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Chapter 685: Taboo!

Chapter 685: Taboo!

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Wenren Chuchu was confused. "I… I don’t know. I have never heard of Lord Xiao!"

"Think! Is there any important figure whose name is Xiao? He must be a young generation in the Kingdom of Chen who must be important to them!" Wenren Jianyin blandly spoke, "He must be a young man of an important family. Otherwise, he himself wouldn’t think of such a title…"

"Hmm… As far as I am concerned, among all the young generation of the important figures, there is only one man in the Chen-Xing City who is named Xiao." Wenren Chuchu slowly spoke, "Ye Nantian’s son, Ye Xiao!"

Wenren Jianyin frowned.

"Ye Xiao? Ye Nantian’s son?" He took a breath out and said, "Then this is going to be tough."

Wenren Chuchu said, "How come?"

"If it is the son of any others in the Kingdom of Chen, we can just kill him. It is not a big deal. We are in opposite positions after all. However, as he is son of Ye Nantian… that is a problem."

Wenren Jianyin bitterly smiled. "Ye Nantian’s son. That is a taboo for all kingdoms. In fact, Ye Nantian is a taboo for all the kingdoms."

"You see, Prince Hua-Yang, Su Dingguo, he is a capable general who is great in fighting with the army. He has never lost a battle. However, he is just a mortal man." Wenren Jianyin continued, "Su Dingguo will grow old and he will eventually lose a battle. That is why I am sure I can defeat him someday! However, Ye Nantian is something else!"

"Ye Nantian has a title, War God of Chen. It actually underestimates him. He is like a god when he commands his men in the battle. He is invincible. His men move exactly how he wants them to. He is not only War God of Chen. He is War God of Han-Yang!" He said, "Certainly, if he is just good at fighting a war, the kingdoms may fear for him, but wouldn’t see him as a taboo. The reason for that is that he is an invincible miracle!"

"If not that he seldom uses his true capability, always trying to outwit his enemy and the House of the Chaotic Storms was constraining him, the Kingdom of Chen should have conquered the entire world for many years! He is a taboo to all the kingdoms, while his only son is his own taboo subject! The reason why Chen Xuantian could get Ye Nantian’s full support is that Chen Xuantian used his secret medicine to save Ye Nantian’s son!"

"In other words, if his son gets hurt here, we will have to face Ye Nantian’s revenge, no matter whether we conquer the Kingdom of Chen or not! His flame of anger will never stop! The most helpless thing is that the Kingdom of Chen is absolutely not capable of defending him!"

"That is why I would rather fight Ye Nantian himself, than fight against his son. On one hand, it will be no honor to a young lad in the battle, and on the other, there is too much apprehension to fight him. Besides, I may win the battle if it is Ye Nantian I am facing. To fight his son, I will not dare to kill him, even if I defeat him. That is an awkward situation."

He made a long sigh. "If the tunnel to upper realms isn’t going to be sealed, you won’t need to leave. If you don’t need to go, we may still get some help from your sect to defeat Ye Nantian! Now, there are only four months before you go. This is going to be a huge problem."

Wenren Chuchu’s eyes were full of cold light as he said, "If it really is so helpless, maybe I should try to kill Ye Nantian before leaving!"

Wenren Jianyin turned around and looked at his niece. After a while, he blandly spoke, "Chuchu, little girl, you are very powerful. You are beyond my recognition indeed, but you are not Ye Nantian’s match. To kill him in his great army, it is nearly impossible. There is nobody of your sect staying in this world to help. You will have to fight alone. That will make it even harder."

"Besides… even if you can do it, I won’t let you take the risk." He continued, "This is a war here in the mortal world. Your father and I would rather let you be free outside this world. Just let me and the others fight this war. We don’t want you to take the risk."

"There were a few legendary duels of famous figures in the world. They were all battles of two men. If I die under Ye Nantian’s hands, I will die without regret. If Ye Nantian dies in my hands, he will have no regret either. But if people outside this world kills either of us, it will be a humiliation to both. Ye Nantian has been commanding his army for all these years and he barely used his personal martial art to win the war. I don’t think I should be ignoble on this!"

He smiled. "There are rules in the mortal world. Schemes, tricks, sneaky attacks, poisoning… We use all kinds of shameless methods to win a fight, because it is our fight."

"Think about the fight between Wu Gonglie and I. Honestly, he truly impressed me with his wonderful defense. If I didn’t set a rat among his people, I wouldn’t win. However, I played a vile trick, and I won. That is my victory. If you have made the strike and killed Wu Gonglie, that would be too much. That would be a shameful victory!"

"A soldier’s destiny, responsibility, and honor, is to die in the battle." He continued, "Me, Su Dingguo, Zhan Qianshan, Ye Nantian, also the late Wu Gonglie, no matter what we will end up with, we won’t regret! If you make the strike in the battle, it is against our basic moral belief. Our self-esteem won’t let it happen."

"We are men in the army. We can’t fly. We can’t live forever. We can’t look down at the entire world. But we own the battlefield! We fight with our own methods! We do not use crooked sideways!"

"If we do, Ye Nantian, should have long killed us all thousands of times now. It should be just a piece of cake for him. However, he never did it. I know that he wouldn’t even think of doing it."

He said, "That is why I can’t do it either."

"Even if I know I will die in failure!"

He looked at the white flag and spoke in a deep voice, "So, Chen Xuantian truly made a vile strike by sending this man here. This must be his only option. That’s a smart move."

Wenren Chuchu blandly spoke, "Uncle, you don’t think Lord Xiao is a good commander, why? Like father, like son. Ye Xiao must be confident as he dares to lead the army this time!"