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Chapter 697: Ashes to Ashes!

Chapter 697: Ashes to Ashes!

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The enemy saw Commander Ye being unbelievably powerful. They knew they would never be able to get on the wall by those ladders, so they used the mangonels. Countless huge rocks flew over and hit the wall. Soldiers didn’t wait for their commander’s order and hid into the shelters they prepared earlier.

Suddenly, men on the wall were gone.

Ye Xiao was standing where he was alone.

Rocks hit over from time to time, but he didn’t get away. He just punched out, and the rocks would become ashes flying in the air.

Huge sounds resounded around him. Some huge rocks hit the wall and the Iron Peak seemed shaking because of it.

After the time to brew a pot of tea, the floor in front of the wall was covered by a layer of rocks.

Horns sounded again. Dozens of thousands men rushed up again under the flying rocks.

- Pah, pah, pah… -

Ladders were set on the wall again. Lots of Lan-Feng soldiers climbed up the wall like monkeys.

The rocks were still flying over like rainstorm, however, the enemies would actually risk their lives under the rocks to get on the wall.


Ye Xiao shouted. Suddenly, he became a mass of white shadow and shot out hundreds of meters by one step. He directly flew out from the top of the tower.

Wherever he passed, the ladders were broken and turned into ashes.

Commander Ye actually left the commanding spot.

"Commander, you must not go out there!"

A soldier who had been staying with Ye Xiao was nearly scared out of his wit.

[How can a commander go out and fight himself?]

[No matter how powerful you are, it is not a wise choice to go out and join the battle! What if you get killed? We will lose the battle for it!]

No matter what he said, Ye Xiao just did it his own way. As the white clothes flew in the air, he had rushed out hundreds of meters out. He rushed to the center of the crowd of the enemies. His sword emitted bright lights and rushed over to attack the crowded men.

He was aiming at those mangonels!

He realized those were powerful weapons to break the wall!

Iron Peak was in danger under the attacks from those mangonels.

Those mangonels had to be destroyed if he wanted Iron Peak to be protected safely!

It happened within seconds. The sword in his hand suddenly shined. The sword attacked in the shape of a circular sector. The enemies on the left didn’t have time to figure out what happened before they were all cut down. After that, sword attack came wave after wave.

The enemies on the right realized what it was but still couldn’t defend themselves in the second wave of sword attacks.

Enemies on two sides were all killed. Some died in confusion while the other in consciousness!

His sword attack cleaned up an area in the shape of a semicircle.

However, it was filled by more soldiers soon.

He didn’t slow down a bit, though. He just rushed out hundreds of meters, with his sword swaying here and there. The sword light went pass those mangonels and ruined them all into broken pieces.

He got it, and then rushed towards the other mangonels!

"Stop him!" Somebody shouted.

Someone had a pair of sharp eyes. He recognized Ye Xiao. "That is Ye Xiao! Do not let him go! Kill him! Kill him! Seize chance! Take him down and the Kingdom of Chen will fall! Tonight is the night the Kingdom of Chen collapses!"

A decree was passed down. "Whoever kills Ye Xiao will be promoted three grades, granted thousands taels of gold and a high position!"

That was like a bucket of fuel pouring into the fire.

Countless soldiers were yelling and rushing over to Ye Xiao!

Ye Xiao humphed. His white clothes flickered like a white horse rushing out from a crowd. He was stepping on the heads of those men. Wherever he went over, heads exploded. - Pah, pah, pah pah… -

Sword lights shined like stars while he was moving. Over a dozen more mangonels were broken too.

Ye Xiao rushed left and right, like moving in an empty area. He casually came and left among the tens of thousands of men in the army. Over a hundred mangonels were broken before he left in a beautiful way.

He didn’t get hurt in any way. Even his white clothes was still clean. Nothing stained it!

With a shout, he made dozens of white shadows of himself while he was moving fast back to the wall of Iron Peak. He stood on the top of the wall!

He was back to the commander’s spot!

He went out and returned within such a short time, but what he had done was marvelous.

The mangonels that could have cause great damage to the wall were all destroyed by Ye Xiao at the moment!

There were over a million men in the army of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng. They were fighting inside the territory of the Kingdom of Chen after all. Supply was always a problem for them. It was rather difficult to get more mangonels!

Besides, Ye Xiao had delivered a clear message by what he had just done. [Even if you can get more mangonels right away, it won’t help. I can just go out and slaughter around again. That will sweep them all out!]

[You want to take Iron Peak?]


[Sacrifice your men!]

[Nothing else works for you now. I won’t let it happen.]

[What I can do is much more vicious than you can imagine!]

It took him only a short time to make that strike. However, what he had done was shocking. The mangonels were all broken. Enemies started to focus more on climbing the wall instead. After all, they didn’t need to worry about the flying rocks anymore. Men on Ye Xiao’s side were even more spirited. They had been suppressed by the rocks and had to defend against the soldiers on the wall at the same time. It was tough. However, their commander destroyed all the mangonels now!

The enemies didn’t have a lot of ladders. The wall was still strong and firm. It became such an easy job to hold the Iron Peak now!

The soldiers of the Kingdom of Chen were all thrilled. They kept knocking the enemies back like they suddenly got possessed by spirits of some great warriors!

The soldiers of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng realized that they couldn’t do this anymore, although they were still fighting and risking their lives for it!

[They are occupying the positive position. The wall is tough. Our mangonels are all broken. It is close to impossible to break their wall. We are running out of ladders here, and we need more soldiers to come.]

[We can’t march ahead, but do we have to stay where we are easy targets for their archers?]