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Chapter 674: Ye Xiao! Commander Ye!

Chapter 674: Ye Xiao! Commander Ye!

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Song Jue saw the precipitate decree. He didn’t even have time to start cursing the king, when he suddenly discovered that his nephew had long been ready to go. He was even expecting it!

"You are going?" Song Jue stared at Ye Xiao.

"No." Ye Xiao spoke in a deep voice, "Not me. We are going."

Song Jue staggered and shouted, "That is the battle! You know nothing about that sh*t! You think it is a game? No matter how well cultivated you think you are, you will be chopped into pieces in the battlefield! You get it?"

"I do." Ye Xiao smiled. "I am not so strong yet, but I got you. I am fearless as long as you are with me…"

Song Jue was pissed.

"Uncle Song." Ye Xiao turned solemn. "I have my own reason to go to the battle. Besides… father has done his work in the north. That means he has fulfilled his promise to the king. He will leave at any time. However, Kingdom of Chen is still in troubles from outside and inside. Father will never leave this kingdom at this circumstance. I have to cut off the last thing that concerns him. That is to solve the problem in the west."

"Only the west?" Song Jue humphed. "What about the east? Your father-in-law is fighting there. Don’t you want to help him? And the south? Can you just leave Lan Langlang like that?"

"The east should already be settled. Also the south. But I won’t stick my hand in it if not necessary." Ye Xiao smiled. "Soldiers realize their values only in the battle. If there are no enemies outside, then there will be fights inside the kingdom. Soldiers can’t win the fights inside the kingdom. Prince Hua-Yang will be restrained because his fame may cover the influence of the king… That is why there has to be an enemy out there for him. It is the same in the south."

"Besides, I am in an important process of cultivation. Only one step ahead and I can break Sky Origin Stage and reach Spirit Origin Stage! But I don’t have any rivals here now…"

Ye Xiao looked at Song Jue miserably. "There were two great sects, but… somebody just wiped them out so overwhelmingly… The assassins of Boundless Lake actually quit the martial world to be rich men… Look at me now. I want to have a life and death battle with somebody, to be enlightened in the moment of life and death, but there is none. The only place that suits me is only the battle out there…"

Song Jue twisted the mouth. [What? This is your reason?]

The two great sects were gone. Ye Xiao was having complicated feelings about it.

The two great sects had been a big threat to him.

He had planned to see them as a sharpener, so as to sharpen his sword.

However, he was wrong about them. They were not just a sharpener.

They actually sent for people in Qing-Yun Realm!

Those that could kill him within seconds!

He couldn’t defend against them at all.

If he didn’t have East-rising Purple Qi, Brother Egg, or the Golden Soul Tower, he would have died long!

He felt that he had learned a lot since he was reborn.

He had been fighting from the lowest position, with the experience he had from the previous life. What he had been through really helped him a lot in improving himself. However, there were still lots of things he couldn’t see.

[There is no absolute, no matter what it is, unexpected incidents will happen. I can’t be stubborn.] Ye Xiao warned himself. [You want them to be your sharpener, but… they want to be much more than a sharpener… They are so tough that they can break the sword. That will be the end of the sword’s life!]

[Who… Who killed the two sects? Was it Bing-Er?]

Ye Xiao smiled. [Her memory was back and she might be powerful like what she was like before. But I didn’t sense any energy flow there… She must be much stronger than when she was with me, but it was still too difficult for her to do such a big work.]

[But… Who was it then?] Ye Xiao didn’t think Bing-Er could do it, but he couldn’t think of anybody else. [Somebody in Bing-Er’s clan came?]

He couldn’t figure out a thing.

It remained a puzzle in his heart…

"Is there any other reasons for this?" Song Jue asked.

"Sure. I got a solid source. We need to leave Land of Han-Yang within three months!" Ye Xiao solemnly spoke, "The tunnel will be sealed. It will be impossible to go between two realms by then… Once it is sealed, those who stay in this world but don’t belong here will be vanished!"

"That is the rule of firmament. It is unchangeable." Ye Xiao was being gloomy. "I may be able to break up to the upper realm, because I will reach Spirit Origin Stage from Sky Origin Stage. That is a natural ascending. You and father have to leave before that! In fact, I urged Bing-Er to cultivate, because I want to ascend with everybody! I don’t want any trouble to happen here while you are all gone!"

"Are you sure? Tunnels will be sealed?" Song Jue turned anxious.

As a high level Dream Origin Stage cultivator, he knew what it meant!

That was a cleanup of the forces beyond limitation in all realms.

As long as the Almighty Nature recognized one as a balance breaker, he would be vanished!

It would clean off all the powerful cultivators who stay in where they shouldn’t!

That meant, if a cultivator’s power was beyond the limitation of the realm they were in, they should leave for the higher realm. Nobody would have the chance to be domineering in the realm for weaker people!

If anybody still wanted to stay, both the physical body and soul would be vanished!

"We have to do it quick! Let’s finish all this and leave! As soon as possible!" Song Jue sweated hard. He said, "Let’s go!"

And then he said, "I will do some arrangement. I need to write your father a letter. He needs to know about this. This is some serious sh*t! Right, bring the Blood Guards with us!"

He then walked away, not waiting for Ye Xiao’s response at all.

Ye Xiao thought, [It turns out Uncle Song can be terrified too…]

Lord Ye was wearing a white robe. His eyebrows were like swords and his eyes were like stars. He sat on the chair of commander!

He looked exactly like a great general though.

It was the third day after the decree was announced.

Also, it was the day they marched for the battle!

One hundred thousand royal soldiers. They were the last protection of the capital. The king was putting everything on this…

Kingdom of Lan-Feng was marching hundreds of miles a day towards the center of the Kingdom of Chen. There was no time for a ceremony now.

Ye Xiao took over the seal of commander and held the sword of commander. He was now the commander of the army.

"Your thrilling words, Commander!"

That was a necessary process. They couldn’t skip it. The army had to listen to the commander’s admonitory talk before blowing the horns and march into the battle.

Ye Xiao didn’t hesitate. He stood up and jumped up high. When he got down, he stood on a flagpole!

How high-profile! The king and the officials felt it was awkward!

[What the hell… That is embarrassing…]

[He is standing right on the flagpole of the commander flag!]

[That is the most important thing!]

[Nobody in the history dared to step on the commander flag…]

[It is a taboo!]

[He actually just jump up on it, that little prick!]

[What is he doing?]