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Chapter 688: Who Are You?

Chapter 688: Who Are You?

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One strike, and it pointed the winner. The No. 1 assassin in the world, Ning Biluo, was actually defeated by an unheard-of young lady!

Wenren Chuchu finished talking and looked to Ye Xiao. After a while, she still hadn’t said anything to him. She spurred the horse and returned to their camps.

While she was leaving on the horse, she still made people feel like in dreams.

Ye Xiao stared at her back and noticed the small lotus patterns on the robe that she was wearing. He frowned.

It reminded him of something.

No matter what clothes she was wearing, different colors, different styles, long robe or skirt, there was always small patterns of lotus on it. That had never changed.

That should be an intolerant thing for a lady!

But why did Wenren Chuchu never change that?

Ye Xiao thought about it but couldn’t think of anything useful, though he had a strong feeling that he had the answer.

Song Jue was showing a solemn face. He looked at Wenren Chuchu and said, "So she is the princess of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng?"

Ye Xiao answered, "I guess she is."

On the other side, Ning Biluo still looked calm, but in fact, a drop of sweat was out from his hairline.

He was the only one who could feel the horrible stress Wenren Chuchu had made, because he was the one who got through it!

That moment, Ning Biluo could even feel the breath of death!

He had made a fast reaction, but that mistake could have gotten him killed if the lady made a second attack! Could he survive that?

Ning Biluo knew the answer himself!

It was not a good answer!

Song Jue looked more serious now. He said, "I am afraid that girl is not just a princess. The martial art she used just now is so strange. It is just a few moves yet it felt like countless shapes. If I didn’t recognize it wrong, that must be… the prime treasure of Misty Cloud Palace, one of the three great forces in Qing-Yun Realm, Ice Jade Supreme Art!"

"The movement, the attacks… that is absolutely from Misty Cloud Palace!"

"Xiao Xiao, she is not an ordinary princess. You must be careful on that…" Song Jue spoke while staring at the back of Wenren Chuchu.

Ye Xiao blandly said, "So what. She is absolutely not a rival to my Uncle Song. We don’t need to scare ourselves."

He laughed and then rode back.

He wasn’t being arrogant. He truly felt it hilarious.

Wenren Jianyin had been planning to say something, but when he realized how powerful the three enemies were, he just went back without saying anything.

He was a conservative person. He was always overcautious.

That was why he lacked of the spirit of taking venturesome risk in the war.

The fight between him and Wu Gonglie earlier and all that he had done in the war proved it well!

Wu Gonglie was defeated by schemes. As his perfect defense line was broken, it should be a one-sided great victory. But Wenren Jianyin failed to take Wu Gonglie down at once. If Wenren Chuchu didn’t came with supports, Wu Gonglie might be able to buy more time for the Kingdom of Chen or even get away. When Wu Gonglie used his own life as bait to stop the attack, Wenren Jianyin still just proceeded with slow marching. He didn’t even want to take him down once and for all. In fact, if he just put on a final strike, the Western Army would have been wiped out before Ye Xiao arrived. He should have been fighting in the central region of the Kingdom of Chen by now.

Wenren Jianyin was over cautious indeed, but it was the reason why he never got defeated in the battles after all!

A high-sounding victory might be better, but stability made him stand in the war long enough!

Ye Xiao was worried. He was thinking about how to deal with such a cautious man!

He frowned.

However, no matter how he tried to concentrated, he couldn’t. He felt that there was a pair of eyes staring at him all the time.

Wenren Chuchu felt that her heart was beating out of the chest all the way back to her camp.

She nearly ‘fled’ away from the battle.


Wenren Jianyin saw his niece being strange with a red face, like she was drunk. He said, caring, "Chuchu, what’s the matter?"

"Ah? I…" Wenren Chuchu stopped and then said, "Nothing. I am fine."

Wenren Jianyin felt even stranger. "Nothing? You are fine? Are you ill, Chuchu? You must tell me if you don’t feel well. Please don’t hide anything from our medic!"

"No… I am fine. I… I am not thinking about anything," she spoke incoherently. Her heart was in a mess with complicated emotions.

She truly didn’t know what was inside her mind at the moment.

Wenren Jianyin frowned but didn’t ask more. He spoke to the maid, "Go with the princess to her camp."

Wenren Chuchu left with the maid.

As she returned to her camp, she still felt her heart beating fast and heavily. She couldn’t even remember how she came back to the camp.

Her heart was still beating fast.

She sat on the bed with a blank mind. She felt like she just recovered from a big disease. Emotions started to fill her heart.

"Ning Biluo! That guy is the No. 1 assassin in the world, Ning Biluo!

"Lord Xiao… How come I feel so familiar with him!

"Why is Ning Biluo in this place? He is a strong hand to Feng Monarch of Ling-Bao Hall! Why would he stay beside Ye Xiao? What does it mean?

"Ning Biluo respects Ye Xiao. He is obedient. I can feel it from his eyes! That can’t be wrong.

"Ning Biluo would never be obedient to others so easily. The House of the Chaotic Storms tried many times to recruit him, but was turned down. How could Lord Xiao keep him around? That is intriguing."

After a while, she finally sorted out a few lines in the mess in her heart.

[I decided to test Ning Biluo and revealed his personality as expected. That is a sudden decision and I didn’t have scruples about Ning Biluo. Why would I just get away after I got to know his face?]

[Do I fear for Ning Biluo? No. Before or after I knew it was him, I always knew I could absolutely defeat him. It wasn’t a difficult thing to knock him down!]

[What was I thinking? Shouldn’t I try to test Ye Xiao or Song Jue after that?]

[Why didn’t I?]

[Why did I just get away awkwardly?]

[I shouldn’t have!]

[Is it… I was too scared to?]