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Chapter 672: Soul Power!

Chapter 672: Soul Power!

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"In fact, since Wan Zhenghao said those words, I guess Feng Monarch told him to. That was why he wanted us to attend the auction… That means he wants us to rise up and be the line of defense for Ling-Bao Hall!"

"Otherwise, Wan Zhenghao wouldn’t dare to tell us that!"

One of the host masters took in a cold breath, "Master Long… You mean… Feng Monarch knew the House of the Chaotic Storm would be gone long ago. He had long decided to do that after Master Bai left. Feng Monarch has prepared it for a long time? How could he think so far!"

"Think about it. Feng Monarch is the only recognized rival of Master Bai. If Master Bai is a god to people, what is his rival? There is no other possibility."

Long Tianyun took a deep breath. "I don’t want to see Feng Monarch as a god, but I can’t deny that he is already a god in our eyes! We can’t resist it!"

The others took in a cold breath.

They thought of the days when they nearly had a death and life fight against this god… They felt their hearts were beating a bit faster…

If Long Tianyun didn’t choose the right position at that moment, they would definitely be opposite to him! That meant they would have died long ago!

They thought about it and felt grateful to Long Tianyun even more.

Things were always so wonderful.

Sometimes, when a man was hiding without doing anything outside, as long as his social position was high enough, people would connect him to everything that happened outside, especially those great things.

That was what happened to Feng Monarch.

Feng Zhiling had definitely been cultivating with Bing-Er during that time.

That was the only reason why he didn’t attend the auction.

However, big events happened during that time… the House of the Chaotic Storms no longer existed. Feng Monarch was the only one that everybody recognized as the most powerful figure.

Two sects were vanished. If not Feng Monarch did it, who else was capable to?

At least in people’s heart, only Feng Zhiling had the capability to do so!

Then it was him! Confirmed!

That was where the beautiful mistake came from!

Feng Monarch’s fame shocked the world!

He and Ye Nantian became the two peerless slaughtering god in Land of Han-Yang!

One slaughtered in military area, while the other slaughtered in the martial world!

They both made the world tremble because of their fame!

However, Feng Monarch was more famous than Ye Nantian. Much more!

Ye Nantian was a general after all. What he did, he did it with hundreds of thousands soldiers. Feng Monarch wiped out the two sects and killed over a hundred thousand people, and also smashed two mountains!

Nobody knew that they were actually father and son!

One day.

Something was moving in the Boundless Space. It seemed on edge.

Ye Xiao entered the Space and was shocked by what he saw.

The medical materials in the Space was increased a huge amount because of Wan-Er and Xiu-Er. Brother Egg had grown a lot too because of that. Now, it was almost double the size of a watermelon.

Ye Xiao looked at it and found that there was one more layer of cracking clouds on the surface.

However, it seemed still in need of one thing…

"@*£*(&!£_(!_)!+)@!++&$(*^%…" Brother Egg seemed very anxious.

Ye Xiao had been with Brother Egg for quite some time now. He didn’t understand what it was saying, but he understood it from the mind of it.

"You want energy of livings? Soul power? The soul that came out when Gu Jinlong died?" Ye Xiao frowned.

"…" Brother Egg confirmed it.

Ye Xiao asked more questions, until he finally figured out everything.

Brother Egg was about to hatch now. It only needed enough soul power to hatch!

It hadn’t been lacking of soul power before since it had absorbed the energy from Gu Jinlong’s death.

Gu Jinlong was a vile man, but he was level three of Dao Origin Stage. Brother Egg absorbed his soul power so it didn’t need more of it afterwards. However, as it was about to hatch and it used up Gu Jinlong’s soul power long ago, it needed more of it, so it asked Ye Xiao for help!

Ye Xiao had been waiting so long for the day Brother Egg hatched. However…

"You mean… You need more soul power. Like the soul you ate last time? I will be damned. Where the hell do I find such a thing for you? He was a Dao Origin Stage cultivator. That was simply a coincidence. I can’t do that again just because I want to!" Ye Xiao felt headache about it.

Brother Egg was jumping up and down anxiously. Soul power was essential for Brother Egg to hatch, but it was the power of one’s living. That was not something easy to get!

Brother Egg needed a huge amount of that power. Three Gu Jinglong’s souls might still not be enough. Gu Jinlong’s soul power equal to tens of thousands of ordinary men’s. That meant Ye Xiao had to at least kill a hundred thousand people for Brother Egg!

When Ye Xiao realized this, he truly felt pain in the head. He never thought he was any noble man, but to kill a hundred thousand innocent men just for his own interest? He wouldn’t do it!

Ye Xiao was lost in the puzzle. Brother Egg kept jumping around. A lot of information came to Ye Xiao through mind connection again!

Ye Xiao sensed it and was surprised. "What? The power you need is all around the world? Lots of it? Floating everywhere? More and more will come everyday? You must be kidding me. Are you telling me lots of people will die everyday? Hmmm… Wait a minute. That is true… War is everywhere. The war! We can gather a huge amount of soul power in battlefield!" He was enlightened.

It was close to impossible to get the souls of cultivators like Gu Jinlong. However, quantity made up for quality loss…

He finally had a plan. The next thing he did was to talk to Song Jue and then go to Zuo Wuji’s house for help.

When Ye Xiao left Zuo Wuji’s place, Zuo Wuji was silent. He just kept pacing around while frowning.

Then he went to Prime Minister Zuo.

He had a long conversation with his grandfather till it was midnight.

Finally, when Zuo Wuji thought it was workable, he took a long breath of relief, murmuring, "This… shouldn’t be hard!"