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Chapter 668: I Am Off!

Chapter 668: I Am Off!

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I Am Off!

Xuan Bing knew that if it spread out, things would end up the nasty! For sure!

If her rival Xue Danru knew about it, what would happen? She couldn’t help thinking about it!

‘Oy, oy, oy. What a shameless, filthy, dirty, indelicate sl*t!’

‘I still remember the day when you showed me your virginity mark. Where is it now? Where is your virginity? Pah!’

‘Are you going to say you did not force the young lad? Truth is convincing! How can you deny it? You are totally shameless if you dare to deny! I really have to admire you! I admire you!’

Thinking about words like that, thinking about how awkward it was to face her rival Xue Danru, she covered her forehead and didn’t know what to do. She was freaking out. She almost wanted to kill herself…

"You are just my destined plague…"

She looked at Ye Xiao on the floor and made a long sigh.

The killing intent in her heart had long vanished.

The next moment, she looked around and saw those headless bodies…

The raging murderous qi was rising up again!

This time, it was not against Ye Xiao! She didn’t resist it anymore!

"Bastards! Two great sects huh? Two great factions huh?"

Murderous qi was coming out from her eyes. "How dare… how dare you… how dare you come interrupt my cultivation…" She tried to find a reason to vent the murderous qi.

"You goddamn pricks! You deserved to die!"

She stoop up all of a sudden, preparing to rush up to Qing-Yun Realm to kill the men in the two factions in Qing-Yun Realm…

However, she thought of something, so she stopped.

She turned around then looked at Ye Xiao.

Finally, she sat down, put her hand on his chest, then poured the pure spiritual energy into him…

When he was almost recovered, she tapped on Ye Xiao’s forehead with her finger.

"Forget it. I don’t want you to see me…"

Her face blushed. She watched his pretty face and said, "I… I am leaving. I am leaving for real this time…"

She walked away a few steps but then came back looking at him like she was never going to see him again.

Again and again, she finally couldn’t stop herself from lowering her head to kiss on Ye Xiao’s lips lightly.

Her pretty face suddenly turned red like flame. She looked around like a thief, making sure nobody saw this, and then felt relieved.

Her slim finger was touching him. She checked on the dan beads Ye Xiao gave her in the space ring…

The memory was refreshed in her mind. She thought of the moment when he put the dan beads into the bottle. He was so caring…

[Master, Bing-Er is leaving…]

[Pah! What Bing-Er… Hmm. My name is Xuan Bing after all. Just keep it Bing-Er then!]

[Anyway… You will never see me again in the future, I guess?]

After a while, a stream of white color rushed up to the sky like lightning ripping the sky. It flashed and then disappeared…

After a while, Ye Xiao woke up.

The moment when he opened his eyes, he felt something different. Hmm. Something very different…

[Wasn’t I seriously damaged? Wasn’t I dying?]


[My body is… energetic! Perfect! This must be my prime condition…]

He was lost in thoughts. He jumped up and felt confused.

[What is going on… Should I be surrounded…]


[I was fighting!]

[Where are the enemies?]

He looked around and found it empty around the mountain. He felt like it was a dream.

[Why isn’t there any people?]

[What is this?]

[Where is everybody?]

[They are invincible in this world. How could they just disappear?]

It was silence around him. There seemed to be nothing going on. [Hmm… There. Something is missing?]

He noticed something strange. He checked on everything again more carefully. Finally, he found that there were some bloodstains on the floor. That proved a big fight happened earlier.

[There was a fight indeed. Somebody tried to wipe the trace. I passed out because of the damage. A super powerful figure showed up and helped me. He killed Du Qingpeng and the others. Who was it that could be so powerful…]

He frowned. Apparently, he was confused. Suddenly, his face changed, "No! How is Bing-Er? That man killed Du Qingpeng and his men, but he might not keep Bing-Er safe… That…]

Thinking about that, he turned around and rushed down the top of the mountain like whirlwind. He rushed into the cave.

It was all normal in the cave. Nothing special.

The Soul Gathering Array was still there running smoothly.

The spiritual stones were there too. Only… Bing-Er was missing.

[Where is Bing-Er? Why is she gone?] He nearly went mad. [Was she kidnapped?]

[Wait… No. If they could take Bing-Er away, they wouldn’t let me go!]

Ye Xiao looked around outside near the cave but found nothing.

He returned to the cave and sat on where Bing-Er should be. He force himself to be sober and think about everything…

No matter how he tried, he couldn’t figure out what had happened…

He had been in coma when things happened. Even if he was awake, he should also be confused about what was going on with Bing-Er.

He sat there with a blank head. He looked forward and then suddenly shrank his gaze!

Suddenly, he rushed forward to the wall of the cave!

There were words on the wall?

‘Memory back… I am off…’

Just a few words. It was scratchy!

It seemed to be written on a capped area. Whoever wrote this must not be satisfied with the first writing, so it was sliced off and rewritten... again and again…

Those words were the final version after lots of times rewriting.

"Memory back? I am off?" Ye Xiao looked at it confusedly. He suddenly blanked out. "What does it mean? What is it?"

[The men are all missing. They are probably dead… Did Bing-Er drive them away? Did she kill them?]

[But… Bing-Er… She is so weak. How is that possible?]