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Chapter 699: Not Enough Men!

Chapter 699: Not Enough Men!

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In fact, what Wenren Jianying just said was still underestimating Song Jue.

He just wouldn’t say any better about him, because he didn’t want his men to lose faith.

Song Jue was much more than just a brave and strong warrior. He was totally invincible!

Luckily, he was just a good martial artist. He didn’t really spread his fame in the military, so he didn’t get on the list of the world’s famous generals. That was why the kingdoms in the world didn’t pay much attention to him.

If Song Jue was a little better in commanding an army, he might be another Ye Nantian for the Kingdom of Chen!

He could be another Ye Nantian, but only a bloodies version!

That was horrible to even imagine.

In the camp of the Kingdom of Lan-Feng, the generals were all gloomy.

It was a dishonorable and shameful loss!

Only over one hundred thousand men killed through their camp and turned it into a mess, and then left in a beautiful way.

Even the water in all the lakes and rivers couldn’t wash their shame this day!

"It wasn’t our fault." Wenren Jianyin made a long sigh. "It is not our men’s fault. Their soldiers are regular, however, their leaders are too sharp. The two that we destroyed eventually costed us six Sky Origin Stage good men… They have much stronger men than us! It is not our fault!"

"Do not push yourself too hard." Wenren Jianyin blandly smiled. "What they did. That was horrible and efficient, but it is a one-time thing."

"How come?" a general asked confusedly.

"Because… they don’t have enough men for this!" Wenren Chuchu answered it. "They only have about two hundred thousand… No. Less than two hundred thousand men now. The fight today was a victory for them indeed, but… they should have lost over forty percent of their operating troops!"

"In other words, at least forty thousand men died here in our place among the one hundred thousand!" She coldly spoke, "No matter how fierce and brave they are, if they will lose forty thousand men at a time, how many times can they do this again? With the two hundred… No. One hundred sixty thousand men?"

"We lost it this time. It was a shameful loss, but our camp is still firm and strong. Even if they come a few more times, the camp will stand solid. We may lose more than they do, but we have much more than they can spend. They can’t afford it!"

She blandly spoke.

"That’s right. Check the death count. I need to know exactly how many of them died in this fight!" Wenren Jianyin’s eyes lit up.

What Wenren Chuchu said was exactly the biggest problem that caused Ye Xiao a headache.

Men died!

Not only one’s energy would be used up, but also the number of men would get smaller!

It was a great victory, what he just had done in the battlefield!

It was a wonderful victory!

It was even a miracle in some way.

One hundred thousand men ran through the camp of an army of over one million men and returned with victory.

Less than forty thousand men died. It was a undoubtedly victory in any case.

Not to mention it was a fight against Wenren Jianyin, who was such a famous commander in the world. Even Su Dingguo and Ye Nantian would applaud for it.

However, Ye Xiao wouldn’t. He was in deep concerns. He couldn’t stop being worried.

He wasn’t being sensitive.

He knew that he couldn’t afford such consumption.

They had killed a lot of enemies in this fight. That was true. The enemy lost over four times more men than he did, let alone the food, weapons, and other resources the enemy lost during the fight in their camp. However, even though the Kingdom of Lan-Feng had lost about one hundred and fifty thousand men, they still had over one million left!

Wenren Jianyin just lost over one hundred and several dozens thousand men in his one million and four hundred thousand! It was not a small number, but it didn’t make a huge damage to him.

On Ye Xiao’s side, even though he got the victory and he lost less than forty thousand men, it was forty out of one hundred and eighty!

Even if he could keep winning it, he would lose every man he had in the end. His enemy might lose three hundred thousand, or four hundred thousand, or many more! But, it wouldn’t be more than five hundred thousand though!

If he kept doing this, when Ye Xiao’s men all died, he could only kill less than five hundred thousand men of the enemy!

However, in that situation, he would be the only man left in his side, but the enemy would still have over eight hundred thousand men to fight with. They could still march to the center of the kingdom and destroy the capital of Kingdom of Chen!

Ye Xiao was reading the report. He sorted out every number.

Looking at his men all covered with a full round of braveness and murderous qi, he only smiled bitterly.

"I can’t tell others. I can’t tell no one, no matter who he is. It will only strike our own morale! God damn it… If I have five hundred thousand men, I can make that happen again and again until they completely lose their faith in this. That will be the time when I crash Wenren Jianyin! But one hundred and eighty thousand, that is all I got!"

"There are thirty-eight thousand men who died on the wall today. Seven thousand died inside. That took away forty-five thousand more from me!"

"Heavens. In other words, I have only one hundred and thirty-five thousand men! If I make attacks like that again and again, I can do three more times maximum. Then I will be the only living man in my side after all victories! God damn it!"

He bitterly smiled. "What a joke!"

Song Jue and Zhu Chenggong knew it. They were experienced in battles. Of course, they knew it. They got into Ye Xiao’s tent and wanted to discuss about it with Ye Xiao, even though they were exhausted.

"Capable woman can’t cook without food!" Zhu Chenggong freaked out.

"This is b*llshit. We have a perfect combat scheme and we can do it well. We have good men to lead the charging assault. We have a great chance to defeat the enemy. But we are short for one basic thing that we barely lacked of in the past! We need more men! That is an unbelievable thing in the Kingdom of Chen! Unforgivable!"

He nearly started to hit himself on the wall!

That was a good chance to avenge his admired Great General Wu Gonglie, but he just couldn’t seize it because there were not enough men! What an afflictive fact!