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Chapter 678: I Faint!

Chapter 678: I Faint!

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Ye Xiao was carrying an important task right now. He couldn’t be interrupted. His uncle the steward was utterly powerful, so it was impossible to hurt Ye Xiao. Besides, Ye Nantian was too powerful to mess with too. However, the king didn’t think those were good reasons to explain to the officials!

There was only one option left then.

"What? Guys? What is it?" The king acted confused, "It was too loud… I can’t hear it. I guess I am old really. My ears are useless…"

"What? What did you say…"

"Wait. No. I am going to faint off…"

The king covered his ears like he couldn’t stand the drumbeats anymore. He rolled up his eyes and then got down on the floor immediately.

He happened to ‘faint’ down in Zuo Wuji’s arms.

He was out.

"Your majesty, you…" The officials were scared to death as they saw the king faint away. They all looked at the king.

Naturally, they coincidentally saw Zuo Wuji holding the king in a rattled way.

Eventually, it reminded them Zuo Wuji was the one who suggested all this. Their eyes turned red. "Zuo Wuji! You…"

One of the old officials stared at Zuo Wuji fiercely like he had killed his entire clan. "If you didn’t recommend that murderous prick earlier, my son would never…"

"True! Zuo Wuji! You! You deserve to die!"

"Zuo Wuji! It will never end between you and me!"

"Zuo Wuji!"

Zuo Wuji apparently became the scapegoat. He really wanted to cry, but he was also admiring. [Brilliant move, your majesty! You actually get away like this. You think the officials are all fools? If you really fainted, those royal martial artists would fly over to you. None of them did anything. You are fading. You are absolutely fine. My god. Please open your eyes, guys! He is sober!]

The king pretend to faint in Zuo Wuji’s arms. He felt lucky. [Phew. Luckily, I have passed out. I don’t need to respond to that. How practical to lay all that on Wuji…]

However, no matter whether he truly fainted or not, no matter whether the officials believed it or not, nobody dared to just ignore the King!

Some of them hurriedly called the royal physician. The physician got over and did lots of things, but couldn’t bring the king back to himself. [I won’t open my eyes no matter what the hell you do…]

At this moment, a giant bang sounded from the west gate of the city!

The city was shaken again. It was much more shocking the the previous one. It felt like the earth was cracking apart.

"Hmm? What is it? What happened?" The king didn’t pretend anymore. He hurriedly asked.

Somebody arrived and reported to him with fear and confusion.

"Commander Ye’s flag is standing too high… It couldn’t get through the gate standing up. He asked his steward, Song Jue, to hit a hole on the gate… That steward just slightly waved his hand… He just waved his hand and the entire wall collapsed down… We are running unprotected on the west now…"

The officials looked at each other and didn’t know what to say anymore.

[Heavens my lord!]

[How bodacious he is! You haven’t even touched the enemy, yet you have killed over four hundred men of ours and destroyed one gate of our kingdom…]

[What kingdom the hell do you think you belong to?]

[What kind of f*cking things are you doing here!]

[And you just… just lead the entire army out for the fight…]

[Who is that steward Song Jue? I have never heard about him at all. How could he just destroy a wall by slightly waving a hand? That… That is beyond human’s capability! What if he waves his hand on us? Will we be blown away?]

When the officials were all thinking in their hearts guessing about it, they heard a voice.

"God damn it! Bastard!" the king shouted and then passed out.

He fainted again and fell in Zuo Wuji’s arms again…

This time, he wouldn’t open his eyes anymore…

Because it seemed he truly did pass out this time!

The martial artists hurriedly gathered around and escorted the king back to the royal house!

It was a question in Zuo Wuji’s heart that the king passed out the second time though!

Did he really pass out, or was it another trick to fool the officials?

It confused Zuo Wuji, the most valuable Prime Minister in the Land of Han-Yang for a whole life!

Ye Xiao’s army was like a whirlwind rolling ahead. They were out of the city now!

They were marching so fast towards the west!

The army was exactly like a black long dragon, moving on the earth from Chen-Xing City directly to the west battle!

It was much easier for cavalry to march so fast, but the infantry marched no slower. The soldiers did try their best and were showing the most insistence.

Commander Ye promised he would cut off the head of whoever violated his order!

Would they violate his order if they were left behind?

Nobody dared to ask.

They just kept following up with insistence. They decided to do it with the biggest effort they had.

It was nothing worse than death!

Truth proved human’s potential was unlimited.

After five days, they reached Iron Peak. Nobody was left behind.

Well, three soldiers died trying to stay with the troops though.

Ye Xiao wasn’t surprised at all. He wasn’t moved either. [People die in war. The three soldiers died catching up with others. Then they will surely die in the battlefield too.]

He knew that he should have no mercy for them at this moment.

It was the army!

It was war!

It was a test of iron and blood!

Life or death was decided in an instant! He should not waste time to think too much about other things!

Iron Peak.

It was a special place. It was a pivotal location for the army. If the enemy broke through this place, there would be no defense against them in the Kingdom of Chen. It was the last defense line to keep Kingdom of Lan-Feng away. It was about fifty-five hundred miles away from the west front line in the kingdom!

It was the edge of the central region of the Kingdom of Chen!