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Chapter 692: Lightning Strike

Chapter 692: Lightning Strike

Translator: Rain Editor: Chrissy
Wenren Chuchu humphed and then turned forcibly back.

The thunder striking sword light attack didn’t stop after cutting dozens of men. It became even brighter and fiercer, flying towards Wenren Jianyin! It was sharp and powerful!

However, Wenren Jianyin’s close guards had realizde the situation already. They didn’t even take any weapons. They didn’t use any weapons to stop that attack. They just loudly shouted and then rushed over with their bodies to stop that attack.

The attack was shooting too fast that they didn’t have time to draw their weapons anymore. That was why they would sacrifice their bodies to slow that sword attack down even just a bit!

As the sword light shined, the five guards were cut into dozens of pieces. They died with parted bodies. However, it slowed down a bit. The guards after those five finally had time to sway their weapons. One of them stabbed out a spear like it was a long dragon rushing out from the crowd, hitting right on that sword light attack.

The assassin humphed. His splendid sword light suddenly became brighter again. It was so bright that people got hurt by watching it. That spear couldn’t win the crash at all. It was ruined and turned into ashes. The owner of the spear spat out blood from the heavy blast. He fell out hard and nobody knew whether he was still alive or not.

The old man beside Wenren Jianyin stepped ahead with a solemn face. He had just thrown out a sword to kill the fleeing assassins. That was why he couldn’t get back in time. Now that the long sword was back to his hand. He rushed out with the sword in full power. Two masses of sword lights crashed in the air. That was the most fiery impact.

- Bang! Bang! Bang! - It sounded again and again!

That was a direct one to one combat. The stronger one would win!

The Sky Origin Stage old man spat out blood, but he didn’t step back a bit. He would die fighting.

The assassins also got hit. He seemed unable to stand firmly. Suddenly, he rolled over and then two streams of cold lights appeared under his two feet. They both shot out towards Wenren Jianyin. As the two lights shot out from his feet, he swayed his sword around his body and made a protection shield to defend himself.

- Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang! … -

The sword qi built a shield on his body. Some soldiers tried to attack him with different weapons, however, all hit on the shield. Those soldiers spat out blood and were hit away.

That assassin finally couldn’t hold it. He spat out blood after hitting off the enemies.

He was a strong man, but he used up his energy eventually. After fighting so many men, he finally got hurt!

However, though he was hurt, he could still kill some men. After spitting out blood, he jumped up again and threw out the sharp sword. He was making the same sword strike as the old Sky Origin Stage guy did earlier. His sword shot out like a shooting star aiming at Wenren Jianyin.

Surprisingly, there was another sword that showed up in his hand like magic. He didn’t make another attack though. He just turned around and fled fast.

That was unexpected. It seemed so complicated, but in fact, it just happened during three or five breaths!

Wenren Chuchu overwhelmingly showed up and used her sword light shield to protect Wenren Jianyin while also killing the assassins at the same time. Wenren Jianyin hurriedly hid into the crowd. Four assassins died under the guards’ and Wenren Chuchu’s hands. The rest of the assassins fled away. Wenren Chuchu gave an order to the archers, but the arrows didn’t kill all the fleeing assassins. She decided to catch them by herself. When she was about to wipe them up, another hidden assassin suddenly showed up and killed a lot.

Wenren Chuchu was powerful, but she had been rushing away. Even though she had turned around as soon as she could, she stopped in there for a moment. Before she touched the floor, that assassin actually flew out rapidly, unbelievably fast!

Wenren Chuchu had made a sudden turnaround a moment ago, so she couldn’t do it again so soon. She could only watch that man leave in an incredible speed.

When she stood on the floor and took a deep breath, she hurriedly jumped up again. In fact, she knew that she couldn’t catch the assassin anymore, since that assassin was not a bit lower than her at all.

That assassin was wearing black clothes. He kept fleeing in low altitude. He moved fast ahead about two hundred meters every time he stepped on the floor. While he was going to step down, he stepped on two soldiers’ heads. - Puff! - Two heads exploded.

Right after that, he rose up again and moved forward another two hundred meters. However, he didn’t step on anything again. He directly became a stream of colorful sword light that flew out fast.

As the sword light shined, he had moved ahead over a thousand meters. He stood on a flag pole. While countless arrows were about to hit on him, the sword light shined again. This time, he rushed up to the sky and then disappeared.

Every move of his was finished during a blink.

Wenren Chuchu spent about three breaths to make the shield, draw out the sword, give the order, rush out, turn around and head back, stand on the floor and fly out again. That assassin only spent one breath to jump out, kill some soldiers, get stopped, rush again, be stopped again, flee away, disappear…

Only in one breath!

That was incredibly fast!

- Dang! -

The Sky Origin Stage old man swayed his sword with full power to knock away the flying sword. He felt numb in the hand. His sword nearly flew out of his hand. That flying sword was just moved aside a little bit and then shot into the crowd. What came after it was continual painful exclamation. That flying sword actually cut through over a dozen men before it finally stabbed in the floor. It was shining with colorful and cold lights, covered by blood.

A drop of blood went down along the blade.

It was silent around where the sword stopped!

This was a lightning strike attack!

Lightning struck and it shocked the world. Only one strike and it disappeared!

Ten thousand cavalry rushed in so casually and left thousands of men behind. Over a dozen good assassins started the attack after it, but turned out to be a cover for the last assassin! The final strike was aimed for that instant kill!

If Wenren Chuchu didn’t warn Wenren Jianyin, he would have died for sure!

It was a trap in a trap in order to assassinate Wenren Jianyin!