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Chapter 700: Headache in Both Sides!

Chapter 700: Headache in Both Sides!

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"Vice-Commander Zhu, if we recruit new soldiers right now, how many can we recruit?" Ye Xiao frowned.

"Close to none." Zhu Chenggong lowered his head like a rooster who lost its fight. He despondently spoke, "We have never stopped trying to recruit more soldiers in the recent half year in order to defend against Wenren Jianyin. After Commander Wu died and since we arrived here, we have gone out for recruitment three times. There are no adult men within a hundred miles to join us…"

Ye Xiao and Song Jue understood before he finished.

No more!

No more strong men.

"What if we try our best holding it here and wait for supports from the kingdom?" Song Jue frowned and asked.

Ye Xiao and Zhu Chenggong both bitterly smiled.

Kingdom of Chen had sent every man up to the battle. Even royal guards had joined the west. There was no more support from the kingdom. If there was anybody else, they wouldn’t let Ye Xiao to lead the army.

At the very least, even if there were people who could help, Ye Xiao had offended all the officials in the court right before he marched for battle!

Who would come to help him at this moment?

The officials wanted him to die as a revenge to their sons, grandsons, nephews…

"I don’t think there will be any support." Ye Xiao smiled and said, "What we have are all here, over one hundred thousand men. No matter what we choose, hold the defense or go out for attack, our hope lays on these men. Twenty percent chance we will get support though. The chance relies on my father. If only he withdraws from the grassland and comes up here and save us!"

"There is no other options." Ye Xiao stood up. "No matter what, we got a victory today. Our men are highly spirited. Let’s just have some rests, wait and see what Wenren Jianyin will do. If things go desperate, I will just destroy the mountain peaks on two sides. We can always create opportunity. A man can never die for holding his pee!"

"Destroy the mountain…" Zhu Chenggong’s eyeballs nearly popped out again.

Why again? Because his eyes had popped out because of surprise many times in the day!

He nearly freaked out!

[My heavens! Listen to you… You really are good at big talks…]

[The only reason why their one million troops still can’t take Iron Peak down is that there are two great tall mountains on the two sides!]

[They made two natural shields for us!]

[The two mountains made Iron Peak!]

[The sides facing Kingdom of Lan-Feng of the two mountains had become cliffs because of hard works of Kingdom of Chen!]

[From top to bottom, it was sharp like cut by knife!]

[It is hundreds meters high. No ordinary men can get cross the mountains. That is why we can hold them outside after all the time we spent here.]

[Iron Peak tower is right between the two mountains. The two great mountains make this place Iron Peak.]

[If the two mountains are gone, there will be no Iron Peak, the strongest shield of the Kingdom of Chen!

[It takes god knows how many lives and resources for the kingdom to finally have this Iron Peak!]

[Give the kingdom dozens of years more, the Iron Peak will be built into a bigger building. It will fully connect to the mountains and cut all paths from outside the wall!]

[Now, Commander Ye actually wants to destroy the two mountains?]

[And you call it creating opportunity? You are destroying our opportunity!]

Zhu Chenggong was scared the hell out!

"Crazy! Are you crazy, Commander?" Zhu Chenggong shouted, "The two mountains are our strongest shield! You want to destroy them? If you do, you will be a sinner in the history!"

Ye Xiao blandly spoke, "Of course I know it is our strongest shield! The problem here is that we have much less men than Wenren Jianyin. We can never defeat his one million troops. This Iron Peak will be broken. He could sacrifice as many as it needs to break it! That is the truth and we have to face it!"

Zhu Chenggong’s face was twisted because of pain.

As Ye Xiao said, it was the truth, and they couldn’t ignore it. Zhu Chenggong knew it would only be fooling himself not to face it!

"If things truly go to that where we don’t like to see, I will destroy the two mountains. Even though it won’t kill all his million troops, hundreds of thousands of his men will die. It will hurt him. What is it that you think is wrong in my plan? Commander Wu sacrificed himself to lure the enemy. My plan is no different than his!"

"Tell me, if we won’t do that and also we can’t hold Iron Peak ourselves, what then? Iron Peak will be their strongest shield instead of ours! Now tell me, what makes me wrong then? And what makes you right?"

"Who is right?" Zhu Chenggong was stunned.

In any aspect, he knew Ye Xiao was telling the truth. However, deep in his heart, he didn’t want to destroy the place he had worked so hard to protect. If Iron Peak fell, his heart would fall with it too..

Ye Xiao was lost in thoughts, but Wenren Jianyin was also worrying. He was mad and enraged.

He kept frowning all the time!

After all, the Kingdom of Lan-Feng lost the battle. He lost a big one!

Over one million men army was run over by only one hundred thousand men in their own camp!

It was the biggest disgrace in his life.

He didn’t know what to do with his enemies after his army got such a huge loss.

He had to watch them return to their place casually!

The Kingdom of Lan-Feng had lost several times more men than Kingdom of Chen this time!

It freaked Wenren Jianyin out!

"There are so many cultivators in Kingdom of Lan-Feng, and we just can’t get some martial artists who are better than those men? Do we have to sacrifice several times more men to get them down? Is it a victory?"

"We had more men. We set up ambush. We have so many Sky Origin Stage cultivators working together and we destroyed two of their squads. Only two of our eight Sky Origin Stage cultivators made it back. Is it a victory? The men we put down are the regular figures of them! Should I feel happy that luckily my men didn’t get on Ning Biluo, Zhao Pingtian, Song Jue… If our men encountered these men, none of them would survive! Not to mention killing the enemies!"