought of the fight he had just been through!

He had the capability to flee away.

If he did leave, this would not be so vexatious for her!

However, he kept fighting so hard just to keep her from being interrupted or attacked.

When he was hiding behind the shield of the Golden Soul Tower, he stepped out just because those men said they were going down to get her. He knew he would die if he stepped out!

Xuan Bing was great in martial art, however, she didn’t know everything that happened up there. If only she knew Ye Xiao had planned to explode Golden Soul Tower and die with the enemies, and that he even was so close to finish the trigger...

If he succeeded, she would never be able to see him alive again!

If that had happened, no matter how tough she was, facing Ye Xiao’s death, what would she think? She wasn’t capable enough to bring a man back from death!

"I don’t care what would happen after I die. I can’t! That is after I die! As long as I am still alive, that is my responsibility!"

That was what Ye Xiao had said.

Now he truly gave up on his life to prove it. [I will protect my woman until I die!]

[That is my responsibility!]

Xuan Bing was looking at Ye Xiao. She didn’t know what was the feeling in her heart.

The man seemed to have taken her virginity away, but he was also the one who loved her so much. She didn’t know whether she should hate him or love him!

The only thing she was sure was that the murderous qi was fading away bit by bit…

[Do I love him more than I hate him? How… How is that possible? I have been living as Xuan Bing for so many years, yet that was only a few months life!]

[Why… Why can’t I just kill him? I can’t even make up my mind!]

She turned around stared at the sky. Her eyes were filled with confusion.

[What should I do?]

[Why me? Why would it happen to me?]


[Why would I lose my memory?]

She tried to operate the spiritual power in her body and then she bitterly smiled. She was not only recovered but also improved a lot. How was it possible to improve that much within just a few months? Simple reason. The divine punishment wound on her was completely removed from her body.

It was Ye Xiao who cured her from the hopeless damage…

"You should leave it be…" She bitterly smiled and made a long sigh.

[If I wasn’t cured, when the divine punishment attacked, I would die for sure. I should have died for a long time now!]

[Even death is better than this dilemma…]

She deeply lowered her head. She didn’t know what to think of or what she should do…

This was like a joke to her.

She was a conqueror in Qing-Yun Realm, however, in this low realm, she actually became a maid of such an ant…

And she was happy!

She was so happy that she… went to the man’s bed!

And then… she became his concubine…

His concubine!

She enjoyed it. She got on his bed to warm it for him… And she took it as a blessing…

She waited so eagerly to be his concubine…



The word showed up in her mind and she freaked out…

[I, Xuan Bing, the Prime Elder in Misty Cloud Place, I should almost be the No. 1 Cultivator in Qing-Yun Realm since my wound was removed!]

[Why the hell would I want to be this man’s concubine?]

[And I felt happy and flattered for it…]

[Isn’t this a joke that nobody would believe!?]

[Isn’t it a completely unjustified thing…]

She covered her face with two hands. She felt extremely ashamed, like there were countless alpacas running over and over in her mind.

If that was known by all the others, she would rather kill herself than endure the shame…

That was so shameful!

‘Concubine… Heavens! Prime Elder Xuan Bing became somebody’s concubine? No joking?’

‘Xuan Bing? Which Xuan Bing? Why isn’t she your concubine?’

‘Pah! You ignorant prick. Is there any other Xuan Bing in Qing-yun Realm? Anybody who dares to use that name?’

‘Was! Xuan Bing? Xuan Bing of Misty Cloud Palace? Prime Elder?’

‘Yes! Didn’t I make it clear enough?’

‘My god! Who is it? Heavens. What a capable man! Xuan Bing is his concubine?’

‘Hey, listen. This man is extraordinary…’

‘How extraordinary?’

‘You know where he is from?’


‘Land of Han-Yang! You know it?’

‘Land of Han-Yang? I really don’t. Forgive my ignorance!’

‘That’s alright. It is normal. You know Human Realm Upon Heavens right?’

‘Yes I do! Land of Han-Yang is beyond Human Realm Upon Heavens? Well then…’

‘Noooo! Land of Han-Yang is below Qing-Yun Realm. It is the lowest realm…’

‘Oh no!’

‘That man who made Prime Elder Xuan Bing his concubine is brilliant!’

‘How come?’

‘He is on top of Sky Origin Stage! He is almost breaking through the limit! Isn’t it cool?’

‘Ah? A man like that? Xuan Bing is his concubine?’

‘Weird things are everywhere. You wouldn’t know, but that Xuan Bing got on his bed herself and forced him to… do that…’

‘No kidding! Are you a novel writer or something? That is too xuanhuan!’

‘It’s true! It’s totally true. When I heard this, I was so thrilled that I nearly spat out blood!’

‘I… I am going to… throw up blood too… urhhh…’