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Chapter 677: Marching For Battle

Chapter 677: Marching For Battle

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Commander Ye stopped being calm and steady now. He showed a domineering attitude as he shouted at the soldiers who were all in silence, "Who else? Who else wants to test my order? I shall give him the chance to try!"

It was silent. Even the sound of a needle hitting the floor could be heard!

The soldiers kept standing straight and tight up.

"Whoever dares to violate my orders will end up the same like these men. No exception! None!" Ye Xiao humphed. "I am in charge of this army. I am going to save the kingdom from collapsing, to save lives from battlefield, to save families from being torn apart. I don’t have time to teach you lessons! I will kill! That is the only thing I will do! Who dares to test, go ahead!"

He shouted, "Somebody come bring my big brush pen!"

[Brush pen?]

[Vat, flag and then brush pen?]

[What is he doing?]

Nobody dared to make a sound. No matter how confused they were, they didn’t dare to say a word. They just looked at Ye Xiao.

Ye Xiao held a huge brush pen and dipped it in the vat. He swayed his right hand and the big white flag was tiled on the floor.

He swayed the huge brush pen with blood as the ink to write on the flag!

Five words!

‘Lord Xiao, Kingdom of Chen!’

The clean white flag became a flag written with blood.

He stuck two flag poles together and raised up the flag with blood. It replaced the main flag and rose up to the highest point. The smell of blood spread in the air. The five red words were flying fiercely in the sky!

The new commander’s flag appeared! The flag that only belonged to Ye Xiao!

Everybody who saw the flag was shocked. Their eyes were filled with fear.

None of them had thought that this man of the ‘three lords in town’ was actually such a murderous figure!

He was fearless and unruly!

It was true that all the three lords were some significant figures in the world!

Lan Langlang, Zuo Wuji and Ye Xiao! They were all outstanding figures now!

- Neigh… -

The horse loudly neighed, breaking the silence. A black horse ran out with Commander Ye in white robe on the horseback. He shouted, "Drums! Go!"

- Tuck, tuck, tuck… -

Hundreds of drumbeats echoed at the same time like it was the last time they sounded!

The drummers didn’t dare to beat any slowly, because they didn’t want to get their head chopped off!

The drumbeats shocked the sky.

It was drumbeats for marching, also drumbeats for victory!

The entire city was filled with drumbeats.

It was shocking the sky and the earth, shocking people’s hearts!

In another side, the officials were running towards the king. "Your majesty… Your majesty… Please… You must hold justice for us. My son died in grudge…"

They were all moaning with tears.

However, as the drumbeats were too loud, it covered their voice!

The king only saw the officials talking with tears in eyes in a painful expression. However, he didn’t hear a word of them.

Ye Xiao was already rushing out in front of the army.

The soldiers on the horse shouted and ran out after him!

The entire army was tidy and refreshed. It was a good force.

They moved in the shape of a ship one by one!

Everybody was trying so hard to show their best status to satisfy their Commander Ye. They didn’t want to get killed.

The officials ran out to stop the army like mad men. They shouted, "Ye Xiao, stop! You can’t just leave… You…"

The drumbeats were so loud. Ye Xiao couldn’t hear them. Even if he did, he wouldn’t care. He glanced over them and passed by on the black horse!

He totally ignored them!

- Puff! -

His face was solemn. He just kept running ahead. One of the officials were stepped beneath the horses’ steps. The army was running over!

The official became a flat pile of meat on the floor!

Hmm. He became a part of the nature now!


Ye Xiao swayed his sword and shouted loudly!


The one hundred thousand troops shouted back to him in their loudest voice!

The entire world was shocked!

The army was like a long iron dragon rushing out the ground. It was like a fierce and vicious long dragon that was thirsty for blood rushing out far away!

In the sky.

Ning Biluo was holding the huge flag. It was about forty meters high, flying in the sky!

White flag!

Blood words!

The dense smell of blood made a blood storm in the air!

An army of riffraffs was formed into an iron army by Ye Xiao right before marching for battle!

He didn’t even say any inspiring words.

He just refreshed their minds with blood and heads of those young lords and built the soul of his army with it!

The army was marching forward like the breaching of dam. None of them even saluted to the king!

The ground fell into a mess already.

The officials moaned for the loss of their younger generations in the families.

"Your majesty, please announce the decree! Please take that monster back for penalty!"

"Your majesty, please hold justice…"

"Your majesty… sob, sob, sob… That was my only son…"

The king was having a headache for it.

He was helpless and embarrassed.

[Get Ye Xiao back?]


[Punish him?]


[Penalty Ministry? Absolutely not!]

The king himself had led soldiers to fight in the battles before. He knew that Ye Xiao had converted his army into a fierce and powerful iron army now. Even experienced army couldn’t be better than the army Ye Xiao was leading now.

The Kingdom of Chen was losing the war. They needed an army like this to rush out and fight hard.

If he had Ye Xiao return now, the army would be destroyed and become a bunch of riffraffs again.

That was ruining the last bit of hope!

If he didn’t get Ye Xiao back, what should he do to comfort the officials. [What should I do after that little prick killed so many people?]

He couldn’t do anything to Ye Xiao at the moment, but he truly didn’t know what to say to his officials!