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Chapter 689: Kick the Camps!

Chapter 689: Kick the Camps!

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Wenren Chuchu lied on her bed, looking confused.

"Feng Zhiling! Who are you? What are you…"

"I know your face is not what I saw on Feng Zhiling. Feng Zhiling must be your disguise!"

"Then who are you?"

She felt heavy in the head. She didn’t know what she was thinking. She just felt so lazy and didn’t want to do anything. After thinking for a long time, she fell asleep on the bed.

She was having a dream.

In the dream, Feng Monarch’s face showed up. He was walking over to her…

However, when he got closer, he became so handsome with sharp nose and eyes.

That face was exactly Ye Nantian’s son, Lord Xiao, Ye Xiao!

She exclaimed and woke up from the dream, gasping again and again.

The maid outside the door was terrified. She rushed in and said, "Princess, are you alright?"

Wenren Chuchu gasped and drank some water. When she calmed down a bit, her heartbeat slowed down. She asked, "What time is it?"

"It is just past noon." The maid was worried. She looked at Wenren Chuchu and said, "Princess, you have slept over five hours."

"Five hours…" Wenren Chuchu bitterly smiled. She truly didn’t know what was wrong with herself now.

She didn’t need to sleep as much as ordinary people anymore.

When she was tired, she just sat in meditation and that would recover herself entirely.

Even though when she wanted to sleep, she would never sleep over one hour.

Yet she had slept over five hours!

That was unbelievable.

"Anybody came for me while I was sleeping?" she asked the maid.

"No. His highness told me to let you rest well. Nobody dares to disturb you," the maid answered.

"Hmm." Wenren Chuchu was then lost in thoughts again.

The maid served her well. She ate something and was still wandering in thoughts. When she finished the meal, the sky turned dark. Night had come.

She was still in thoughts.

After a while, when the maid was getting out cautiously, Wenren Chuchu asked, "Wait. The enemy didn’t make any attacks this afternoon?"

The maid smiled. "You worry too much, Princess. We have over one million strong men. They have just over two hundred thousand… They should feel lucky to hold the Iron Peak for some time. How would they dare to make any attack first? If they did, they must be looking for death themselves."

Wenren Chuchu said, "Things change in the battle. Nobody can always win. We must not be reckless."

In fact, she was thinking, [What would you do if you really are here? Would you just hold the defense.]

When she thought so, noise came over from outside her camp. Suddenly, something exploded. Horse steps sounded everywhere.

She was shocked. "That…"

"Enemy invasion!"

A fearful exclamation sounded in the camps.

The sky was suddenly lit up.

A rising big fire!

At the same time, horses rode into the camps like thunder!

A mass of murderous qi suddenly spread in the camps of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng.

Wenren Chuchu could hear the voice of her uncle Wenren Jianyin. "Let them in! Lure them and wipe them out!"

"No!" Wenren Chuchu jumped out and rushed out the camp like wild wind.

She knew Wenren Jianyin seemed to be doing the right choice.

In fact, it was the right thing to do facing almost all enemies.

When a million men army was invaded by a two hundred thousand men army, to stay calm and react stably would definitely lead to victory.

To lure the enemy deep into the camp then wipe them out was the best plan.

However, it was not a practical plan against the enemy they were facing this time!

This was to lead death onto themselves!

Because… there were too many brilliant assassins in the martial world!

Wenren Chuchu knew that it would be a horrible thing if those were really assassins from Ling-Bao Hall…

One assassin could fight one hundred in the dark. A great amount of assassins working together, that was invincible! It was not a fight at all. It would be massacre!

Wenren Chuchu was extremely terrified. She rushed out the tent and moved so fast as a white shadow. She was heading towards Wenren Jianyin’s tent.

She didn’t worry about herself. Even Ning Biluo would die under one strike fight against her. She wouldn’t worry about her safety.

Even if the assassins of Ling-Bao Hall fought together against her, she could still get away after killing a few of them. She was beyond the cultivation limitation of this world. She was simply difficult to defeat here!

However, she had to worry about her uncle. As far as she knew about those assassins, any of them could kill Wenren Jianyin in a one on one combat!

She didn’t fear a bunch of strong ants, but her uncle did, because he was an ant too! Not even a strong one!

She was moving fast. While she was moving, she saw a dark flow rushing over through the gate of the camps in an overwhelming way.

A camp invasion was usually planned in the midnight before dawn.

However, Lord Xiao wasn’t following any rule.

He actually started an invasion when it just turned dark!

That was an extremely fierce invasion!

This was a weird invasion. Even Wenren Jianyin was surprised. He was in a muddle.

[This is insane!]

However, insane or not, it depended on the circumstances. With overwhelming power, it was not insane, it was brave and thoughtful!

At the moment, the invasion of the Kingdom of Chen was like a burning red knife stabbing into the camps of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. Wherever they got to, people were knocked down like dead wood!