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Chapter 698: Cross the Battle!

Chapter 698: Cross the Battle!

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The army of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng looked fierce and tough, but in fact was losing faith in their hearts…

When they saw Ye Xiao destroy all the mangonels in the army by himself, come and go as he wished, they felt disheartened!

The enemies’ commander rushed into their army which had over one million men, but they failed to even touch him a bit. Moreover, he killed as many men as he wanted and destroyed all the mangonels on his own. They felt it was hopeless to conquer the Iron Peak, which was under the protection of Ye Xiao…

They felt that it was just a dream!

Their morale was gone…

On the other side, the tough fight continued.

Song Jue was still fighting overwhelmingly. He and his men rushed ahead in the camp of Kingdom of the Lan-Feng. Zhu Chenggong felt that his blood was boiling in the vein just watching Song Jue.

[This is so good!]

[I have never felt so good before!]

[We are actually running in the camp of the strong enemy just as we wish! This must be the favorite of a man of war!]

[I wouldn’t regret even if I will die the next moment!]

[I would die with a smile for this!]

At the moment, the enemies suddenly moved apart. A stream of sword light shot out from the enemies all of a sudden.

It was not an attack from the Kingdom of Lan-Feng though. In fact, only Wenren Chuchu could make an attack like this on their side. No one else could do that!

In fact, it was Ning Biluo. They had rushed through the camp and arrived here. Wherever he went, men were cut down and horses fled. Nobody could stop him!

Song Jue shouted and spurred his horse. He directly went pass Ning Biluo, without even saying hello. They just led their own men to cross each other, marching towards the direction where the other had come from!

That was Ye Xiao’s plan!

It was fine if they wanted to have a big fight, but they should not waste their time in fighting.

Twenty squads fought from different directions to go through the camp. They struck the camp in different ways. Although it was a camp of over a million men, it only needed less than two hundred thousand men to cut through their formations. One million men were not easy to command and make them react in a short time. As long as the twenty squads successfully got through the camp and met each other in the center area, the formation they set in the camp would be broken soon!

Twenty squads, two in a pair, rushing out facing each other in a straight line.

Whenever one pair of squad met each other in the center, it was time to retreat and it was time for the victory!

If they kept fighting inside it, not going out, they would be surrounded by the enemies and fall into a dangerous situation. Many men would die. Even all of them would die.

At the moment, the Kingdom of Lan-Feng side had enough time to arrange the ambush.

To rush along one straight line in and out and then get back inside the wall was the primary choice!

That was Ye Xiao’s plan.

After Ning Biluo and Song Jue met in the center, soon Liu Changjun and Zhao Pingtian met each other too. They gave a hint by looking at each other and then rushed away like crazy. They just rushed cross each other.

The rest of the squads all met in the camp and then killed their way out!

- Boom! -

Song Jue got out of the camp like an angry dragon. He and his men together were running fast back to the Iron Peak.

Apparently, he was a bit annoyed that Ning Biluo arrived at the center earlier than him. He was much stronger than Ning Biluo in cultivation after all. Now, he wanted to do something to make it up, so he decided to be the first to lead his men back to Iron Peak!

On the other hand, Ning Biluo wanted to be the first back to Iron Peak too.

However, there was one thing Ning Biluo was definitely worse than Song Jue!

The men who followed Song Jue remained over four thousand! In other words, only less than one thousand of the five thousand men died in the camp of the Kingdom of Chen! That was an incredible miracle!

The men who had been following Song Jue were all back from blood and fire. Their eyes were fierce and cold. The fight they had been through was much more valuable than a hundred fights in the battle!

Under the agitation of their leader, they all had fought like they were blessed by the god of war. They seemed to have greatly improved in martial art as they killed their way all along, feeling only extreme comfort but not even a bit of exhaustion!

They wished they could return and slaughter around again.

They knew they should be exhausted that they would fall off the horses at any second, but in their minds, they were refreshed. They couldn’t even believe it themselves. They actually still thought about getting back to the fight again after such an exhausting battle!

The fight on the Iron Peak tower continued. However, it looked drastic, but it was not. It was a certain victory for the Kingdom of Chen.

Song Jue was leading his men riding fast back to the tower. The men of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng didn’t dare to chase them!

Why would they chase after a group of lunatics?

Twenty squads out, eighteen back!

Two of them were lost in the camp.

The army of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng wasn’t completely useless. Wenren Jianyin’s plan worked, not on all squads, however, but still destroyed two of them. Both leaders were killed by the siege of Lan-Feng superior cultivators. However, six of them died for it!

After that, the rest of the superior cultivators were the true gold after polish. They were all sharp swords after hammer-hardening!

They could handle any kind of combats and face any strong enemies!

In the sky over the battlefield, there were lots of soul power floating in the air. Ye Xiao stood on the wall. He could feel the energy flowing over to him like tide, entering the Space.

The ambience was, however, getting less and less gloomy.

The soul power that was from those who just died in this war was absorbed out of the place. In fact, the soul power which came from all the death in history was all swept out by Ye Xiao’s Boundless Space.

Song Jue and the others returned to the tower like whirlwind. They arrived at the wall and found the enemies crowding around the wall. They just rushed into the crowd and killed a way in.

The enemies became surrounded on two sides.

Even though the soldiers on the wall couldn’t really make any attacks but only defend, they caused great stress on the enemies!

Men of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng spent a long time but still couldn’t damage the wall, let alone take it down. They had lost their morale already. Now, they were hit from outside all of a sudden, being surrounded, so they immediately retreated.

The eighteen squads gathered over to the gate like tides. Song Jue and over a hundred others stopped outside the army on the horses. They were emitting murderous qi which rushed up to the sky.

Tens of thousands soldiers moved so fast into the gate.

Men of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng had thought about getting into the gate after them, but they wisely gave up the silly thought after they saw Song Jue and the others standing there.

It took them no longer than the time of half pot of tea, and the eighteen squads were all back inside the tower.

Song Jue and the others sneered at the same time and then turned their horses over to get in the Iron Peak.

It was midnight when everything was done.

It was jubilation inside the wall, while disaster outside.

In the camp of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, fires burned out dozens of miles. It couldn’t be suppressed.

Wenren Jianyin’s face looked pale.

"I have heard that Ye Nantian’s sworn brother, Song Jue, is a brave and strong warrior. Now I know people are telling the truth." He sighed.