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Chapter 694: Have to Hurry!

Chapter 694: Have to Hurry!

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A long speech proved that Zhu Chenggong was really thrilled!

"Hold the Iron Peak? So that is what you want?" Ye Xiao turned to him, staring at him and emphasizing the word ‘hold’.

"Absolutely! To hold the Iron Peak. That is already a huge achievement, a great contribution," Zhu Chenggong answered like he was telling something commonsensible.

Ye Xiao shook his head. He felt awkward. "Maybe I am being to aggressive, just like you said. What I want is never just to hold Iron Peak. I want to defeat them! I even want to wipe out the entire Lan-Feng army! That is what I want. If only to hold Iron Peak, why do you need me? Why would I come?"

Zhu Chenggong was stunned. "My dear commander, it is close to impossible to just hold the Iron Peak. If you didn’t arrive in time, we would have been broken through already. However, even though you are here with the men under your lead, we are no more than two hundred thousand men. Kingdom of Lan-Feng, they have more than one million strong men here. They are a lot outnumbering us…"

"Please, commander, no rush. Like I just said, it is good that you take it aggressively, but we cannot be reckless on this. We are in a war. Do not underestimate your enemy." Zhu Chenggong was worried.

He felt that Commander Ye was over confident on this.

[He actually wants to defeat the one million troops with less than two hundred thousand men?]

[Not just to defeat, but to destroy, to wipe out… is that a proper ambition?]

[It sounds more like a silly dream to me!]

[Or just simply seeking for death?]

Even though the invasion had given Wenren Jianyin a lesson and a sense of danger, it was just a one-time thing. There wasn’t any real damage to the Lan-Feng army. The thousands of men they lost meant nothing.

In fact, Ye Xiao had lost a lot in this. More than three thousand of their good men died in their. They had only less than two hundred thousand men in total, and Lan-Feng army had over one million. That was a big percentage to lose!

Ye Xiao looked at Vice-Commander Zhu. He really didn’t know what to say to him anymore.

[Do you think I want to hurry? Of course I know if we hold it long enough, there will be more men coming to support from other battles. My father is the best we can get if we can wait. But I don’t have much time to waste! Three months. That’s all I have here. Besides, I really need to gather some soul power now…]

[I don’t have much time!]

[I have to hurry!]

"I have decided. Vice-Commander, there is nothing more to discuss!" Ye Xiao was being tough. He was so solemn and didn’t give him chance to argue. "As a man of war, to sacrifice is our duty! If we can’t conquer land, we fail. If we can’t take back the land we lost and only keep defending ourselves, it is our shame!"

Zhu Chenggong opened his mouth but couldn’t say a word. He was ashamed.

What Ye Xiao said made him feel disgraced. He couldn’t deny it.

The land that they lost was exactly lost from his hands.

At the same time, he was a bit annoyed too. [Do you think I want to lose it?]

Ye Xiao tried to be soft. "Don’t think too much into it though, Vice-Commander Zhu. I understand how you feel. I am not judging you. However, it is our land. No matter how or why we lost it, we have a reason to fight for it. We have to take it back! We have to take the land back for our kingdom!"

"We have to take it back! Our land! Our pride! Our victory!"

Ye Xiao tapped on Zhu Chenggong’s shoulder and then casually walked out.

Zhu Chenggong stood there. His face started to be covered by glorious glow.

[That is right.]

[We must take it back!]

[I don’t want to be a defeated general!]

[Failed and failed, so what? We will get the victory eventually!]

[My honor, pride, glory, I need them back. What to do?]



[Our honor!]

"What could be worse! What I have is no more than just a miserable life! Nothing could be worse than death!" He gritted his teeth as he said, "But if I survive by luck, I get the victory!"

Then he left the tent too.

When Ye Xiao walked out, he called all the generals at once to gather in the main tent. He gave several orders for battle.

"We taste the first victory. Next, we won’t just keep holding inside the building and wait for their attack! We strike in advance! We strike them with surprise after the victory we just got!"

"One hundred thousand men part into twenty groups!"

"You keep harassing enemy’s camp!"

"Collect all the arrows back from the field. No matter where you are, archers don’t stop giving them arrow strikes! If you are running out of arrows, go pick some from the field or ask our supply for more! The more the better! I don’t want to see the arrow attack stop!"

"We are not having a tough fight this time. Do not start a long fight! I want only one thing. You hit them, you leave. Make sure you will be safe and harass them as frequently as you can. I want them lose time to rest! I want them to run here and there without stopping!"

That was a crazy plan. If the Kingdom of Lan-Feng decided to just get on a final strike all together, the one hundred thousand men outside might all be gone.

However, Ye Xiao had decided.

It was indeed a perfect time to march for attack. The invasion and assassination took place in the afternoon. Kingdom of Lan-Feng must still be in shock. They would never expect another strike going on them again so soon.

After all, it was suicide to rush into a million troops with just over a hundred thousand men.

However, that was exactly what Ye Xiao wanted to do. He wouldn’t give his enemy what they expected.

"Song Jue!"


"You and Vice-Commander Zhu go rush in their camp and stir a disturbance in it. Do not stay long!"


"Ning Biluo!"


"You and…, just do the same thing!"


"Zhao Pingtian!"


"Liu Changjun!"


Ye Xiao assigned all his good assassins into different squads to strike along with the soldiers. That made sure every squad had a sharp point!

He wanted these squads with sharp points to break the defense line of the enemy, so that his army could go rush into the enemy’s camp and start the fight!

After the time of a few pots of tea, horse steps sounded up like thunder storms in the darkness!

Murderous shouts sounded everywhere.

At the moment, the camp of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng had just stopped cooking. The sky was in the darkest moment.

Everything was in silence. Suddenly, horse steps sounded like thunder from everywhere.

"What… They actually made an attack now!"