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Chapter 679: Iron Peak

Chapter 679: Iron Peak

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The west battle was a disaster for the Kingdom of Chen. The commander in the west, Wu Gonglie, stayed sober till the end. He fought so hard to slow down the army of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, so as the west battle was extended to the Iron Peak. However, if Iron Peak was lost, the Kingdom of Lan-Feng could just strike deep directly into the heart of the Kingdom of Chen. Nothing could stop them.

Iron Peak was in a terrible situation. Soldiers were panicking!

At the most dangerous moment, an army from Chen-Xing City eventually arrived!

It only took Ye Xiao five days to lead the troops to Iron Peak from the day he became the commander!

Time mattered in war!

The army arrived like a whirlwind.

The soldiers of the kingdom of Chen standing on the Iron Peak watched as their brothers arrived.

They were all injured, but still unswerving. Their eyes were still sharp and fierce. They looked casual, willing to die at any second. However, there was also a sense of sorrow.

They were Great Western General Wu Gonglie’s soldiers.

After all the fights in the battles, these men were all tough like iron!

Now, when they saw the army coming to help, they were moved and inspired.

"The kingdom actually sent an army to help within such a short time! Heavens do bless our kingdom!"

"They move so fast! Impressive!"

"Listen to their steps! It is like thunders!"

"Look at the dust rolling up to the sky!"

"What an excellent army!"

"They are above excellent! How is it possible to be so powerful like iron?"

"I can’t believe we have such an army in the kingdom! I think the Northern Army of General Ye is no better than this!"

"I wonder who is leading this army?"

A vice-general was thrilled.

They looked at each other. Apparently, nobody knew the answer. They couldn’t think of anybody who was proper for this job. Prince Hua-Yang was fighting Zhan Qianshan in the east. General Lan was defending the south. Besides, none of these two was able to lead such a powerful army. Ye Nantian was capable enough, but he was in the north. The Northern Army was exactly such kind of army. However, they were hundreds of thousands of miles away. It was impossible that they would come to this place. In other words, none of the three great generals was able to lead this army.

Then who was it that made these men into such an iron army?

They didn’t know how to even make a guess, but they knew that this man must be extraordinary!

When the army was getting closer, they saw a huge flag moving over like it was sticking to the clouds in the sky!

They looked at it and then felt speechless!

"God damn it! Why a white flag? What the hell is this?"

A general frowned and shouted, "Which stupid prick brought these men? F*ck! White flag in the battle? Is this preparing to surrender?"

"There are words on the white flag… Black words? Red words? It should be red at the beginning! What the hell is that?"

After a few days, the blood words had become black color!

A vice-general watched for a while and then said, "The words… Lord Xiao… Kingdom of… Chen?"

He turned over with a confused face. He rubbed his head and said, "Who is Lord Xiao in the Kingdom of Chen? Do you know about this man?"

The others were all confused. Of course not.

Nobody knew who this Lord Xiao was!

People knew about Lord Ye, the head of the ‘three lords in town’, but nobody even dared to link it to that young foppish stupid lord!

"No matter who he is, he is here to support us. That is a strong army. We have hope! The Kingdom of Chen has hope!" The general immediately made a decision, "We should go greet them! Do not show any neglect!"


"They come so fast. It is right about time. If they arrive a few days later, we may all die in this place. They are here giving us great hope!"

"That’s right! Our brothers cannot hold it any longer soon."

"I wonder how General Sa feels now?"

"General Sa lost both his legs. When he woke up yesterday, the first thing he wanted to do was to get on the wall and defend the attack. When he realized both his legs were gone, he exclaimed and spat out blood. He passed out again and is still in a coma. Medic said he was stricken both physically and mentally. I am afraid…"


Somebody had arrived at the gate already. He was shouting, "Commander Ye leads the great army here to support. Soldiers on the wall, open the gate right now!"

Before he finished, the gate was opened. Soldiers and generals with smell of blood and fire walked out. They were all wrapped with bandages, on the head or the arms. Blood stained their clothes, but they still looked fierce.

As they just stood there beside the wall, it was already a moving and tragic scene.

Apparently, the western battle had been so tough for the soldiers.

Song Jue looked at them and felt gloomy about it.

He hadn’t been in the battle for a few years because of his disease. However, he was quite experienced. He knew well about the soldiers in the Kingdom of Chen.

When the western army marched to the battle, they had six hundred thousand men. Most of them were capable figures. Song Jue knew over a hundred names among them. There were also soldiers he had seen before. Song Jue knew at least a thousand generals in the western army!

However, besides the generals, there were also vice-generals that Song Jue used to fight together with. It was no less than ten thousand men including generals and vice-generals.

Now there were only… less than three hundred men standing there to greet them!

Some of them were vice-generals according to their clothes.

Whoever stood there to greet them must be the leaders of the current troops!

That meant there were not many generals left in the western army now!

Song Jue shouted loudly to the sky. It shocked the entire area.

The army stopped right there tidily as Song Jue shouted.

Song Jue rode over to the gate by himself.

"How come just this amount of people? Where are the others?" Song Jue asked. He could guess the truth, but still wanted it not to be true.

A middle-aged man with a square face looked at Song Jue. His eyes turned red and were filled with tears. He held the tear and spoke with sob, "They are gone. All gone. Our brothers… are gone in the fight…"

Song Jue was shocked.