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Chapter 671: Is It Still Necessary to Ask Who?

Chapter 671: Is It Still Necessary to Ask Who?

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[But… No matter who she is… No matter what she is… I am sure, she must be… in Qing-Yun Realm!] Ye Xiao took a deep breath. He looked decisive. [That’s enough. I don’t care who you are, where you are. I will find you!]

[When I find you, the first thing I will do is to spank you! Humph…]

He made up his mind, and so he smiled, "As my concubine, where do you think you can go? That was turning the heavens over…"

At that night.

There were three breaking news that arrived at Chen-Xing City.

First… Ye Nantian conquered the north and killed into the grassland. Thirteen groups of his army wiped out thirteen tribes in the grassland. Wherever they went, all living things were swept! Not even grasses could survive!

There was no more Grassland Wolves in the hundreds of thousand miles of northern grassland!

Billions of the grassland folks died because of that!

When it came to the city, it shocked the city!

The entire Land of Han-Yang was shaken by the might and ruthlessness of General Ye!

Second… Not a good news. The king of Kingdom of Lan-Feng, Wenren Jianyin, crashed the west line of Kingdom of Chen. Six hundred thousand soldiers of Kingdom of Chen retreated thousand miles back. Wu Gonglie, the Commander in the west, died fighting for the kingdom. Wenren Jianyin led millions of his men and marched into the central region.

Wherever he went, mountains and rivers turned into ruins!

Zhan Qianshan from Kingdom of Tian-Yu boosted his attack, keeping Prince Hua-Yang Su Dingguo’s army restrained. He couldn’t go help the west.

Kingdom of Chen was falling in shock!

The third… was also shocking. It was not only for the Kingdom of Chen. It shocked the world, especially people in martial world. It was astonishing. The two most powerful sects in the Land of Han-Yang were thoroughly wiped out within one day! Even the mountains were slammed!

Hundreds of thousands of the disciples in the sects were dead!

Everything was in ashes!

The first two news shocked the kingdoms in the world. The last one astonished the martial world the most.

Everybody knew that the two great sects were enemies to Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall. Now, they were wiped out!

And… they were wiped out just after Master Bai of the House of the Chaotic Storm left!

They remembered what Master Bai had said before he left. That was a sign. People couldn’t help having the same thought. [When Master Bai was here, forces in the world were in a balance. Because he is powerful enough, Feng Monarch didn’t do what he wanted. That was why the two sects could stay this long.]

[However, Master Bai is gone. Feng Monarch has nothing to fear. He just struck out and destroyed the two strongest sects in the world at once!]

[To think deeper… Nobody has seen Feng Monarch in Ling-Bao Hall for days. He didn’t even show up in the auction!]

They had been wondering where Feng Monarch had gone for real. They didn’t understand why he was absent in such an important event…

However, now they thought they got the reason. [Feng Monarch did it himself. He destroyed the two great sects!]

Ye Xiao would be flattered if he knew people had such thought. [That is overestimating me too much. Within one day, vanish two great sects which are ten thousand miles away from each other, make the mountains into flat land and lake. I really am not that capable. Not to mention me now, even when I was at my prime in the previous life, I might still not be able to do that. Maybe I could, but not that well done!]

That was the most possible conjecture people could think of, and it made the martial world fall into silence.

Nobody dared to even talk about it at night. They really didn’t want to piss off Feng Zhiling and get killed.

Somebody tried to get something out of Wan Zhenghao’s mouth. "I wonder… where has Feng Monarch been?"

Wan Zhenghao, while holding his belly, maintained his smiled and said, "I am not allowed to ask about it really. I have no idea…"

Long Tianyun asked Wan Zhenghao cautiously, as a friend to Wan Zhenghao, "Did Feng Monarch… do that… to the two sects… because of fury?"

Wan Zhenghao shook his head. The fat on his face kept slapping on himself. "No! Absolutely not!"

He did it in quite an extreme way.

If he said yes, Long Tianyun might not totally believe it. However, Wan Zhenghao denied it so drastically! Long Tianyun was sure he lied!

Long Tianyun thought he knew the truth now, so he laughed. "Boss Wan, calm down. Come on. Hahaha… I don’t… I absolutely believe every word you said."

Wan Zhenghao half closed his eyes. "You know it."

"I do." Long Tianyun laughed.

The two great sects were vanished.

Some of the rest of the martial sects were still powerful than the noble clans, but not that much. Long Clan was obviously becoming more and more influential. It was recognized as the No. 1 clan in Land of Han-Yang!

Besides, it was so close to Ling-Bao Hall now. Who dared to mess with the five noble clans?

That was why the union of the five noble clans were the most powerful force in the world.

Long Tianyun returned to his place and the other four host masters gathered over to him. "What is it, Brother Long? Did Feng Monarch do that?"

Long Tianyun thought for a while and then spoke in a weird tone, "Wan Zhenghao denied it in a drastic way… And then he told me three words strangely… He said ‘you know it’!"

"You know it!"

The other four host masters took in a cold breath. "Feng Monarch definitely did it!"

"That’s right. I think so." Long Tianyun took a deep breath. "Feng Monarch didn’t deny it, but didn’t admit it either. He just let us guess. It means he did."

"Feng Monarch is leaving Land of Han-Yang. He is a man of honor and dignity. Before he leaves, he would definitely eliminate the people who may hurt the ones he cares about. He surely would kill all his enemies. The biggest threatening forces were definitely the two great sects."

"They both have developed for so many years. Even though they were seriously stricken, after Feng Monarch leaves Land of Han-Yang, Ling-Bao Hall may not be able to restrain them both. That is why Feng Monarch decided to wipe them out once and for all."

"He won’t admit it. Not that he didn’t dare to. There is nobody in the world who can threaten him anymore. However, Ling-Bao Hal has to exist here for the future. When he leaves, Ling-Bao Hall will surely fall back badly."

"It is not a good thing to put Ling-Bao Hall on the edge of the storm. He would rather stay low and give us the fame as the strongest."

"Ling-Bao Hall will only be an organization… that manipulates things."

"That is what Feng Monarch wants."