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Chapter 681: Imposing Manner of the Losing Army!

Chapter 681: Imposing Manner of the Losing Army!

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The Western Army didn’t have as much manpower as the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. Under the overwhelming and sharp attacks, the losing Western Army couldn’t hold it anymore. They retreated and retreated. Wu Gonglie was definitely great in defense. Even in such a negative situation, his troops still stayed calm and stable. They kept striking the enemy from time to time, making sharp hits to Wenren Jianying.

Western Army should be able to hang on one or two more months, even though they would lose eventually. However, something else happened!

While they were retreating, more strong soldiers arrived for Wenren Jianying on the other side.

It was the princess of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng arrived with her men. She and Wenren Jianying attacked Wu Gonglie from two sides.

The princess brought with her the Western Army’s failure. Things were done at that moment!

Wu Gonglie knew that he would definitely lose soon as the enemy had more strong men coming over. He made a crazy decision. That was the most dangerous and risky decision he had ever made in his life. That brought an end to this fight!

It was simple. His plan was to let the enemy come deep to somewhere and then blow the entire area up. To make sure the enemy took the bait, he decided to be the bait himself and fight till the end.

Vice-commander Zhu Chenggong led the army and retreated. When Wu Gonglie lit up the explosive, everybody cried with tears.

Destruction of good and bad alike!

The mountains collapsed.

Three hundred thousand people from both sides died in the place, Pair Wolves Pass!

What disappointed Zhu Chenggong was that…

Many men from Kingdom of Lan-Feng died there, but it didn’t include the Prince of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, Wenren Jianying, nor the princess.

Wu Gonglie died, but lots of soldiers in the Western Army survived. He left the spark for the coming defense force with his death!

After that, Zhu Chenggong led the army. They escaped the attacks from Wenren Jianying until they reached the Iron Peak! They couldn’t retreat no more!

It was the last defense line of the Kingdom of Chen. If this place was taken over, nobody could save the kingdom!

The Kingdom of Lan-Feng was gathering their biggest force and preparing for a final strike to win the war.

Ye Xiao had led the one hundred thousand army into the Iron Peak while the generals were talking.

What could be seen was the image of dead bodies all around.

The soldiers were all severely damaged, but their eyes were fierce and sharp, like starving wolves in the snow land!

‘I am going to bite you hard before I die!’ That was what they show imposingly. It could be easily felt from everybody’s eyes!

They all stayed beside the wall while taking care of their wounds. They helped each other, without saying anything!

Something was rising up in their hearts! It was a strong feeling! An emotion!

Ye Xiao saw a senior soldier. His wounded arm was bleeding. It was deeply wounded. He just ripped a piece of cloth from his clothes by his mouth and placed it on the arm. He grabbed the strip of cloth with the other hand and held the other end of the cloth with his mouth. Then he fiercely raised his head to tie the wounded arm to stop the bleeding.

He trembled. There was sweat on his forehead. It must have hurt so much, but he didn’t even blink. He moved the left hand, which was the wounded one, and then grabbed his sword again. He swayed it, gritted his teeth, and then stabbed the sword into the floor.

He was satisfied, so he leaned on the wall and had a rest.

Ye Xiao knew that the cloth could only stop the blood for a while. The blood would eventually gather there. Once the cloth was soaked, blood would burst out and he might die because of it. That senior soldier apparently knew it. He just had no other choice. As long as he could still move and sway his sword for the current moment, he felt good!

To sway the sword meant he could fight!

Nothing else mattered!

"Brothers! Our kingdom sent us help!" Zhu Chenggong shouted, "Guys, salute! To Commander Ye!"

The wounded soldiers heard it and all stood up immediately.

They stared at Ye Xiao and saluted.

Some of them were seriously damaged. As they raised their hands, the wounds burst. Blood came out, but they still stood straight up without moving a bit!

Their stared at Ye Xiao and his men without saying a word!

They survived from mountains of dead bodies and oceans of blood. They had no admiration to anything or anybody at the moment!

No matter how powerful an official was, how close one was to the king, how honorable one used to be, they didn’t care.

They only cared about one thing!

Only one thing!

Who was Commander Ye? Could he lead them to victory and avenge their departed Great General?

They were watching Ye Xiao with eagerness with eyes like wolves and eagles. Ye Xiao felt his blood boiling in the chest. He loudly spoke, "I am going to say this to you! I will lead you back to the front field! I will lead you back there and avenge Great General Wu Gonglie!"


The crowd burst with a long shout. The wounded soldiers saluted again and shouted together, "Avenge the Great General!"

"For the Great General!"


Hundreds of thousand men shouted at the same time with all their power.

Their voice rushed up to the sky. The strong momentum of their grief suddenly filled the entire world!

Ye Xiao didn’t say much. He wouldn’t. Only a few words and that was all. He got the support from those tough wounded men in Iron Peak!

Wasn’t it unbelievable?

Wasn’t it awesome?

That was the truth!

Song Jue looked at him in disbelief. He felt like he knew less and less about his nephew.

What Ye Xiao did in the capital a few days earlier was bodacious!

Chopping off over four hundred young lords’ heads at the same time. The soldiers must be happy to see it. [Those young lords. They just stay in the capital doing nothing. We are splashing our blood in the front line and they are enjoying in the city. And they are in a higher positions than us! They can do whatever they can. Why the f*ck should we stand that!]

[It feels so good to see them die!]

At least most of the soldiers appreciated it!

Besides, as those young lords died, many soldiers had opportunities to get promotion. How could they not like it?