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Chapter 676: Unwavering Slaughter!

Chapter 676: Unwavering Slaughter!

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[White flag?]

[What? What is going on?]

All the others felt confused and amused. [This prick actually prepared a white flag before marching for battle? What is he doing? Is he going to f*cking surrender when he just becomes a commander here?]

However, as Commander Ye gave the order, there were people who followed, even though there were many didn’t! That was reasonable. There were many of his own people in the troops.

After a while, a huge vat was placed in front of the main flag. A white flag was on the way too. The flag was specially made. It was known that the main flag in the army should be the biggest one. However, this white flag was even bigger than the main flag—three or four times bigger!

It was all white like snow.

The others saw the white flag and felt joyless.

[God damn it. That is too ominous!]

[Everybody wants a good sign before marching for battle. Look at that white flag. To hell that is a bloody good sign!]

Ye Xiao was calm and blandly spoke, "No stupid things should be done over three times. I will kindly give you another chance. Who said that they won’t follow my order?"

"Kindly my ass! I don’t need it! I said it!"

"I did! What?!"

"And me too!"

"Me too!"

"I did too!"

Before Ye Xiao finished talking, those young lads from influential families stood out and stared at Ye Xiao fiercely. Apparently, they were thinking, [We all stand out here and what could you do?]

"Good! I gave you two chances. You didn’t want any of it. Fine. Nothing to say more!" Ye Xiao nodded. "We are about to march out for battle, yet some of you violated my order and stirred disturbance in my army. They should be beheaded! Go! Get them all! Do not let any of them get away!"

Suddenly, a group of men holding axes and swords stood out from the crowd getting over to those young men without hesitation.

"Ah! What do you want?"

"How dare you!"

"Ye Xiao, how dare you tie me up?"

"Bodacious! How dare you?"

The executor group had no more than two hundred men. It was even less than half of the young men who had been shouting against Ye Xiao. However, each of them were cold blooded and vicious. They were like mountains while standing still, but like wind when they moved.

Some people knew that they were exactly the assassins group of Ling-Bao Hall.

The leader in the group was exactly Liu Changjun.

They were the executor group now, also Ye Xiao’s private troops!

Liu Changjun was wearing service uniform. He looked valiant and heroic, but in a cold and vicious way as an assassin.

Whoever dared to resist him, he just kicked and knocked him out!

The young men were much more in number, but they couldn’t withstand a single blow in front of a group of professional assassins. After awhile, they were all tied up and fell on the floor. However, they weren’t reconciled. They still kept shouting evil words against Ye Xiao.

"Commander!" Liu Changjun made a cupped hands and reported, "All the offenders are taken! Please give your order!"

"Disturb the army. Violate my order. What more should I say? Cut their heads off!" Ye Xiao blandly spoke while standing high and straight.

All the others couldn’t believe it. They all kept their eyes widely opened while looking at him.

That was much more a shocking move compared to what he had done just now!

Cut them all?

Just like that?

Over four hundred and sixty noble born young lords! Some of them were the only sons of some families!

[How could you give such an order?]

[How dare you?]

Everybody was shocked.

Zuo Wuji, who was standing beside the king, covered his own face.

He knew what Ye Xiao would do when he took down all those young men. However, he couldn’t say anything to stop him. He could just pray, [My heavens! Please, my great Ye Xiao. Do not do that! That is not a joke…]

Apparently, Ye Xiao didn’t hear the voice in Zuo Wuji’s heart. He just did it…

Zuo Wuji felt like freaking out now.

[I thought I am the bodacious one here. I recommended you to be the commander. I worked so hard to make you the commander, to lead the army. Yet the first thing you do is to offend all the officials in the court… In an unforgivable way…]

[What the hell do I owe you so much that you would do this to me…]

[I recommended you!]

[You are going out for war and I will stay in the capital for the rest of my days! What do I do?]

[You don’t care about the officials in the court, but I do! My god! Please, my great brother, what the hell are you doing?]

Not only Zuo Wuji, but also the king was shocked. He raised his hand to grab his own beard…

He even moved his head forward a bit. [Really? Are you really going to kill them or are you just bluffing?]

Well, the assassins wouldn’t wait.

They didn’t hesitate. Unlike the others, they were the ones who should get this thing done!

Liu Changjun bowed. "As ordered!"

And then he grabbed a young man beside him and his long sword was out from the scabbard. - Blink! - As the cold light flashed, a head rolled off on the floor. A stream of warm blood erupted to the big vat!

The assassins all followed their leader. The cold lights of swords flashed everywhere. One head after another was chopped off and rolled not the floor. Blood erupted to the vat!

All of a sudden, the vat was filled up with blood. The blood flooded out and became a small hill on the floor.

Only within seconds, four hundred and sixty-five young men from those influential families became dead bodies. No exception!

That was unwavering slaughter!

It all happened within seconds. Nobody was able to stop it during such a short time.

Liu Changjun and his men were all professional assassins. They were a bunch of the most powerful assassins who killed like daily exercise. Each of them only killed about two men. That was leisure and easy! They wouldn’t hesitate at all!

The ground was suddenly filled with the smell of blood. All the others were pale on the faces. They were quivering.

[He did it…]

The king’s face turned pale immediately!

[Ye Xiao… is… too bodacious!]

[He is too egregious!]

[Those are sons of the officials! Noble born!]

[How could you just kill them all!]

[It would be fine if you just kill one or two of them to set a sample! How could you kill them all!]

[This is going too big now!]

Minister of the Penalty Ministry was on his way to the king. "Your majesty! This is not one people’s fault…"

He didn’t finish what he wanted to say, such as ‘law can not punish numerous offenders’, before he saw his own son being grabbed off the ground and chopped on the neck. His son’s head just rolled on the floor. Totally dead.

Minister of Penalty was astonished. He was trembling in the wind like a falling leaf. Suddenly, he exclaimed, "Cheng-Er… Ah…"

Then he fell down on the floor.

Surely, he was not the only one. All the other lords around were exclaiming their dead sons’ names!

The king was quivering as the exclamation filled his ears and touched his nerves.