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Chapter 682: It Is Him?

Chapter 682: It Is Him?

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At the very least, not to mention the inducement Ye Xiao made to them, which normal soldiers didn’t fear Ye Xiao, a man who even dared to kill that many young lords at the same time?

Nobody dared to violate his order ever since!

Because of that, within the shortest time it required, this army became a iron army.

After a few days practice on the way, they were full-fledged.

It was still too early to say whether they were strong enough or not at the present, but as long as Ye Xiao was still there, none of the soldiers dared to commit desertion, even if they would lose the battle. They would only die in the battle, but never fled from the battle!

It wasn’t because Ye Xiao had a persuasive personality. The rest of the western army would follow Ye Xiao with loyalty because of the promise!

The promise Ye Xiao made in Iron Peak!

To avenge the departed Great General!

One promise, he conquered the wild hearts of those tough guys!

These guys wouldn’t want any other things. All they could think of was to revenge! They wouldn’t even think about building their achievement for themselves or to simply survive the war!

Ye Xiao gave exactly what they wanted!

He promised he would take them to revenge!

He was powerful! He was commanding a powerful army to help!

The wounded soldiers all felt grateful for it! They all appreciated this Commander Ye!

He threatened the soldiers a few days earlier and then moved the heart of the tough guys now. Different methods, but he got the same response! Loyalty!

"Well, I guess my nephew isn’t just a normal figure now…" Song Jue rubbed his lower jaw and murmured, "Like father, like son. So it is."

Zhu Chenggong heard Ye Xiao’s promise. He felt relieved. He felt like a huge burden was taken off from him. He even felt a bit floating on the feet. He tried to keep his manner and led Song Jue and the others into the building. "Please, this way. Commander Ye. Brother Song… We have prepared food in there. It is raw, but… it is enough to fill the stomach. We soldiers can never leave food behind."

They walked fast into the building with firm strides.

Zhu Chenggong held Song Jue’s arms and secretly asked him in a low voice, "Brother Song, how can you put on the war suit again and return to the battle… And… May I ask who this Commander Ye is? What is his background? Hmm… Well it doesn’t matter who he really is, I guess. What he just did proved that he’s good! He is so young. I truly cannot think of anyone in the younger generation in our kingdom who can be this good! Impressive!"

Song Jue felt so proud hearing it. He felt even better than somebody praising himself. He spoke with joy, "Humph. You are a smart man. How can you ask such a foolish question? Think about it. He is Commander Ye! Whose name is Ye in the entire Kingdom of Chen? Humph. Who could father such a wonderful son if not my brother Ye Nantian? Who else do you think I will return to the battle for?"

Zhu Chenggong opened his mouth widely while staring at him.

After a while, he took in a cold breath and finally spoke, "Oh heavens… Old Song… Are you kidding? Commander Ye is Ye Xiao? Son of General Ye? The young guy who has been wasting his life fooling around in the city, doing all evil business full of dirty schemes, and leading the ‘three lords in town’ that people always talk about… Ye Xiao?"

Zhu Chenggong’s mouth was big enough to swallow an entire elephant!

Ye Xiao was obviously more famous than he could imagine in the kingdom!

The head of the stupid ‘three lords in town’!

Song Jue rolled up his eyes while staring at Zhu Chenggong. He said with anger, "Do you know how to continue a good talk? Like father, like son! They are both heroic figures! Can’t you see?"

Zhu Chenggong burst with anger and muttered, "Like father like son my ass. You know what your nephew is! A man like him… He actually becomes a commander here… Are you kidding me? What a sonless and vicious man to recommend him? The king just agreed? Is the king going to give up on Western Army now? Heaven and hell! I believe my hundreds of thousands brother will die within half a day in his stupid command!"

"We have been fighting so hard, sacrificing our lives, and we end up with this? I am so f*cking foolish. That flying big white flag has shown me the sign. I can’t believe it is this prick leading the army to us. That makes sense now. Of course he would hold that f*cking hilarious white flag in the battle!"

Apparently, Vice-Commander Zhu didn’t have faith for Ye Xiao at all!

He completely didn’t trust him!

Zhu Chenggong was totally helpless and hopeless at the moment, after feeling hopeful a while earlier!

Despair filled him. He had just felt there was a hope, and then realized it was a fake image. That only led him to a sorrowful despair!

He thought a savior came for them. It ended up a bloody stupid foppish young lord who had been notorious for a long time…

To be commanded by a man like that in the battle…

He felt extremely aggrieved…

"Stop being like a prick. You know no sh*t! No. You are a piece of sh*t!" Song Jue disdainfully glared at him. "Do you know how that white flag with blood words come?"

Zhu Chenggong spoke annoyedly, "Just got some blood from somebody. Isn’t it easy? Don’t you think I can recognize it? What is the cheapest in a war? Life! Blood is everywhere! I can make one thousand flag like that for you within seconds! Bloody hell. Coming with a white flag to the battle? And you think that’s amazing or what? Stain in with some human blood and what? It becomes sacred? Pah!"

Song Jue was annoyed. He fiercely spoke, "Zhu Chenggong, it has been just a few years and you have become so arrogant now! You said you can make one thousand of that white flag, right? What if you fail?"

Zhu Chenggong wouldn’t give in a bit facing Song Jue’s fierceness. He fiercely spoke too, "Song Jue, don’t think you can overwhelm me with your martial art! I did say it! So what? Hmm. I know. You think we are short for materials here, so we can’t make that stupid white flag like your stupid nephew. That is why you are so confident that I won’t be able to make it. That is why you are being such a prick! Pah! You think you are good? You are… hmm… Wicked! Right. That’s it! Song Jue! Look at you, after a few years, you have become shrewd now. You actually play tricks of those stupid scholars on me. Now, I finally know what you are!"