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Chapter 691: Multiple Attempts of Assassination!

Chapter 691: Multiple Attempts of Assassination!

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The generals lowered their heads. They didn’t say a word to argue, but their face were all red.

[Isn’t commander calling us useless gluttons?]

The dead bodies were sorted out and put on a side.

Men of opponents were on one side, while their men in the other. That made two long rows of dead bodies.

Wenren Jianyin walked over and looked at the dead men. He sighed.

"Our men died under the wounds on their chests. They were cut in the front. They didn’t hold back facing powerful enemies. They are good men. They sacrificed themselves to create opportunity for others to damage the enemy."

He looked at the dead bodies with sorrow in the eyes. "Their men have multiple injuries. Most of them were wounded on the back. Apparently, our men mostly killed them by a sneaky back-stab. They were killed under awareness. Those were good soldiers."

"Our enemy is a team of all good soldiers like this. That is horrible."

"Uncle, don’t get too close." Wenren Chuchu stepped forward and stopped Wenren Jianyin/ "Something is wrong."

Wenren Jianyin frowned. "We are in our own place. What wrong could it be?"

"They may be pretending to be dead to sneak into us." Wenren Chuchu looked at the dead bodies with cold eyes. She gave a hint to a general at the side.

The general didn’t hesitate. He waved a hand and somebody went over to check on the bodies.

They were more careful on the double check.

At this moment, among those dead bodies, over a dozen bodies suddenly jumped out like zombies. Suddenly, they became over a dozen sharp shooting arrow, shooting towards Wenren Jianyin.

That scared the others the hell out!

They never thought it could be such a trap.

It was an assassination earned by sacrificing thousands of lives!

Wenren Chuchu sneered. [I knew it! You want to pull the rug from under me? What a silly dream!]

She moved fast appearing as a white shadow and stayed in front of Wenren Jianyin. Her sword was swaying fast as the sword light flashed, like the stars shined from the sky.

Her sword move actually kept Wenren Jianyin under perfect protection. Her sword became a shield over him. At the same time, the sword light expended and started to attack the assassins.

The assassins looked cold and stiff on the face. Their eyes were sharp. As the sword lights were about to hit them, they started to make even more powerful strikes. They didn’t panic at all. They suddenly shouted at the same time. Three of them rushed into the sword light attack and sacrificed themselves. Their blood splashed and tainted the sky.

That worked well. Wenren Chuchu’s sword light attack was powerful, but it was stopped by the sacrifice of the three men!

Wenren Chuchu half closed her eyes. Apparently, it was far beyond her expectation. She could see that those men were all in beginning levels of Sky Origin Stage, although they were good and fierce. She was confident that her sword attack could damage them all if it hit on them. However, the three pasted ones actually sacrificed themselves to stop the attack. They died, but they earned the opportunity for the others to live on!

Wenren Chuchu realized that if those men started to take leave, at least half of them could leave safely!

However, things went beyond her expectation again!

As her sword light attack was vanished, one of the guys suddenly speeded up. The sword in his hand suddenly emitted dozens of meters long sword qi and stuck on Wenren Jianyin.

He was fearless facing Wenren Chuchu, such a powerful cultivator. He actually still kept rushing towards Wenren Jianyin!

That was a tough man!

However, he was not as tough in cultivation!

A Sky Origin Stage cultivator beside Wenren Jianyin shouted with anger and his long sword flew out from his hand.

- Puff! -

Expectedly, that man was cut through the body. He was cut through by the sword and pushed backward by the sword at the same time. That long sword qi vanished as well. It didn’t cause any damage.

Wenren Chuchu stopped an assassination. The superior cultivators in the camps were all enlightened. They yelled and crowded up together. Wenren Jianyin had experienced a lot. He didn’t panic, just stepped back a few meters, and hid among his men. It was impossible to assassinate him under such a situation.

The rest of the assassins knew it was not possible to finish the task. They exclaimed at the same time and then jumped up to the sky with shiny swords, and then flew out of the camp like shooting arrows.

"You truly think you can flee?" Wenren Chuchu gave the order, "Archer! Fire!"

All of a sudden, the sky turned dark!

Countless arrows flew in the air, covering the sky.

There were seven assassins fleeing away. Five of them instantly became like hedgehogs falling down to the floor heavily. However, two of them flew up to the flag poles and pushed themselves again and flew away again.

They became two streams of shining sword lights in the air. They jumped out hundreds of meters away like shooting stars. The flying arrows were chasing them like rainstorm. However, the two of them actually just rushed out forcibly.

Wenren Chuchu saw that they were about to get away. Her eyes turned cold and she jumped up. Her sharp sword suddenly shined and then she became a mass of white storm, shooting out after the two assassins.

When she just flew out, among the dead bodies on the floor, one more jumped up all of a sudden!

While that man jumped out, he was having a huge overwhelming fierceness. He actually became a mass of thunderstorm!

A massive sword light along with lightning shined in the air and rushed towards Wenren Jianyin, who was under strong protection at the moment.

One after another attempt of assassination, one sharper than another, in the million troops camp, striking on the Commander!

It was impossible, but there was also hope to change the situation. This was an overwhelming strike. Wenren Jianyin was in fatal danger!

Wenren Chuchu just flew out a moment earlier, and then she felt something was wrong. As she looked back, she saw that splendid mass of lights of sword. It was shooting ahead with murderous power. In just a short time, at least fifty soldiers were cut into body parts trying to stop it.