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Chapter 669: Your Life; In My Arms!

Chapter 669: Your Life; In My Arms!

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"I can’t understand. What is going on…" Ye Xiao felt headache. He had never felt headache about something like this in this two lives. He completely lost it, couldn’t think through it, couldn’t figure it out… it was totally incomprehensible!

"I am f*cking going crazy!"

He held his head. "Memory back, you are gone… That is casual. That is cool. Fine. Even if you don’t want to tell who you are, could you just tell me where you are off to? Memory back, fine. Not the key. The key is what is your name? Where do I find you?"

At the same day!

Land of Han-Yang was in chaos!

In the mountain where Sunlight Sect was located.

Suddenly, a solemn voice resounded in the silence, "Sunlight Sect have done unforgivable things. From now on it is rejected in Land of Han-Yang!"

That voice sounded cold and solemn. It sentenced the sin of Sunlight Sect and put all the people in Sunlight Sect to death.

It was overwhelming. It was unquestionable.

After that, clouds gathered beyond the mountain. It appeared as a huge palm and slapped the hell down on the mountain!

That palm covered the entire area of Sunlight Sect!

It was like a mountain hitting on a mosquito! It struck down!

The entire Sunlight Sect was smashed into ashes along with the mountain!

After two hours.

Sunlight Sect suffered the same thing. A solemn voice resounded, "Sunlight Sect… should be gone too…"

A huge palm hit down from the sky heavily!

Two palm hits, that was what the great figure did.

Two great sects were both wiped out thoroughly in the world!

Nearly everybody in the world heard that noise when it was happening!

The two great sects, Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect, which had been in Land of Han-Yang for over ten thousand years, were torn up by one person in one day!

Even the mountains were vanished.

To describe it directly, the mountain where Sunlight Sect used to be in became flat land! There was not even a rock left there! All was smashed into ashes!

Sunlight Sect… Ahem. There was even no land left. It became a lake covering over a thousand miles!

It became a tourist resort, Moon Fall Lake!

Nobody knew how deep the Moon Fall Lake was… The trees around the lake had never changed within hundreds of years!

No matter what season it was, the lake was beautiful as ever. It was beyond the nature’s rule.

Moon Fall Lake and the Boundless Ice Mountain were the two invariable great resorts!

It was at the same temperature all the year around and the trees were always green. Other than that, there was another special scene.

Everyday when the moon rose to the sky, splendid star lights would appear in the lake…

It contrasted with the stars in the sky, creating such an incredible scene.

Stars in the sky, stars on the land, stars in the water…

That was why this lake had another name, Triple Star Lake!

It was said it was efficacious to make a wish in this place…

That was how it spread out and became famous… Naturally, it became a well known resort…

Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect were vanished. For most of the people in the world, it was a shocking news. However, most of them remained unmoved. People in the world were mostly ordinary people after all!

There was one thing some people were curious for though.

Sunlight Sect and Starlight Sect, it was over ten thousand miles between the two places.

However, within half a day, the two of them were ruined!

Were they both destroyed by one person? Or two people did that?

If there were two, each of them should be at least as powerful as Bu Jingtian at his prime time!

That was almost beyond the limitation of this world. It was hard to imagine, but it was imaginable!

What if there was only one person? Then that person was unimaginably powerful!

It was beyond Han-Yang people’s recognition!

When the two steles were found, people finally got the answer.

There was a small stele in where Sunlight Sect used to locate in. Also, there was another in Starlight Sect.

The steles were really small. The markings on them were totally the same.

‘You don’t let me laugh; I will let you cry!’

Those were the markings.

Same words on the steles.

Somebody exterminated two great sects and left two small steles. They were both small and hidden. It was not that easy to find. Whoever did this must not want people to know it.

However, it didn’t make sense. The best way to not be found was to leave nothing. Why would he leave two steles if he didn’t want them to be found. It didn’t make sense.

Somebody started to make a guess. ‘This peerless figure has schizophrenia…’

In fact, no matter how people guessed, there was no conclusion. There was no evidence to support any conjectures. The only thing that was confirmed was that the two sects were vanished within one day by one person!

Many people had the same thought after reading the words. [What a prick. You exterminate them already… Even the mountains are swept… Even if they wanted to cry, they couldn’t…]

Ye Xiao couldn’t accept the truth. He looked around the entire ice mountain again and again, but still couldn’t find Bing-Er. He searched till midnight and then the next morning. He just found nothing.

In the morning breeze, his face was covered by frost. He stood on the mountain, looking at the hole on the top.

That was the only thing left beside the two lines in the cave!

[What does it mean? Bing-Er suddenly became invincible? She jumped up and broke the top of the mountain? She rushed out and killed those men herself?]

[Maybe she did, or maybe she didn’t. It doesn’t matter!]

[What matters is that Bing-Er is gone missing!]

[That is the point!]

After a while, he stopped.

He sighed in grief and said, "In the wind of ice and coldness, I spent the night to be with you for the first time. For half a year we cuddled in warmth; for two hundred days we were in love. Who wants to leave in the morning; we can only keep each other in thoughts every night to come. I would rather break the firmament just to hold you in my arms for the rest of your life!"

That was the story between Ye Xiao and Bing-Er. He turned around and left without hesitation.

It seemed he had totally put Bing-Er down now.

Only those who truly knew Ye Xiao knew that he just kept it deep in the bottom of his heart.

He wouldn’t mention it again.

But it didn’t mean he forgot it!

He disappeared in the mountain for a long time.

Suddenly, something appeared in the air.

A white figure showed up, standing at where Ye Xiao was standing earlier. She was elegant and charming.