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Chapter 673: Recommended Ye Xiao!

Chapter 673: Recommended Ye Xiao!

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Everyone in the court was anxious and worried badly for the Kingdom of Chen.

The war and the civil strife were both going to an end. The north was luckily settled, thanks to Ye Nantian. They could go help the other three sides now. However, the collapse in the west broke it down!

That was one disaster after another.

Things were just turning better for the Kingdom of Chen, but then it all became dangerous again.

Ye Nantian’s troops were still sweeping in the grassland. Even though he wanted to return, it would take no less than one month.

The east was in a fever. Su Dingguo and Zhan Qianshan were of equal strength. Neither of them would give in a bit. Su Dingguo couldn’t send anybody to help for sure. If he forcibly did, the east battle might fall. That was not a good thing.

General Lan was in the south. It was stable in there, but they were too far away to help.

The collapse in the north led to the invasion of Kingdom of Lan-Feng’s million iron heels. It would take them less than half a month to get deep in the central area of the Kingdom of Chen!

They were marching towards Chen-Xing City!

If the capital was conquered and the king was captured, what was the point of the victories in the other three sides?

It had to be stopped in the west!

The only problem was, all the generals who could lead an army were out for war. There was no other men to use.

The king frowned. He watched the officials busy proposing useless suggestions. His face looked darker and darker.

[Should I go myself?]

[How many soldiers can I command even if I do go out for the fight?]

[We are empty now…]

The other kingdoms had manpower but lacked of money. Kingdom of Chen was the other way around. There was plenty of money, but no soldiers anymore. One could never make a fist without a hand. However, the problem was that there was no ‘one’!

At the moment, Zuo Wuji, who had been standing in the corner, looked at the king like he wanted to say something but didn’t dare to.

He was in the inconsequential position in the court. He had no official post, so nobody would want to listen to him…

However, the king was interested. He saw that Zuo Wuji have something to say, so he asked, "Wuji, do you have anything to say? The kingdom is now open to every capable man. If you have any suggestions, just say it!"

Zuo Wuji stepped out from the crowd and said, "Your majesty, the enemy is on the way to invade us. We don’t lack money or food, and we can figure out a way to gather more soldiers. What we lack of is a commander! I want to recommend one person. As long as this man goes, Kingdom of Lan-Feng will surely be knocked away!"

The king’s eyes lit up. "Who is it?"

"The young lord in Great Northern General’s House, son of Ye Nantian, Ye Xiao!" Zuo Wuji said, "As long as Lord Ye leads an army to the west, the crisis will be solved."

"Nonsense!" Before the king talked, one of the officials scolded, "Zu Wuji, you are talking nonsense here, kid! Do you think it is a game here? How dare you recommend a foppish useless young lad to lead the army!"

Zuo Wuji smiled but didn’t argue.

The others thought Zuo Wuji must be scared, so they all started to censure him for not being serious about the kingdom’s future.

The king’s eyes lit up!

Others wouldn’t know, but the king knew well about what Ye Nantian’s sworn brother Song Jue was capable of. He was a peerless cultivator who could rush out and take off the head of the leader among millions of enemies!

Royal martial artist Master Sun had once told the King that Song Jue was surely stronger than all the royal martial artists. Those men were all in Sky Origin Stage. Master Sun was nearly reaching the top of Sky Origin Stage. If Song Jue was even stronger, he must be as powerful as a legend!

Zuo Wuji recommended Ye Xiao, but the king knew that he was in fact reminding him of Song Jue.

As long as Ye Xiao went to the battle, Song Jue would have to go with him in order to protect his young master!

As long as Song Jue went to the battle…

He would slam it all!

How could Wenren Jianying be a match to a god?

The king pretended to think carefully about it and then said, "Ye Xiao… may be a proper option though…"

The officials who had been scolding Zuo Wuji were all shocked.

[Proper option?]

[What’s wrong with you, my king!]

[Ye Xiao? The head of the ‘three lords in town’? He nearly died earlier. Can he truly even get to the battle with his weak physical condition?]

The king looked at Zuo Wuji, and the latter also looked back at him and spoke in a low voice, "As far as I am concerned, Steward Song is a good friend to Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall…"

Only the king heard him clearly, and so it was decided.

The king’s eyes lit up. He was happy. "Great! That’s it! Decree! Confer title of nobility on Ye Xiao as the Western General! Assign one hundred thousand soldiers under his command, and have him march to the west to fight the Kingdom of Lan-Feng!"

That definitely astonished everybody in the court!

Nobody knew that the king would announce a decree like that without consulting anyone!

"Please think twice of it, your majesty…" A few officials kneeled down on the floor with tears down. "It concerns the safety of the entire kingdom. Please give it a second thought, your majesty…"

The king waved his hand and said, "It is decided! No more discussion. I believe Ye Xiao will be like his father. He will stop the invasion and crush Kingdom of Lan-Feng!"

The officials looked at each other with confusion.

[Who gives you the confidence?]

[Just because he is the son of Ye Nantian? He is a useless young lad…]

[Do you think he can be as good as Lan Langlang? Do you really think he would return to the fold?]

No matter what, the king was adamant on his decision. Lord Ye became a general who led an army!

Everyone thought it was ridiculous.

Only two men had faith in it.

One was Zuo Wuji. He knew who Ye Xiao really was.

The other was definitely the king. He didn’t care if Ye Xiao was capable enough. The only thing he knew and he was glad about was that Song Jue would be with Ye Xiao!

The king had seen how Song Jue killed like a god in the battle when he was still fighting with Ye Nantian. He felt relieved about it!

When Ye Nantian sent Song Jue back to be a steward, the king felt sorry about it…

Such a peerless fighter was sent back home to be a steward…

That was a waste…

Surely, the king knew that he was not only a steward, but also Ye Xiao’s guard. He was the strong protection of Ye Xiao! It was a pity, but it was helpless.

Now that the kingdom was in danger, it was a perfect plan to force him back for Ye Xiao’s sake.

It was better to be done sooner. The king made a dictatorial decree and also made fast arrangements on it.

When the decree arrived, the tiger token was handed over too.

The next was to gather soldiers together.

It was also busy as hell in the House of Ye at the moment.