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Chapter 695: Twenty Sharp Daggers!

Chapter 695: Twenty Sharp Daggers!

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Wenren Jianyin’s face turned dark. "This Lord Xiao is truly bodacious and crazy! Does he think I am that easy to put down?"

"That goes too over!"

"Prepare fully for the fight!"

"Ma Wupeng!"


"Listen to their sound. It must be a strike of a big number of men. They should be short for manpower to guard the gate. Take fifty thousand good men with you. Ignore the harassment and go directly to attack the gate!"


"Ling Dongsheng!"


"Take one hundred thousand men with you. Follow Ma Wupeng and support him any time he needs!"


"Han Shangyun! Dong Qiliang! Zhang Yunduan!"

"Yes!" Three answered at the same time.

"We should attack their four gates at the same time! Fake attacks on three sides while one real on one. Ma Wupeng takes the main attack and you guys do the fake attacks! Just distract their guarding force!"


"Prepare ambush around our camp! Get ready for the incoming enemy!"


"Expendable Team ready!"


"Confidential Team, come with me!"


Wenren Jianyin reacted fast and vicious. When he noticed what was going on, he made the best decision to deal with the surprise attack.

Outside the camp of the Lan-Feng army.

Song Jue loudly shouted, "Brothers, kill them all!"

He swayed the broad sword in his hand. A blood-colored light showed up in the sky. It rushed forward to the gate of the camp. Suddenly, the gate was rolled up to the sky, broken!

That was only the beginning. That sword light didn’t stop when it hit the gate. Countless bodies flew up to the sky because of the strike of the sword light. They were swaying in the air with exclamation before falling down on the floor. Blood rushed up in a mess, truly a splendin scene to behold.

Steward Song wouldn’t care if it was splendid or not. He rushed into the camp first!

He swayed his sword again, chopping off countless legs and arms off the enemies. He laughed arrogantly and shouted like thunders. He was finally back to the battlefield. The familiar smell of blood aroused the maliciousness deep inside his heart!

It didn’t take him long to become fierce and overwhelming!

Nobody could be more powerful than him when his maliciousness was aroused in the battle. With just a few small strikes, he killed all those who dared to try to stop him. Even the horse under him felt the vigor. It was also doing its best it could to fight with its master. It could step out ten meters at the beginning, but was able to rush out dozens of meters at the moment!

Song Jue was like a god and his horse was like a dragon!

The horse was thrilled. Song Jue was getting more and more excited. He couldn’t hold the fever in his heart no more!

He shouted loudly and then jumped off the horse, rushing towards to the most crowded area. With one sword strike, he cleaned up all those who dared to stand in his way. He kept striking ahead, and the enemies were falling one after another!

Five thousand men saw their leader fight so overwhelmingly. They were spirited. Almost at the same time, they all became extremely excited. Their hairs flew up and they kept yelling with fierceness. They rushed into the crowd vigorously too!

Song Jue was brilliant in martial art. He kept striking with his sword and cut into the central area of the camp!

- Shoot! Shoot! Shoot! -

The sky was lit up like two lightning strikes crossed in the sky. Hundreds of streams of blood rushed up to the sky! Only within an instant, it became like hell in flames!

Song Jue and his five thousand men were like a burning knife stabbing into a cold butter!

They cut through into the crowd in an overwhelming manner!

On the other side.

Ning Biluo’s long sword swayed in front of him like star river splashing!

On the other side, Zhao Pingtian was holding a knife in the left while a sword was in the right. Strike by strike, every attack was to take out lives! He was marching forward crazily!

Liu Changjun was a bit weaker, however, he wasn’t moving any slower than Ning Biluo and Zhao Pingtian at all.

The twenty squads were like twenty sharp knives cutting into the camp of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng from different directions. No one among them was left behind!

They were all aiming at the same place!

They would gather in the camp and then kill their way out from different directions!

That was such an insane and risky battle strategy!

It was crazy to divide these men into twenty squads and attack the enemy’s camp at the same time from different directions. That was not a smart plan. They were fighting enemies who had much more men after all. It was the least reasonable plan. However, because they made the attack in a perfect timing, it was totally out of enemy’s expectation. That made it better.

But, to gather the twenty squads in the center of the camp made it worse again. The enemy wouldn’t always be unprepared. They would have done things to deal with the invasion. Ye Xiao pointed the central point of the camp as the place the squads gathered. They might fall into a surrounded trap because of it!

Ye Xiao’s plan was truly hard to understand. The last step of the plan was not to let the squads fight a way out together. They fought out still in twenty squads from different directions. That was suicide. No one dared to put their men in such risk!

However, Ye Xiao did. He knew his men were all marvelous figures!

He didn’t have many men, but he had enough good ones!

However, if it was any other commanders who also had the same good men in the army, they still wouldn’t dare to do this!

The Kingdom of Lan-Feng’s army had gotten through the surprised time. They were finally prepared for the defense.

They had already set up the ambush!

Within one day, surprise attacks hit on them several times. Wenren Jianyin, the famous general in the world, was confused. He really couldn’t understand why his enemy dared to fight so recklessly. To him, what Ye Xiao did was exactly putting his men’s heads on the edge of the knife! It would only take one tiny mistake to make him and his men fall into great loss!

However, if he let Ye Xiao finish what he started, it wouldn’t end well for him either!

Thus, he decided not to worry about being assassinated. He stood high on top of a chariot, watching the entire battlefield.

It was no longer the Sky Origin Stage old man standing beside him. Instead, Wenren Chuchu stood beside him, wearing white clothes!

Her eyes were cold and sharp. She put her hand on the sword. She was covered by fierce spiritual qi!

She couldn’t move recklessly. She knew that as long as she left her uncle and took part in a fight away from him, what she would get after the fight would only be her uncle’s dead body!

That was a certain consequence!