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Chapter 680: Tragic War

Chapter 680: Tragic War

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Six hundred thousand men, thousands of generals…. All died in battle…

Song Jue wanted to say something, but he didn’t. After a while, he just sighed to vent all emotions and slightly said, "Brothers have suffered…"

The middle-aged man gritted with his teeth but his eyes were red. He quivered and then finally couldn’t hold it anymore. Tears fell down.

He stepped forward and suddenly held Song Jue tight. He burst in tears!

A man barely weeps, unless he truly grieves!

The middle-aged man with a square face was the vice-commander Zhu Chenggong. He was sworn brother to the departed Western General Wu Gonglie.

At this moment, this tough man, who had lived most of his life in the battle, who had never cried, who had survived countless fatal dangers in the war, cried like a child with tears.

He never feared death.

He looked down upon men who wept.

However, at this moment, in front of Song Jue, he couldn’t suppress the sorrow in his chest no more. Tears covered his face. He cried out the emotions out of his chest.

Ye Xiao watched all this. He could only sigh deeply.

"Great General… died fighting in the battle…" Zhu Chenggong loudly cried, "Six hundred thousand brothers. Less than one hundred thousand left! Seven thousand hundred generals in Western Army, two hundred and forty survive…"

"We have been holding up on this. We have been fighting for this moment. We have been waiting for you to come and avenge the Great General! To avenge the departed brother! If it fails…" Zhu Chenggong exclaimed to the sky with tears on the face, "I, Zhu Chenggong, will die in grudge!"


Over two hundred generals who survived shouted at the same time. They were shouting with the last bit of power they had. They were shouting with their lives and souls!

"Our great Commander Wu must be watching us from heavens!"

The Iron Peak burst into shouts!

All that were left in the Western Army responded to the generals.

They were all showing face with tears!

In their eyes, there were wild glow of fierceness!

"Don’t mind me asking. What is going on with this battle?" Song Jue was experienced in battles. He used to be a capable general in the army. He frowned and asked, "Wu Gonglie, Great General Wu was a specialist in battles. He might not be as good as Wenren Jianying, but not that much. If he kept holding the defense, I don’t think Wenren Jianying was able to break through you. Why? How come you suffered such a big crackdown? This is unreasonable!"

Zhu Chenggong gritted his teeth. "There was a traitor!"

Song Jue and Ye Xiao urged him to tell the story and he did.

Wenren Jianying came close and Wu Gonglie knew he was fighting a stronger man in this battle. However, he didn’t show any weakness. Without hesitation, he chose to fight directly.

The two leaders on both sides were famous generals in the Land of Han-Yang. Wenren Jianying was the second while Ye Nantian was the No. 1. Wu Gonglie was far behind them both. He was obviously weaker than Wenren Jianying!

However, to have a stronger commander was not enough to win a battle. Wu Gonglie was weaker than Wenren Jianying in all aspects except defense!

In fact, not only Wenren Jianying, all other famous generals in the world could not be better than Wu Gonglie in defense!

Ye Nantian once had a comment about Wu Gonglie. "He is normal in offense, but perfect in defense. If I am going to defeat him while he is defending behind the wall, I am going to fail!"

That was such a high praise. Ye Nantian was known as an invincible war god. He had never lost one battle since he became a commander. However, he gave Wu Gonglie such a comment. That proved a lot about Wu Gonglie’s great defense capability!

The western battle was exactly a defense mission for Wu Gonglie. Wenren Jianying led millions of people to attack and Wu Gonglie defended with six hundred thousand men. He was short in number, but he had the wall to keep the enemy away. He actually did keep the wall standing firmly and tightly.

No matter what Wenren Jianying tried, Wu Gonglie just kept holding it behind the wall. He wouldn’t open the gate and go out. No matter how dangerous the situation was, he held it tight eventually.

Enemy came, he held; enemy left, he wouldn’t go out.

The wall was high and he was occupying the upper hand. No matter how capable Wenren Jianying was, he couldn’t break the perfect defense.

As long as Wu Gonglie could keep them out and hang on long enough, he would eventually win the battle!

Wenren Jianying did many things trying to lure him out, but Wu Gonglie just ignored everything.

He then asked his men to humiliate Wu Gonglie by shouting evil words, but Wu Gonglie was indifferent.

However, Wu Gonglie had to send people out to escort the fodder and food outside the gate. That was a strong armed group of warriors who went out for it. Both sides won some fights on that.

Wenren Jianying sighed. "Wu Gonglie! Wu Gonglie indeed! He would rather give up all the glory… What a tough man…"

While the situation was going to a deadlock, something happened inside the Western Army.

One of the generals actually killed the guards and opened the gate late at night.

Wu Gonglie’s men noticed it and killed that traitor, but Wenren Jianying’s army had occupied the gate!

The two sides had to start a tough fight inside the city.

The Kingdom of Lan-Feng had more soldiers and tougher men. Wu Gonglie led his men to die fighting, but failed to take the gate back from Wenren Jianying.

Wu Gonglie knew that they couldn’t win this. He had to give up on the city and retreat to another spot.

However, Wenren Jianying wouldn’t let him. He had tasted enough bitterness on Wu Gonglie’s defense. He wouldn’t let him go! This was the moment he worked so hard for to set the provocateur into the Western Army.

He kept tracing Wu Gonglie and didn’t stop and rest a bit. That was crazy. He would rather sacrifice for it.

There were a few more tough fights afterwards. Wu Gonglie had done everything he could but still failed to escape the attack. At the end, he had to lead one hundred thousand men to stop the enemy, so that the other four hundred thousand men could survive.

Western Army lost their base and suffered a great loss.

Wu Gonglie was seriously injured many times. He was exhausted both physically and mentally.

He had no city to hold and no wall to use. He had to keep fighting while retreating, trying to stop the enemy! He knew he had no more city to hold now and he was short in number. He knew he would be defeated soon. He couldn’t stop the million troop of Wenren Jianying. However, he just wanted to hold the enemy’s pace as long as he could! So he and the men under his command were fighting with their lives at the end!