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Chapter 670: Who Are You?

Chapter 670: Who Are You?

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She looked at where Ye Xiao disappeared without saying anything. She sighed.

"In the wind of ice and coldness, I spent the night to be with you for the first time… Ah…" The beauty in white looked sa., "Isn’t it the day when I was fighting Xue Danru… I fell to this world… I should have died, but it turns out to be a new beginning of my life!"

"For half a year we cuddled in warmth; for two hundred days we were in love…" She blushed, gritting and murmuring, "You playboy… How could you say such shameless thing…"

"Who wants to leave in the morning; we can only keep each other in thoughts every night to come… Humph. You are grumbling… You actually think that I will miss you too… Humph… I won’t!"

"I would rather break the firmament just to hold you in my arms for the rest of your life… You little prick. Though you are weak, but you have an arbitrary mind! I am underestimating you!" Xuan Bing gritted her teeth with a red face. She stomped on the floor. "What? Do you want me to be your concubine?"

"You actually… want to… hold me in your arms for the rest of my life… Can’t I go somewhere else but only stay in your arms? You evil man! You really talk big… Break the firmament… Humph… So you would like to break the firmament to find me?"

"Humph… I wonder how you can break the firmament! Even if you do want to do it, are you capable enough?"

She humphed and was ready to leave.

However, with no reason, she stopped for a long time, staring at the footprint of Ye Xiao on the floor. She got down and reached her beautiful hand to touch it…

It took her quite a while!

"I should leave!" She made up her mind again. Finally…

Her face turned cold. It was clean like ten thousand years old ice. In her eyes, there was only coldness. She was like an unmelting ice mountain standing between heavens and earth.

- Boom! - A mass of dark fog suddenly rose up and covered her white pretty figure.

As the dark fog disappeared, her clothes became all black. A silk mask appeared on her face.

As her shout sounded, a black figure rushed up to the sky!

This time, she didn’t even look back. When she rushed to the clouds, she paused for a second. And then she turned into a widely spreading dark cloud. The frightening coldness filled the entire world.

Her pretty hands reached out and ripped out a crack in the space.

She rushed in without hesitation!

However, when the crack was sealing, she couldn’t help looking back.

After that, she disappeared in the sky.

[Qing-Yun Realm! I am back!]

She was gone. She left Land of Han-Yang, leaving two drops of crystal tears falling from the sky.

When Ye Xiao got home, Song Jue felt weird. He asked, "Where is Bing-Er? Why is she not with you? You two are in honey pot lately. It is strange that only you show up!"

Ye Xiao blandly smiled. "Bing-Er’s memory was back. She left… I will go find her when I go to Qing-Yun Realm. We have a long life to be together. It is unnecessary to rush."

Song Jue slapped on his own leg and said, "I knew it! Bing-Er! Such a pretty girl! Ordinary family can never raise a girl like her! Tell me. Which family is she from?"

He was so curious.

Ye Xiao laughed. "Uncle Song, Bing-Er asked me not to tell you. You have a big mouth!"

Then he got in his own place and shut the door behind.

Song Jue was shocked. He watched Ye Xiao enter the room. After a while, he was enlightened and said, "You little prick… You keep it a secret from me? I have a big mouth? Look at your face. You act like you have found a treasure. Of course. I knew it. She must be a lady from some noble family. You are lucky! Humph! Fine. Don’t tell me. I don’t care…"

Then he left with his hands on the back.

However, he was worrying. [I hope… Bing-Er’s family… is not of some powerful clan! I don’t want to see Ye Xiao being a fool like his dad…]

However, he didn’t know Ye Xiao had his back on the door with his eyes closed.

His mind was in a mess. Although he was living a second life now, he still couldn’t get through this peacefully.

There was still the smell of Bing-Er in the room. However, she was gone…

Ye Xiao took in a deep breath and then made a long sigh.

Bing-Er was gone. He decided not to let Uncle Song worry with him. He would bear the sorrow and concerns himself…

He knew Uncle Song liked the little girl. Bing-Er was like a daughter to him. Otherwise, why would he care about her so much. He even lowered himself to be her practice target. Maybe he did it for Ye Xiao, but he also liked Bing-Er!

Ye Xiao stayed on the door for a long time, until he completely calmed down.

However, his eyes were closed. He was lost in thoughts. He was going through every detail of what had happened. He wouldn’t want to leg go of any possible trace.

[I was surrounded… And then I was knocked out… They came to kill me for the first place. Since I was in a coma, they should kill me immediately. But I am still alive…]

[That means… Maybe Bing-Er’s memory, along with her overwhelming power, were back to her at that exact moment? So… She came out and kicked them all off… or maybe killed them all…]

[If it wasn’t Bing-Er, no matter who else did it, I would have felt something left there. I couldn’t see, but I could sense it. I couldn’t only feel Bing-Er other than the twelve men. That was familiar, powerful and strong. It was exactly how Bing-Er should be.]

[The words on the wall… That was so smooth. I am sure it was Bing-Er.]

[But why didn’t she stay? Her memory was back, so what? She could drive away or kill all those men. She must be powerful. Those were not the reasons for her to leave!]

[If it wasn’t the recovery of memory and strength made her leave, there is only one possibility. She has a special background. Is she a significant figure?]

[When she remembered everything about herself… she couldn’t face me anymore?]

[So she had to leave?]

[So she didn’t wait till I woke up…]

[Then… Who is Bing-Er? It is marvelous that she could put Du Qingpeng and the others down by herself. However, that was to judge with the standard of Land of Han-Yang. In Qing-Yun Realm, it shouldn’t be anything special. It just doesn’t prove anything…]

He frowned as pain overwhelmed him.