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Chapter 686: Meeting

Chapter 686: Meeting

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Wenren Jianying bitterly smiled. "Chuchu, why would you have such an absurd idea? Don’t you know what kind of person Ye Xiao is? If he really have even a slightly capable thing, our men in the capital of the Kingdom of Chen would have gotten him long ago. Do not say that… Hmmm… You mean…"

Wenren Chuchu blandly said, "No matter what, Lord Xiao is in the battle now. He is the commander of our enemy. He is our biggest enemy now. Ye Nantian’s son stands in the battle, then he is a man of the army. That is the only thing matters. A general dies in the battle. It is normal and reasonable. If we kill him in the fight, Ye Nantian shouldn’t say anything about it. Like you said, Uncle, we are not the one who sent him to this battle!"

Wenren Jianying took in a deep breath. He was enlightened. He said, "That’s true! That’s it! If Ye Xiao dies here, Ye Nantian should go get Chen Xuntian instead of us!"

"Transmit the order! Set a defiant formation to tease that Lord Xiao. Let’s see this famous and shocking figure in the Kingdom of Chen!" He loudly shouted, no more gloominess.

As the commander put an order, the soldiers answered!

It was like the sound of tides.

The voice of the million troops rolled up the dust to the sky.

Ye Xiao sat in Iron Peak eating Chinese baked bread and heard the shout. He frowned. Two rays of cold lights came out from his eyes.


[Only the elites in the battle can make such a shout!]

[The sound is rolling up with killing intent. The murderous vigor of their overwhelming spirits filled their voice!]

"That must be a strong rival!" Ye Xiao blandly spoke.

That was the first time he made a comment about Wenren Jianying!

Zhu Chenggong’s eyes were filled with hatred. "That is the man who killed Great General! I wish him death! I will kill him and everybody in his clan!"

Ye Xiao stared at Zhu Chenggong and blandly spoke, "Vice-Commander Zhu, you are holding it too tight. It is one’s destiny to die in the battle. We are all men of the army in this battle. There is only loyalty to the country, not personal hatred! Wu Gonglie was defeated. It is not Wenren Jianyin’s fault. Commander Wu died with honor. It is an honorable way to die. We can fight for him, but we can’t fight with hatred and murder somebody’s families."

Zhu Chenggong spoke with anger, "Commander Ye, you don’t get it. You can’t feel the pain in me. Of course you can take it easy. When you lose somebody close to you in the battle, you will know that this hatred will stay in your chest forever."

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "That is why you are only a vice-commander!"

"War is war. There is always rules in the battle." Ye Xiao raised his head, stared at Zhu Chenggong, and said in a low voice, "The reason why you cannot get on the same position as people like Wu Gonglie and Su Dingguo was not that you lack the capability. You don’t have a commander’s magnanimity! One day when you truly understand the magnanimity of Wu Gonglie, Wenren Jianyin, Zhan Qianshan and the same level heroes, you will become one of them!"

Zhu Chenggong was shocked. He looked up staring at Ye Xiao. He wanted to say something, but he had nothing to say.

The next day.

When the sun just rose up and the first sunlight shined on the earth. Inside or outside the Iron Peak, on both sides, horns long sounded.

That was a clear feeling.

The sound at this moment was a hello from the one hundred thousand men from the Kingdom of Chen to the million troops from the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, and also the other way around.

After that, the gate of Iron Peak, which had been shut for a long time, was slowly opened.

A group of men on horses were moving out.

It was less than one thousand men.

After a few hundred meters, they stopped.

Three men on horses were stilling moving ahead.

Ye Xiao. Song Jue. Ning Biluo.

The three of them were wearing light clothes. They didn’t take any weapons or armors, like they just came out for a fun tour.

Song Jue, who was on the left, was wearing cyan clothes. His face looked cold and calm. Ning Biluo, who was on the right, wore black clothes and had a straight face.

Lord Xiao, Ye Xiao, was in the middle. He was smiling. He was wearing white clothes, white robe and a golden hat while riding a black horse. His hair was tied up. He was extremely handsome at the moment.

He just rode the horse towards the million troops of the enemy with an indifferent face.

At the same time.

A long clarion sounded in the camp of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. The gate of the camp opened. Three men went out on horses too.

One of them was wearing purple clothes, with solemn face and slim body. He had three threads of long beards and a pair of phoenix eyes. He didn’t even look like a man of martial art on the horse. Instead, he was more like an old scholar with profound eyes.

On the left of him, there was another old man in cyan robes. He showed a solemn look on his face, and his eyes were sharp with cold lights.

On the right was a young woman in white. Her beautiful image made people feel like in a dream. She covered her face with a silk mask. Her eyebrows were deep, and her eyes were clear. Her horse was red. Even if she stood in front of people, she made them feel like in dreams.

Wenren Chuchu.

Ye Xiao saw her and then smiled.

He never expected to see the girl in the battle.

[Look how fate put us together!]

"To the man who rides in front. Are you War God of Lan-Feng, Wenren Jianyin, the prince?" Ye Xiao rode on the horse and showed an indifferent face. He stared at the man with eyes like two sharp swords.

"I am." Wenren Jianyin answered, "Is it the son of the War God of Chen, Ye Nantian, Ye Xiao, I am speaking to?"

"No!" Ye Xiao slightly raised his jaw and blandly spoke, "Wenren Jianyin, I officially inform you. The man who stands in front of you is the Commander of the Western Army of the Kingdom of Chen, Ye Xiao! Not the son of War God or anything else!"

Wenren Jianyin was solemn. He said, "My fault. I beg your pardon, Commander Ye!"

"I am the one who leads the honorable army to fight against your million troops." Ye Xiao’s eyes were sharp like knives. "Wenren Jianyin, you should get ready for this. Do not feel grudge when you die!"

Wenren Jianyin laughed. "I have the guts to step on this battle, then why would I fear death. The same to you! I hope you won’t die in regret!"

Ye Xiao indifferently smiled. That was full of arrogance.

Wenren Chuchu felt strangely familiar with Lord Xiao since he showed up.

However, she hadn’t seen Lord Xiao, even though she had heard things about him before.

She wondered where did that familiar feeling come from!