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Chapter 696: Tough Fights in Two Sides!

Chapter 696: Tough Fights in Two Sides!

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Wenren Chuchu knew exactly how powerful Feng Zhiling’s men were. There were so many desperate assassins on the enemy’s side!

She couldn’t risk her uncle’s life!

The most important person in her side was not the princess. It was the Commander, Wenren Jianyin!

He was the soul of the army!

If he was killed, the million troops of Kingdom of Lan-Feng would become acephalous and disunited. That would lead to a great loss!

A foolish commander kills thousands of soldiers; soldiers without a commander become a bunch of rubble and chaos!

No matter how good the army was, without a good commander, it was just a bunch of mob!

She couldn’t let Wenren Jianyin die!

The soldiers were moving in groups in the camp under Wenren Jianyin’s command.

They started to prepare the ambush against the men of the Kingdom of Chen who were gathering over to the center.

However, the leaders of them were all killing gods. No matter how dangerous it was to them, how good the defense lines were…

As long as their leaders waved their swords, soldiers were down!

The ambush wouldn’t work if those leaders were there!

They were nearly invincible!

Wenren Jianyin shouted, "Gather the elites! We need to cut off their heads first!"

He was so experienced. Of course, he knew that the one hundred thousand men were not the real threat. What mattered really were those leaders!

Each of them was able to fight against ten thousand by themselves!

[Where does Kingdom of Chen get all these men? Isn’t it too unbelievable?]

Such leaders made the army strong. Even a bunch of mobs could become a disciplined army. Every soldier could become a lunatic killer under the influence of those leaders!

A useless leader leads his men to death, while a capable one makes his men great warriors!

However, such army had the same flaw!

If their leaders were killed, the squads would become as weak as sheep!

That was why it was never the soldiers that mattered. It was always the leaders!

As long as Wenren Jianyin could get the leaders killed, he won this fight!

Superior cultivators of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng jumped up and rushed over to the center area. Apparently, they were ready to kill the leaders of their enemies there as Wenren Jianyin commanded!

On the other side, horse steps sounded like thunders. In the moonlight of the dark night, the army was like a dragon with fury rushing towards the Iron Peak!

They gathered at four sides at the gates of Iron Peak and started to attack!

Ye Xiao stood high on the wall. He looked at the enemies attacking from four sides. For the first time, he felt the cruelty of war!

In the war, human lives meant less than a piece of paper!

Every second, there were lives vanishing in the darkness.

People kept falling off the wall.

- Bang! -

A ladder was destroyed. People fell off the ladder, but before they touched the floor, they were hit by the flying arrows and became hedgehogs.

Under the wall, there were lots of enemies crowding. On the wall, lots of his own men tried to defend the tower. Everyone’s eyes were red.

People died at every second, no matter on the wall or under the wall.

One sword strike and a bunch of men were cut down.

The empty area would be filled up immediately.

The crowd would be destroyed again, and new guys filled up the area again…

Dead bodies piled up on the floor. More and more living men became dead bodies being stepped on.

No matter who they were before they dead, they were simply dead bodies after their death, or a pile of broken meat!

Life and death were so close!

There was just a tiny gap of time.

An instant decided life and death!

- Boom! -

A soldier of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng showed up his head on the wall. He kept defending himself against the attacks and tried to step on the wall. His armor was so strong and arrows couldn’t get through. Some arrows just got stuck on his armor and that made him look like a hedgehog. As soon as he climbed up, he started to sway his sword to kill.

He became a supporting point for the soldiers behind him. More soldiers rushed up, yelling and fighting. Soldiers of the Kingdom of Chen also gathered over to this place to kill those invaders. However, they couldn’t knock that heavy-armored man. They were about to lose the wall.

Ye Xiao sighed and then flew over like a breeze. - Shoot, shoot, shoot… -

The Lan-Feng soldiers who had just climbed up the wall were thrown off the wall by Ye Xiao. He picked up a spear and ran along the wall swaying it. It was surely just a piece of cake for him to sweep off the ordinary men on the wall.

After a while, all the ladders on the wall were destroyed!

One by one, they fell off the wall.

Over one hundred assassins from the Ling-Bao Hall were guarding different places on the wall under Ye Xiao’s order. They fought like they were cutting vegetables, killed the enemies and threw them off the wall.

However, the enemies were still rushing up like they would love to die. They kept fighting and fighting every second without a stop. Every assassin had to deal with over a dozen enemies at the same time.

Ye Xiao kept rushing along the wall and destroying the ladders. Lots of emotions filled his chest.

[No wonder.]

[No wonder those retired soldiers treated death as nothing important. After the experience in a war, you will find that every minute after the war is a blessing from the heavens!]

[Naturally, death doesn’t seem so scary.]

[What to worry for if even death is nothing to fear for? Nothing is worse than dying in a pile of minced meat, isn’t it?]

[After all, they are still alive.]

[That is much better than those who died in the war!]

[That is why those senior soldiers always look so tough. In fact, after all that they have seen in the life and death battles, they naturally become tough!]

Ye Xiao moved like the whirlwind, spending less than one hour to move around of the wall on all sides. Thousands of ladders the enemies had put on the wall were destroyed by himself.

Soldiers of the Kingdom of Chen saw their Commander being so powerful, so they were spirited and thrilled!

At the moment, there were strange sounds from the sky.

He looked to the sky, only to find countless giant rocks flying over like hailstones.