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Chapter 693: Glorious!

Chapter 693: Glorious!

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Lord Xiao had planned everything. He knew Wenren Jianyin would check the dead after the invasion. He knew that he would especially check the wounds on the dead bodies. Wenren Jianyin usually did this. He always did.

The assassins from the Kingdom of Chen faked death when they just entered the camp. They just lied there under their enemies’ weapons, risking their own lives for this assassination!

Two waves of assassination!

After the invasion, Wenren Jianyin loosened his alert…

If Wenren Chuchu didn’t warn him and he just stepped over to the assassins…

How would that end?

The others thought of the possible consequences and felt terrified!

They looked at the glowing blood sword standing in the floor. They felt cold in the hearts. They were truly lucky survivors from a disaster! How terrifying!

What a fantastic scheme!

How horrible the assassins were!

That Sky Origin Stage old man stood straight up beside Wenren Jianyin. When he was just about to say something, he spat out blood instead.

He was a senior royal martial artist who served his kingdom for a long time. He was definitely one of the five strongest cultivators in the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. He had just fought twice against the assassin, with help from all those soldiers, however, he was seriously injured.

The last strike from the assassins was definitely powerful!

The old man was swaying. Suddenly, he was enlightened. He was terrified and shouted, "With one sword to overrun and conquer the world! That was Zhao Pingtian!"

"The No. 3 assassin in the world! The Killer King! Zhao Pingtian!"

The generals heard it and all turned pale in the face. They felt cold qi rising up from bottom of their bodies and climbing up along their backs like a cold poisonous snake.

[Zhao Pingtian?]

[It’s him!]

This name wasn’t only shocking in the world of assassins or the martial world!

In the world, among all the influential figures, this name was reverberating like thunder!

Zhao Pingtian!

If Zhao Pingtian wanted to kill somebody, nobody dared to guarantee he could be stopped.

No matter how powerful or influential the target was, nothing could stop Zhao Pingtian!

He was somebody equally powerful with Ning Biluo!

In fact, think about Wan Zhenghao, all the influential people in the world had the same thoughts about livings. You can enjoy your wealth as long as you are alive! Nothing meant anything to a dead man!

Zhao Pingtian was the one who could easily take your life. He was the best in this!

However, nobody expected him to fight for the Kingdom of Chen.

In fact, they were not only surprised. They couldn’t understand it. Zhao Pingtian didn’t have any sense of national identity. Everybody in the martial world knew it. Why would he show up in the army of the Kingdom of Chen?

That was such a weird thing.

Wenren Jian didn’t want his men to panic, so he didn’t tell the others Ning Biluo was also serving Kingdom of Chen in this war. If the soldiers knew that the two most powerful assassins were both in the opponent’s army, they would all lose faith in this battle!

Wenren Chuchu looked solemn. A strange expression showed in her eyes.


[Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian… Feng Zhiling, the best assassins you have are both here.]

[Where are you?]

She gritted her teeth…

[Who are you?]


Ye Xiao looked calm and cold in the eyes while watching the men who just returned.

"Brothers, you’ve had a long day." Ye Xiao announced rewards for the men and then he felt disappointed after all.

Zhu Chenggong was so excited already. His face seemed glowing.

Ye Xiao truly was satisfied with the result of this fight. In his plan, Zhao Pingtian could at least badly wound Wenren Jianyin.

It was better to put him down in injury than nothing.

However, nothing really happened. Wenren Jianyin was totally safe. So was their important generals.

Ye Xiao’s plan failed. It didn’t achieve what he was planning for. It was a failure. Ye Xiao took it as a complete failure.

He sighed. "All hard work for nothing!"

"What?" Zhu Chenggong couldn’t believe it. He stared at Commander Ye with his widely opened eyes.

"It is such a shame that we failed to kill Wenren Jianyin." Ye Xiao blandly smiled. "But we will have another chance."

"Commander, I mean… You are…" Zhu Chenggong didn’t know how to put it. "Do you really want to kill Wenren Jianyin just by one invasion? What we have done today is already a glorious achievement!"

"Ah?" Ye Xiao couldn’t understand it. "Vice-Commander Zhu, what we got is just a small success. It actually doesn’t seem like a success at all. Why are you so satisfied? Are you misunderstanding the situation? Wenren Jianyin was attacked, but he didn’t get hurt. We didn’t kill any of their important figures. What glory do we have?"

Zhu Chenggong’s face turned red. "Misunderstand? I did not! We have been losing the battle all these days. Our soldiers are losing morale. This invasion means a lot to the Western Army! By the way…

"It is understandable that the young generation is always aggressive in fights, but you are still short for experience in the battle, Commander. You missed one important thing! After this fight, Wenren Jianyin would definitely not show up in the field! We have more than one good assassin. He may lose his life if he shows up in the battlefield. Do you know what does it mean to us? That means they may have a huge problem passing on informations as their commander isn’t with them!

"Let’s put it in simpler words. If Wenren Jianyin showed up fighting with his men, he will know about the situation in the field real-time. He can make adjustment in a short time. He can command his army smoothly. Situation in the field changes every second, but he can handle it well if he can keep watching it. However, if he just hide behind the field and command his men by receiving information then giving out orders, it won’t be efficient enough. The transmission speed and veracity of information will be affected.

"That will be great for us. The situation is changing every second. As long as they make one mistake because of that, we may be able to crush them using the flaw. It will become possible to hold the Iron Peak! Kingdom of Lan-Feng will never get even one step into our kingdom!"