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Chapter 687: It’s You!

Chapter 687: It’s You!

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Wenren Jianyin looked aside and found Song Jue, who was staying beside Ye Xiao. He slightly closed his eyes and said, "Brother Song is here. It has been a long time."

It turned out they knew each other!

Steward Song had connections all over the world. He knew Zhu Chenggong and also knew Wenren Jianyin.

Wenren Jianyin was an old enemy.

Song Jue laughed. "It has been a while. Wenren, have you ever thought that we would meet again in the battle?"

Wenren Jianyin laughed. "Never. I thought you loved being a steward. Well, Lord Ye is here, and his steward follows. That’s reasonable. I am being spoffish here!"

Song Jue humphed. "I just like to be a steward. Not in your house though. What makes you think you can judge me? Reasonable your ass. Put your mind in the real business here. You are not going to face me this time. I am only doing a supporting role. I will watch you get defeated as carefully as I can! Your position in the Land of Han-Yang should be taken off and let somebody else have it long ago!"

Wenren Jianyin didn’t feel offended at all. He gently smiled. "It is always easy to wake up from sweet dreams. I don’t want to disappoint you, but you have to be disappointed."

Song Jue just humphed and didn’t say a word.

Wenren Jianyin looked to Ning Biluo and said, "My I ask who this is?"

Ning Biluo slowly raised his head up and looked at him indifferently. He didn’t even answer; he just lowered his gaze the next moment.

He actually ignored a war god in the world.

Wenren Jianyin suddenly felt pricking on the face like he was stabbed by a needle. His heart beat faster all of a sudden. An uncomfortable feeling haunted him with no reason!

Not only Wenren Jianyin, but also Wenren Chuchu and the old man were having the same feeling.

The old man felt it especially. He was spirited and arrogant at the beginning, like he looked down upon all else. However, at this moment, he felt an extreme cold qi. He was terrified.

He felt like he was deep in a wild forest alone, surrounded by all kinds of monsters!

He felt like he was going to die at any second. The feeling made his blood frozen in the veins.

He hurriedly raised his head up and looked at Ning Biluo, like looking at the most terrible person he had ever seen!

He was the least spirited and arrogant now!

Ning Biluo was stared at, but he looked like sleeping on the horse with a blank face…

The old man beside Wenren Jianyin was a superior cultivator in level nine of Sky Origin Stage. However, for Ning Biluo, he was even weaker than Wenren Jianyin. He wouldn’t even look at him.

He was confident that he could kill that old man with one sword sway!

That was why that old man meant nothing to Ning Biluo at this situation!

The reason why that old man didn’t look at Song Jue and Ye Xiao… He couldn’t see through them at all!

He could feel the fierceness in Ning Biluo because they were both in Sky Origin Stage after all, although in big difference. Song Jue had been over the Sky Origin Stage, so he couldn’t sense Song Jue’s status. Ye Xiao was in the Sky Origin Stage though. However, he was as powerful as someone in the Spirit Origin Stage. Besides, he had East-rising Purple Qi, which could hide his true status in a way. That was why the old man couldn’t sense him too!

Wenren Jianyin and Wenren Chuchu realized the Ning Biluo was a powerful figure. They were surprised.

Wenren Jianyin pretended to still be calm and blandly spoke, "I guess this should be enough for us. This afternoon, let me see the real capability of Brother Song and Commander Ye. I wonder if Commander Ye is as great as they said."

Then he turned the horse over and shouted, "Head back!"

Three horses carried them back to their camps.

Wenren Chuchu suddenly stopped the horse while she had just left a short distance. She looked back at Ye Xiao and asked with confusion, "Lord Ye, did we meet somewhere before?"

She eventually felt it. She and Ye Xiao had touched each other. She was sensitive to his smell. She felt strange about it, so she asked!

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "Not as I can remember. My lady, you have silky skin and perfect body shape. If I did see you before, I wouldn’t forget!"

Wenren Chuchu humphed. She looked at his face for a while and then suddenly jumped up high. She reached out her hand to grab on Ning Biluo’s face.

That was a precipitate attack. Her white pretty figure flashed in the air and then appeared in front of Ning Biluo. Her movement made an overwhelming power striking down with murderous qi.

She talked to Ye Xiao but attacked Ning Biluo!

Ning Biluo was shocked.

Apparently, he made the same mistake as Wenren Jianyin and the old man. He was much more powerful than that cyan-clothed old man and Wenren Jianyin, so he could clearly see both their cultivation status. However, he knew nothing about Wenren Chuchu’s capability. Since she was a young woman, he thought that even though she was good, she wouldn’t be "that" good, so he didn’t really pay attention to her!

However, unexpectedly, that young woman was obviously a hidden superior cultivator. She had such overwhelming power that was even stronger than Ning Biluo.

However, it didn’t mean Ning Biluo couldn’t defend himself in this fight!

Ning Biluo was so good. Even though it was out of his expectation, even though he was shocked, he was experienced enough to take a fast reaction to draw out the long sword to strike back.

Shadeless Sword.

A sword showed up in Ning Biluo’s hand out of nothing. A mass of purple qi burst out around it. Thousands of sword shades rose up in a mass back to Wenren Chuchu.

Ning Biluo was striking his best defensive move as he encountered a surprise attack.

Wenren Chuchu humphed. She suddenly stopped moving ahead to move back fast. She went forward and then moved back like it was one smooth move. That was incredible.

Ning Biluo’s sword art, Shadeless Sword, was unique and sharp, but the attack only hit the air!

His attack came to nothing. The power made a slight reverse impact back to himself. His spiritual qi was blocked, and he knew things went wrong. He had made a mistake. If Wenren Chuchu attacked again, even though he could dodge, he would get to an absolute negative position in this fight!

While Ning Biluo held his breath and gathered his spiritual qi to make a final strike, the lady was gone! What a surprise!

- Shoot! - Wenren Chuchu had returned to her horse. She looked at Ning Biluo and blandly spoke, "Out of nothing; the purple qi in the skyline! I know it is you, Ning Biluo…"